Monday, 9 July 2012

Zoo - The Unthrifty Way

It's Zoo trip again! The ever fun place to be in. A huge place that forces me to walk and walk. I love this form of exercise. This time we toured the place in a pretty expensive manner, on Saturday morning, from 10 a.m. to 5p.m.! A good 7 hours of fun. 
When you don't own a twin stroller
Rented wagon that served us well
Giraffe feeding
Elephant Riding
Water play
Pony Riding
On the carousel
On the horse carriage
Goat Feeding
I've to admit I've height phobia, so the man went on the elephant with the kids. While Jare was sleeping, Jazz went on the 3 in 1 - Pony ride, Horse Carriage and Carousel. Adults accompany free on the carousel. I sneaked in to have fun myself, though Jazz could managed her own. After Jazz's done with her activities, Jare woke up from his nap. Just in time to feed the goats! The bigger goats were really fierce, they used their horns to bang against the fence for food! I got a scare myself.  

And here's the damage to our wallets:
Cost breakdown:
Entrance - FOC (Corporate pass)
Wagon rental - $15
Giraffe feeding - $10 (2 plates of food)
Elephant Ride - $16 (Kids below 3, FOC)
Goat Feeding - $2 (Bucket of greens)
Pony ride + Carousel + Horse carriage - $10
Additional pax for horse carriage - $6
Lunch in zoo - $30
Drinks - $6
Total Expenditure: $95
Fun - Priceless!!!

I'm concluding that our local zoo isn't cheap to tour in, you pay premiums for the food, drinks and activities. I've always thought it's an attraction for simply tourists, and now we are victims to spending money in there too. Everything was of good fun though, especially exchanging for the smiles and laughter on Js faces. Jazz got home and raved to everyone about her zoo's day out, riding and feeding the animals. I then realised she had confusion over baby horse and pony. I asked her, "what do you call a baby horse?" She went "Pony!" It took a few times of corrections to finally know that a baby horse is called a foal. What an interesting confusion. And the really detailed - A female baby horse is called a Filly and a male baby horse a Colt.  

It's now a long long pause before the next zoo visit.

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