Saturday 30 June 2012


Before I decided, I went about ‘should I’ or ‘should I not’ talk about CHC? I drafted and deleted and decided to go ahead to document my thoughts. I used to be an extremely active member of CHC when I was 16, for a near 10 years. After I got married with kids, I became irregular with the commitment. For the 10 years, I grew very well in there, I learnt to become a better person and I matured very much through the years. 

In there, I gained many valuable friendships, with some still very close to us. I've also met my then boyfriend, who is now my husband. I remembered a time when I was extremely heart broken from a previous relationship prior to meeting my man, I was so devastated, but church friends and leaders stood by me. They shared my every moment and even bunked occasionally in my home. They knew when darkness comes, sadness deepens. Gradually, I grew out of sadness. And years later, a promise from God, I met my man, married him and now, with 2 kids. My ever greatest gift package from God.

One thing for sure, I know CHC existed and exists for good cause. I witness and hear stories of lives being changed in there. I see my friend faithfully serving the intellectually disabled kids every other weekend, the elderly being visited and coming to service in buses. I witness the many seeds sowed into the needy lives.

I feel much upset when I read the insensitive and ruthless comments people post on their facebook wall or anywhere else. Have they considered their friends who were or are in CHC? I just wonder, if they made no donation to the church, what's that even one thing that's an eyesore to them? I thought I could be nonchalant, since I’ve stopped going CHC regularly. But, I realized, I’m still much in love with this place that I grew a decade in and where I met angels. It was like a family to me. And family means people who matter to us, it's natural we take defense of our family.

Just over dinner yesterday, my non-Christian mum told me she was worried about Pastor Kong. I smiled and thought, she didn't for once sound naggy at all. H   

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