Monday 16 July 2012

Bringing Craft Outdoor - Decorating a Frame

Together with mummies Ang and XH, we brought craft out to Botanic Gardens. Mummy Ang bought photo frames from ikea for the kids to paint and decorate. Jazz painted red for it's border and pasted some ornaments on it. Ornaments included lady bugs, cut paper animals and fruits, buttons etc.

Painting the frames!
While the older kids worked on their frames, the younger siblings doodled and pasted stickers on their drawing paper. This kept them occupied for some time.

Jare doodling

After Jazz completed her decoration, I asked her to draw our family faces, and I framed it in. Like a great achievement. 

Pasting the ornaments

Completed Artwork!

Interestingly, she knows the boys should have short hair and the girls long hair. For some reason, I'm very in love with this completion of hers, which is now sitting beside her bed table.

The kids and their great Artworks!
Outdoor craft is an interesting alternative to consider. Sitting among the greens soothe the eyes and works the mind out of the usual classroom or home style environment. You could be in for a surprise artwork!

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