Monday, 30 July 2012

Ba ba black sheep craft @ Food for thought

After Friday school, the kids spent an evening at Botanic Gardens, Food for thought. A cafe with an outdoor playground, colouring paper and crayons to keep the kids occupied. It's kids friendly with all day breakfast served till 5pm, and more food varieties from 11:30am onward. A nice place to hang out for breakfast and with kids.

That evening, Js had lemon butter mushroom linguine ($14), which came in generous mountain of mushrooms. It tasted average to me, but a great dish if you really love mushrooms. I had a grilled barramundi fillet ($20), which was not too bad and my man had a bacon and sage wrapped chicken leg ($20). 
Kids waiting for food
Climbing fun at the playground
After dinner, the kids had fun at the outdoor playground. It was a 1:5 ratio, where the mummies were chatting and one daddy watched over the 5 little ones. Thank you man! They all had perspiring fun at the playground which we calmed their night by working on a ba ba black sheep craft.

  • Sheep print (For tracing and cutting a black sheep)
  • White crayon
  • Black paper
  • Cotton Wool
  • Glue

1. Sheep print for cutting

2. Trace and cut the sheep from black paper and draw the outline and features with a white crayon

3. Put glue over the sheep's body and paste cotton wool over it
Big sis and little bro's sheep
An extremely simple craft work for the kids. The mummies have to cut the sheep out of the black paper for a quicker craft though. It was interesting to watch the kids create those uncombed looking sheep with different thickness and thinness of wool. They even sang the ba ba black sheep song as they crafted along. Great shepherds they are! 

Thank you mummies and kids for a lovely evening!

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