Sunday, 3 June 2012

Books galore

It's the June holiday special! An informant, Mummy J, told me that NLB has doubled the number of borrowed books to 12! My man has a quota of 12 and I've 16. Total, we can borrow 28 books! And here's our loan:

Reading is fun!
This evening, we brought the kids to our nearby library for some selection. It's Jare's first visit to the library. He was busy getting books off and back the shelves, running up and down and releasing some loud screams. The children's section was equally noisy and that saved some of our embarrassment. Little boy has no love for books, but I hope his love for books will come on gradually. Jazz on the other hand, was busy shortlisting the books that she wants to loan. I got some for my reading too. 

Library trips are entertaining!

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