Sunday 22 July 2012

Water play, Cake craft and Dinner @ Letoile cafe

We had great Saturday fun at Jazz's classmate, K's house today. The kids did water play, after which we all had craft and dinner at Letoile Cafe.

Water play and fishing!

Letoile cafe is rather kids friendly, except that they didn't have kid's menu, but that wasn't crucial. The kids had great appetite, they ate huge amount of food! Having drive past this place almost daily when we send the kids to school, we finally got a chance to check it out. Their food was yummy and seats are well spaced. I love it for having a kids' table and stools!

On food, I ordered a chicken cordon bleu ($17.90), my man ordered a chicken ballotine ($18.90), which both were of great taste. Our friend, TW ordered seafood tom yam pasta ($14.90), which he mentioned was great too. An interesting east west combination, that would be my next try if I ever pop in again. Prices are reasonable too. And they serve cakes and coffee/Tea. A nice place to read and surf on their free wi-fi.

The mini kids corner with some parenting magazines
And here's the highlight, Mummy J had a surprised craft session prepared for the kids. It's sponge cake craft! A simple and creative craft that kept the kids occupied till food arrived. For some reasons, be it school trained or peer pressure, the kids are all so focused when it comes to craft. Looking at the material of this cake craft, it could be mummy J's inspiration when she was washing the dishes or baking a sponge cake. That's how mummies get inspirations from the daily chores. Don't laugh if I ever use brooms and mops for craft!

  • Dish washing sponge
  • Cotton balls
  • Cut felt cloth (Any small shapes)
  • Bow Tie pasta 
  • Straws (slant cut at bottom for poking as candles)
  • White glue 

Dish sponges for washing their plates after dinner... Nah, it's for craft!

Toppings for the cake

Sticking with white glue
And their completed sponge cake! Looks Yummy!
This was an easy-make cake with no whisking, no baking and no washing! The kids simply chose their dish sponge colour and decorated with the provided 'ingredients'. They then topped it off with straw candles to match their ages. 21 straws for me. 

Thoughtful Mummy J had boxes for us to pack our cakes home!

Sponge cakes to go!

2nd level of the cafe
It was a fun filled evening with the parents and kids. I had fun decorating Jare's cake too! Grown up enjoyed too. Thank you Mummy J for the water play invite and the creatively planned craft.

Letoile cafe at:
160 Owen Road
Singapore 218953

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