Tuesday 12 June 2012

Water Play

The Js love water play. Last Sun, I brought them to my Grandma's place. They had fun on the trampoline, on the piano and bubbles. Never did I think they need a dip in the pool, until I brought them to the playground. Jare went twice on the slide before he kept walking towards the pool. He struggled with me to get himself into the pool, with his shoes and casual wears. I felt his flaming desire. They were transformed into their swim wear within minutes. Coincidentally, their swim wear was in the car. 

Water play with Jare is scary. He doesn't like to be held or enjoy the luxury of the float. He wants to free walk! I need to watch him every second and hold on to the collar of his suit. He's really fast to keep up with.
Jare's doesn't enjoy floating in the float
He wants to get out! I thought that's a good way to stay safe.
And they had some splashing fun. 

They dipped for about 20mins before we rounded up play. Both were reluctant to leave the pool, but we had to. It was a cold pool on a breezy evening. And next day, it was fever for little J. Today is his second day into his fever, and I'm home with him. I do hope he gets well soon and make it back to school tomorrow.

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