Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fake measles - Roseola

Roseola, or most calls it fake measles. Yes, Jare got them. Worrying his parents seems like his hobby. His first sign of fever developed overnight last Sunday, his temperature ran between 38 to 38.5 for a day, before it spiked to 40 to 40.6 the next two days. For 2 nights, he scared us off our bed to administer ibuprofen.

We brought him to the pd on Wednesday, his experienced pd suspected fake measles, but above it, we did a urine test too, in case it could be UTI. He told my man that if red spots appear after his fever breaks, it should be fake measles. If not, bring him back for blood test if fever is still running or to confirm those spots. We brought him to the clinic for affirmation when he became spotty on Friday morning.

Rosela is slight contagious and so he's kept away from school and outdoor for a week. It's read that the most contagious point of roseola is during the point of fever, and less contagious when rash appears, and finally well when both are gone. The whole course taking about a week. Today, I see very faint spots on him. Relieved. Can't wait to see my food lover boy back.

Second day of rash

I don't find him as spotty as the pictures I've goggled around. He's been really irritable and lost his appetite for food. I'm gald that I manged to keep him hydrated with much water. Roseola threatens infants and toddlers below 2 years of age. However, some mummy friends around me had their kid affected at 2 plus of age. Jazz should be safe.

Be well, boy!


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    1. Hi Jaime, it's not measles, so nope there's no vaccination for this. You may want to check with your local Pediatrician though :)

  2. Hello, my name is alex and I am from Malaysia. My baby boy had this when he was around 11 months and like most, we thought it was measles. I really didn't want to comment on this until I saw Jaime asking about vaccination and I though I should share what I went through for my first born. First of all, I must make this clear, I vaccinated my boy and I followed the mandatory Malaysia schedule but I do not agree to vaccination. Here is the dilemma - I suspect western medicine do not really understand human body's reaction to vaccines but continue to advocate it strongly as this seemed to be the best tool out there to preventing a plague. And they are right. Out if desperation, I looked into the system that has been around much longer than ur modern medicine, TCM. Formally, TCM does not advocate nor disagreed with current vaccination method and I think this is mainly due to the lack of understanding of how it works mostly. However, of what I have studied, I found significant difference in the basics of how these two medicine systems work. Western medicine works by subduing, containing, killing and pushing it inward. If you understand how paracetamol, ibuprofen, antibiotics, cough-syrup and anti-inflammatory works, then you can see my point. So, in the end, not one that I have listed above really 'cures' the disease. And doctors will readily admit that it is your own immune system that cures yourself. The medicine is only there to sooth your pain/trial period.

  3. Sorry, 2nd post to continue as it's too long. TCM works exactly in the opposite way of that. TCM works by releasing, guiding, letting it out, living in harmony (instead of killing) pathogens. In its repertoire of accupunture, cupping, herbs, gua sha, massage etc, it all follows these principles. When you get a cough, TCM herbal prescription intends to direct this pathogen (which is likely stuck in your lung region) to go through your skin and sweat it out (a simplification, does not mean to say that all cough will be treated by sweating it out). You can see how drinking cough syrup which numb your coughing ability, is really not 'letting it out' per se.

  4. Let us go back to our topic at hand - skin rashes. Generally, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Of course, is best if you don't get this but if you do get some sort of disease and there is a rash outbreak, TCM recognize this as a good thing. Why so? In the case of measles or rosealla (or any other diseases), spotting a rash outbreak, means that your body is expelling out the bad stuff. In TCM, a general term of 'heat' is used to represent this bad stuff. I am aware that the ambiquity frustrates many but if you can look past it, this system does understand human body much more than our conventional medicine now. Yet, most doctors will probably prescribe some sort of cream to reduce/eliminate the rashes if they are not sure if its measles/roseala. If they know, clinical experience will teach them to not put any cream on it. So, can TCM cures measles? Yes, they have been doing so for the past thousands of years. In fact, the method is cure measles is so widely documented, it is really not a big deal for most TCM doctors. But of course, baby still die from measles mostly due to other factors such as lack of conducive living environment (china is vast and most are poor), lack of clean water, harsh weather, etc etc. And because it is infectious, sometimes, all babies from one village could be wiped out.

  5. Why is current vaccination not ideal? TCM are among the first whom introduced inoculation, which is the early version of vaccine. The difference is the way it is administered. Innoculation work by rubbing passive or little infectious pathogen over the nose. This method saves millions of ancient Chinese from smallpox outbreak. TCM recognized that human body immune system has a layer function to it. Pathogens first come into contact through skin/mouth. Once it gets past that, it will go deeper into organs. And the deepest level is the blood level. It is this understanding that allows ancient Chinese doctors to create inoculation. Yet, with the advancement in science, modern medicine directly injects weakened/dead/foreign pathogens into our 'blood' level. It goes past the first two layers, straight into the final immunity layer. This is where our body has to work really really hard to get rid of this foreign pathogen, despite weakened/dead. And it doesn't help that the pharmaceutical industry is making a 'McD combo meal' out of our vaccination schedule. 3 in 1, 6 in 1 and now 7 in 1 vaccine shots are a tad too many for our 'final' blood level immunity to handle. Especially baby, when theirs are not strong to start with.

  6. I am aware that most people do not really have any bad experiences with vaccine shots and baby generally turn out fine. But the fact remains that there are also many babies that were injured by vaccines. Some, for life. Until western medicine caught up and slowly start to understand the beauty of TCM theory, such dilemma will continue. On one side, government will continue to push for massive vaccinations, yet on the other side, many will suffer quietly as minority injured by vaccines due to the lack of knowledge in this subject. The big pharmaceutical companies that produced these vaccines don't even care. It's all about profit, really. However, if you think that your baby is fine cause she has took all her mandatory vaccines and perhaps a few more, just in case....this is where you are wrong. Despite surviving the short term vaccine shots, your young ones are already weakened in their 'blood' level immunity. In TCM, blood level immunity is directly activated/controlled by kidney. This is the one organ in our body that cannot be replenished. Its energy/strength works like a leaking vat and the more you used it, the less healthy you become. From my understanding of TCM, I believe that most vaccinated kids will turn out to be 'less' healthy than they otherwise would, on an individual basis. Meaning, you cannot compare toddler A with toddler B because they might come with a different size of vat to start with. It's not apple to apple comparison. This also explains why our modern kids have wide-spread allergies ranging from rhinitis, excema, asthma, ADHD, etc signs of weakened immunity. Sorry I could not provide any solution here but maybe a visit to neighborhood TCM will help.


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