Tuesday 1 May 2012

Self feed

The boy is into self feeding recently. Whenever he sees a fork, he wants to pick the food into his mouth, all by his own. I'm not really keen in allowing him to try this out too often. Firstly, accuracy is bad, most food ends up on the table or the floor, and secondly it's really messy. I know it's the journey of self feeding, but I'm more concerned about getting food into his tummy quicker.

Introduction to self feeding is one of my most detested growing up stage. I can't tolerate food mess, but I guess, this is what they need to explore for better experiences. 
Big breakfast feast with Mummy

Jare is a monster when it comes to food. He loves eating! Anything and everything. Whenever we're munching on some food, he would be attracted and start walking towards. With his love for food, I hope he'll be quick to master the skill of self feeding and diligently practice with minimal mess.

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