Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tantrums - Grown ups vs tots

One of the days, I had a squabble with my man. And in fret of my anger, I threw Jazz’s school bag. Oh man, she saw! I must have frightened her. It’s her bag and I know anger got over me. I can’t erase images from her eyes. I’m in trouble! I’ve never want her to see our squabbles and angry acts. I’ve thousand of apologies for taking anger on an innocent bag that belongs to my wonderful girl.

What freaked me out was, when we got onto the car for our journey to school and work. She made a comment, “You are throwing tantrums.” This was my wake up call!!!! I sobered and there goes my mummy figurine. I teared because the last thing I want her to think was that throwing tantrums gets a way out. That was bad demonstration. We, being grown ups are expected to exemplify self-control and manage emotions better than kids. How foolish was I! But the unique part about kids are, they forgive and forget easily.

Just this week, a friend shared about kids tantrums and how should adults react. Easier said than done, I was determined not to shout or yell whenever she’s throwing her tantrums. I’m a guilty mum of these bad practices at times. Wen could have taken a time out, tone down or ignore.

I’m determined to not lose my cool whenever she’s having tantrums or not behaving. No doubt, I think a little raised voice is fine to show that I’m getting stern. I need to practice coolness and be slow to anger. I don’t want her to realize that’s how the adults get their way when they want something. It’s definitely not a thing I want to see the kids take after.  

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