Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Zoo - Primate Affair

Brought Jazz to the zoo last Sunday, together with her schoolmate, Jer and his family. Jare didn't come along because of those wrongly diagnosed spots. Zoo visits are fun regardless how many times we go. This time, we fed the giraffes! Thanks to mummy XH. One thing I've always wanted to do whenever we visit, but couldn't do so due to the timings. I'm glad we did it this round. It really was an exciting moment to get up close with the giraffes. They looked tame to me. Felt like stroking its neck. Giraffe feed at $5 per dish.  
Up close with the giraffes!
Carrot for the giraffe
Water play!

Primate Affair

Another not to be missed in the zoo is the water play! The rain ceased in time for the kids to play. Nice! This June holiday, it's all about a primate affair in the Zoo - The different breeds of the monkey family.

Jare, we'll go again next month with you! Don't give us scares again.

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