Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Apple Craft & Water Playdate

Had a craft and water play party with little kids of Mummies Eve, J and Jes, last Sunday. I prepared different crafts for the younger and older kids. I thought it would be fun to introduce shapes through craft for the 1 year old and related, more complex craft for the 3 year old. I started with squares and circles. 

We did apple craft for the kids. Younger ones did shapes pasting on an apple that I've pre-cut and pasted. And here's what you simply need:
  • Colourful A4 paper
  • Red and Green papers
  • Apple shape print
  • Pencil 
  • Ruler
  • Round Coin or object
  • Finger paint & Brush
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Cut and paste the apple on any coloured paper.

1. Preparation for 4 little kids - Print and paste apple
I cut the shapes, which I was desperately hoping to have a big circle shaped puncher to make this easier. It's definitely more tedious to cut circles over squares, I could have gone for triangles, but little ones need basic and easy to pronounce shapes, I had better stick to circles and squares. 

Draw many circles and squares on the green and red paper respectively. I clipped 2 pieces of same coloured papers together, so that I can cut double at any one time. One colour, one shape to avoid confusing little minds. We had green round and red square apples! 
2. Draw the shapes and cut out
3. All ready for little hands to craft on
Jare's messy and overlapping creation
A hand print for the apple's stem
Either my craft failed or my toys are too tempting, the little kids gave short attention and diverted for toys. While younger siblings worked on their shapes pasting apples, older siblings did yarn apples. And these are what you need for yarn apple craft:
  • Yarn (Green Or Red)
  • Pipe cleaners (Brown)
  • Wired fake leaves
  • Cardboard (2cm x 5cm)
  • Scissors

Couldn't find brown or green pipe cleaners, settled with gold
Fold the cardboard into half, wind the yarn around the cardboard as many times as possible. 100 times, for a juicy apple! Training little kids' patience.   
1. Going round and round. When done, tuck the end beneath
2. Insert pipe cleaner underneath the yarn. Curl the cardboard to make it easier.

Complete works of Big Kor kor and Jie jie - Sum, Jazz and Jus
These not so juicy apples are good attempts. Looking at them makes me feel so Christmas. I thought brown pipe cleaners as stems make the apples look better. I couldn't find, and gold seems fine too. 
Simple and easy apple crafts completed. The kids were more looking forward to what's ahead after craft, Water Play! 
Little Ms and Mr World in their swim wears. All ready to plunge!
The pool of fun
It was a fun filled craft and water play evening. The kids had extreme fun and great appetite after play. The pot of salmon porridge I cooked was all gone! Made me felt like a great chef. Thank you Daddies and Mummies for coming, I felt blessed when the kids had fun! Water play date makes pumping and filling up the mobile pool more worth.  

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