Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Creative Fun! Egg Craft

Jazz is a craft lover, some days she'll come to me saying, "Mummy, I want to do craft work!" I'm happy when she wants to get her hands to work, but I'll be challenged to come up with fun ideas. It's been some time since we got crafty, and now we're back to crafting fun. I've thought for days before deciding to work with Eggs! The kids' favourite food. But we're just working with the shell. 

It's Egg craft day! First of all, plan to cook egg for meals, just so that you can keep the shell and not waste food. This is how to get an empty shell - While the egg is raw, use a chopstick to gently pierce through the top of it and empty the raw egg into a bowl for cooking later. After which everything else is easy. Let's go through the items and steps.

Things to gather:

  • 2 to 3 empty egg shells 
  • Colour papers
  • Thick paper (rolled up for eggs to sit on)
  • Hard cardboard to hold the completed works
  • Marker
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • dolls eyes (Optional)
We had fun with 3 eggs, but one broke due to rough handling. For the first egg, we tore the colour papers into small pieces and stick them simply onto the egg. I left Jazz to do all the pasting herself. It was a test of patience when she had to stick him gently and slowly, piece by piece. She failed on patience because she sought my help after getting too much of it.

1. The torn colour papers
2. The pasting - anywhere and any part
3. The completed Art
At the same time, I taught her a little origami by folding a boat. That was an extra 'lesson' to our craft work. 

And this was the egg she cracked while apply too much pressure on pasting. She teared when she cracked it. Maybe it really is painful to see hard work going down the bin. Before everything began, I've reminded her that this is a gentle artwork. Similar to toys and books, we need to be gentle so that we will not damage the things we love.
Cracked Egg
Next, we worked on the 2nd egg. Before we began, I drew an oval and got Jazz to conceptualize how she would 'decorate' a Humpty Dumpty Egg shell. She knew Humpty Dumpty is Oval and I even showed her a picture of it from her nursery book. I reminded her of clothes, hands and legs. But, this was what she drew:
1. Conceptualizing: Eyes, nose and moustache

 Never mind her drawing, I proceeded to guide her on completing our Humpty Dumpty.

2. Decorate half of the egg with torn coloured paper
3. Do him belt, eyes, legs, arms and hair

Paste on the belt, arms and legs that are cut in strips from the colour papers. Then, cut a few strands of black paper (Asian Humpty Dumpty), folding his 'hair' it to give style. Put the strands of hair into the pierced hole of the egg. Paste him doll eyes if you have, if not, drawing with a marker is good too.

This is almost complete, but some parts are missing - Nose and mouth. For it being our one and only Humpty Dumpty, I couldn't risk it. I drew a similar Humpty on paper and got Jazz to fill the nose and mouth, wanting to make sure she knows where to draw them. She got them right and I asked her to draw on the egg.

4. Test draw on paper
5. Draw the nose and mouth with marker
6. The completed Humpty
The man saw our Humpty and asked where are the king's horses and men. I said he could complete the rest. 

Next, roll the thick paper for the eggs to rest on. Cut the bottom to fan them out, so that we can paste them on a piece of hard cardboard. Put the eggs next to each other for companion, and now we're all good with the eggs. Use them as a pen, pencil or scissors holder.  

Eggs crafted with little Jazz and Mummy!
Upon seeing completion, the man asked if the other egg is Humpty's patched up girlfriend. Imagination is wild, keep it going! While my creative confidence is being boosted up, I had better plan more craft works with the kids. 

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  1. This is awesome! Love the Asian Humpty Dumpty. Lol. =) Looks so cute!

  2. Thanks Summer! Now I'm hoping to have ideas for your creative 521. Haha.

  3. How egg-citing! I really like Humpty. I think he looks very smart there! Great job Jazz!

    And your hubs was so funny - king's horses = major sabotage! :p
    Thank you for contributing and concluding this party!

  4. Alicia, yeah, so I told him to complete the king's horses. Haha.

    Thanks for allowing me to 'gate-crash' the 2 weeks of creative fun.

  5. Yeah your man's a funny man! hahaha... Patched up girlfriend!? Can leh, just put the eyes and make some hair, can already :) Cool craft!

  6. Haha I LOL at the patched up girlfriend comment too.
    Very creative idea to crafts on things that they are familiar with - nursery rhymes.

  7. Pamela, idea! It can be improvised further. Haha.

    Susan, yeah, was playing around with egg shell, then thought of Humpty Dumpty.


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