Friday 31 August 2012

Farewell schoolmates!

Today marks Jazz's last school day, Jare ended his school day 2 weeks earlier as I wanted to give my mum more time with him, before departing. And since Jazz's lessons has more educational elements than Jare, she will max her school days. Know what, she told me she was happy to be leaving school. I wonder what she was thinking. I'm all emotional about her last school day - The place, the teachers and the little children. The sending and picking them from school has been so routine. I have no idea how's life for us when she stops school.

Her teachers were nice to have thrown a farewell party for her. I gate-crashed the party with Jare. It was my last chance to picture the kids! I've also prepared little gifts for her teachers and friends. I bought wooden frames for the teachers, framed up their class picture and got Jazz to decorate the borders. She did them all by herself, I did not intervene. They were as authentic as they are. I was tempted to touch up her works, but I felt that her sincere thoughts and efforts were good enough to make the gifts memorable. 
Polka dotted frame
For her teachers!
I bought wooden pegs and ornaments for her to decorate, for her friends. I used them to clip the gift tag. Again, she did it all by herself. I was merely her assistant when she needed help.
Production in process
The completed pegs!
As she packed the goodies, she would assign each child a specific peg. She would go, this friend likes yellow, that friend likes green and on and on. I typed a farewell message and left her blog for point of contact and updates for some of her friends.

It's just goodbye for now, I hope the kids will meet again
As I bought the little gifts, I wondered if the kids would be disappointed to not find any sweets or munchies, but I was just being kind to their teeth. Hope the non-edibles excite them too. 
Craft and stationery goodies
Blue for boys and pink for girls
It was party time! Thank you little children and parents for bringing the munchies! The kids simply love parties. Look at the food they got to munch. Jazz kept asking for more crackers. I stayed throughout the party, and the little children were simply adorable. The kids would go, "Jazzelle's mummy, Jazzelle's mummy!" Then they would tell me their stories. Every child has a story to tell.  
Yummy foodie!
Enjoying the party!
Jare enjoying too!
Her teachers and good friends gave her farewell gifts. As her mummy, I felt so touched. Her teacher even suggested we could keep in touch to help with my homeschooling journey. How nice! Some of her friends have grown with her since their infant days. I will definitely miss everyone of them. 

Thank you for the thoughtful gifts!

Not sure if the kids will meet again, but I hope we can be back to the same place 18mths later. Her school days have been great, her teachers were and are ever passionate. I'm happy and glad that she had some good times shared during her preschool days. Thank you and a fond farewell!

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