Sunday, 10 June 2012


We had a Saturday evening picnic with Jer and Nad's family, Jazz's schoolmates. The mummies prepared food, while the kids geared themselves up for that evening. Mummy XH suggested an evening picnic at Botanic Gardens, as there was an Opera by the park, at the symphony stage. It's free for all. Just bring food, drinks and mats to get comfortable.

Mummy Ang prepared yummy potato with zucchini and fruits, and Mummy XH prepared butter mushrooms and baked salmon. Yummy too! I prepared eggs, cherry tomatoes, cheese sandwiches, edammame, cucumber (Jazz's love food), bananas, chips, drinks - both alcohol and non-alcohol, puffs and toys for kids! Mummy Ang suggested we bring an inflatable pool along for the kids to play in. Know what, looking at the crowd and space, we backed out, in case we get on stomp.
All ready to go!
Well behaved kids, while waiting for Nad to come
They're so cute!
Opera by the park
Jer's daddy entertaining the kids with story
We arrived the garden at 5p.m and left at about 8p.m. We stayed from having a bright sky to night sky. It was a great evening with the kids, mummies and daddies. The opera was a little too loud for us to communicate though. While a man was singing opera, Jazz told my man, "Why is the man screaming, so loud, I don't like it." Well, pardon her, she's suppose to appreciate Jazz more. As what her name says. 

It was our first official picnic and it was all fun! The kids came home for a shower and zonked out! Picnic tires them out. Bring that conventional meal out of home today!

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