Monday, 18 June 2012

Happy Father's Day - 3rd

It's Daddy's day today! My man's third celebration into fatherhood. I've got the kids to do individual craft work for him. Jare did some art work with his hand prints and Jazz did colouring, cutting and pasting, all by herself. Jare missed school this week, so I guess, no artwork for daddy from school. For Jazz, hmm... I don't know what's up, no artwork from school! 

This morning, Jazz took her pride work, hid it behind her back, went to her daddy with Jare, "Daddy, we have a surprise for you!"

"My palm is blue!"

Left: Jare, Right: Jazz
Like many daddies out there, Daddy's a heroic figurine to the kids. As much as the Js feel, I'm blessed that my man has a great job that allows him to send and pick the kids from school everyday. Except for a few busy days. A great gift to their everyday.

A Dad has mutiple roles. A distinct role to me, is leadership, one that leads by great examples. One that inspires his kids, such that when they face challenging situations, they would ponder, "What would Daddy do?" Modern dads are beyond bringing the bread and butter home, they demonstrate love in extended ways, not because they need to, but that they want to. I'm glad their Daddy helps with their routines, their needs and wants.

Their Daddy is a great night keeper, he makes milk for the kids when they cry for it, in the middle of almost every other nights. He mends toys when they need a fix. He's a dictionary of knowledge, a man of wisdom. He's man of few words, but wise and rational. He's a great man to Js, and myself. On bad nights, when the kids are very sick, he would camp beside them, on the hard parquet floor. He would zombie through the night to get their medication. He sacrifices.  

There was once, I couldn't figure a solution for a problem we had, Jazz said, "Let's go ask Daddy!" I'm comforted that she looks up to Daddy for great ideas when problems are encountered.  

Their Daddy is doing his multiple roles extremely well! If there's a yearly appraisal for Daddies, he would be rated and rewarded the best of best. There isn't a perfect human, but to the kids, I doubt they see flaws, so I declare him, The Perfect Daddy! Happy Father's Day! Thank you for your givings, your love, your time and all your sacrifices. Js love you and so do I!

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