Thursday, 21 June 2012

A party at Amazonia

Jazz was invited to Nad's 3rd birthday party at Amazonia, Great World City. We've been hearing the existence of this play gym, but yet to visit till last Saturday. It was newly opened in July 2011. That explains it being new and clean. Its big play gym area is more for the adventurous, up to any age! That's because I went on the slides a few times. The slides are really long and wavy, gave me exciting bumpy journeys from top to bottom. My only mistake was giving Jazz a dress to wear with no leggings or tights, causing her to experience much friction with the slide surface. Glad she didn't get blistered thighs. My little smartie tactically leaned more towards her back to smooth herself.
The long wavy slides
Having great fun
I was amazed how fast Jazz warmed herself up to play upon seeing her friends. Once in, saw her friends, she disappeared for fun. We didn't even have to follow her through. She has grown! I'm looking forward to a day when both kids can be left to play on their own, while we sip coffee and read a book at another corner. 

There's also a little area, with small ball pool pit and toys, for the below 3, so no worries about younger siblings. I love their party rooms, nicely embellished to somewhat a castle theme. The room was dim and cosy, although I might prefer a brighter lighting in view of it hosting kids' party.    

In the party room
We love the place, especially much more when Jazz can explore the layouts on her own. It's a nice party venue where kids can have fun and parents can fellowship. We'll definitely bring Jare along soon. He missed the party as he was still unwell. 

Thanks Mummy Ang for the party invite! 

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