Monday, 4 June 2012

Spots again

Little boy created headline news in the home again. Last Friday evening, his teacher called to inform me about him running a temperature. He got well the next day, but with red spots on his face! First thing on my mind, HFMD, yet again. But, having gone through twice of HFMD experiences, I'm pretty sure the symptoms aren't matched. Then my man suspected chicken pox. I didn't buy that too. How can chicken pox attack with only four spots on the face!

That Saturday evening, we brought him to a nearby GP to get our hearts assured, as his PD's clinic was closed over the weekend. The doctor diagnosed him as having chicken pox. He didn't look further, he just look through his hands, and that's it. This cost us $60. Well, mother's instinct, still not feeling right, I've decided to seek his PD this evening. His doctor affirmed and assured that it's non of the above, just some insects bite. Phew! I knew he shared my thoughts. 

I think he's the best PD I've ever seen. His experience, confidence and expertise assures us. After all, PDs see more kids than GPs. It was at an instance that he confidently concluded those bites. Some kind of sand flies, ant flies or whatever flies. The GP we saw went, "I think, I suppose and perhaps." Well, then I shall confirm! 
Little boy's not too handsome now

Spots will take a month to subside
And because of that wrong diagnose, we didn't bring him along to the zoo yesterday. Sigh! The man balloted for corporate pass and only Jazz could come along. The GP we saw was a young chap, seemingly a new graduate working in the night clinic, Jare's PD was like a grandfatherly man - 姜还是老的辣. Is there a way to get my $60 back? Haha. And since we were at the clinic today, Jare did his vaccination for chicken pox. 

The question now, where did the bites come from? School or home? CSI begins.

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