Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Port Of Lost Wonder - POLW

It was play date with Jazz's classmates, S and K at the POLW, Sentosa. A rather huge place, with a restaurant within. As we settled our lunch there, I thought this water playground would be so ideal for parents with kids, who can play without supervision. Just so that parents can relax with some food and drinks. You can even do a picnic in there with their "raised picnic mat." Just remember to clear your trash.

It was our first time there and I guess our kids are too young to enjoy this form of water playground. Both kids showed no interest in the water fun, so did K and S. They all ended up doing sand play, which was not too bad, at least they found an activity to engage themselves in.

The place is very much comparable to the water playground in the zoo. One that we'll not miss, whenever we visit the zoo. Only distinct difference is one being new and the other being old. Another plus point for POLW is the strong chlorine smell within the water play area, which is a good indication that water is highly free from germs and bacteria. Similarly, they both have open and close top slides, water sprouts, a bucket that splashes water when it's full. And of course, POLW is marketing itself better. 

After some time of warming up, the kids were still not keen to get wet. I then decided to get myself wet, just so that I can get them into the really fun area, but only Jare was with me, Jazz was not keen. I went on the slides a few times or rather, I used him as an excuse to have fun myself. I felt like a child again.

To the pirate theme
Sand play seems more fun

The girls enjoying the water sprouts
The girls and their yummy pasta!
We paid $15 for each child and adults are free. Kids above 5 months require entrance fee! Don't find this making any sense. In short, it's only worth if your child loves playing in water playground. A good testing ground would be the zoo, if you plan to visit. After water fun, I showered the kids before myself. And when I showered, I realised they had warm water in the individual cubicles. The poor kids showered in the cold, while I took warm. Felt bad. 

Overall, it was a fun morning with the kids, daddies and mummies. Even though they had no interest in the playground, the kids enjoyed each other's companion. Both kids had so much fun that they zonked out during the car journey home. Looking forward to more play dates!   

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