Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fake measles - Roseola

Roseola, or most calls it fake measles. Yes, Jare got them. Worrying his parents seems like his hobby. His first sign of fever developed overnight last Sunday, his temperature ran between 38 to 38.5 for a day, before it spiked to 40 to 40.6 the next two days. For 2 nights, he scared us off our bed to administer ibuprofen.

We brought him to the pd on Wednesday, his experienced pd suspected fake measles, but above it, we did a urine test too, in case it could be UTI. He told my man that if red spots appear after his fever breaks, it should be fake measles. If not, bring him back for blood test if fever is still running or to confirm those spots. We brought him to the clinic for affirmation when he became spotty on Friday morning.

Rosela is slight contagious and so he's kept away from school and outdoor for a week. It's read that the most contagious point of roseola is during the point of fever, and less contagious when rash appears, and finally well when both are gone. The whole course taking about a week. Today, I see very faint spots on him. Relieved. Can't wait to see my food lover boy back.

Second day of rash

I don't find him as spotty as the pictures I've goggled around. He's been really irritable and lost his appetite for food. I'm gald that I manged to keep him hydrated with much water. Roseola threatens infants and toddlers below 2 years of age. However, some mummy friends around me had their kid affected at 2 plus of age. Jazz should be safe.

Be well, boy!

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