Saturday 11 August 2012

Foam glasses & Corn nuggets crafts

I was shopping online for some craft works and came across yet another foam art, but in an innovative way - Foam Glasses. Without much hesitation, I bought some for Jazz to try. 

Foam glasses
She did this extremely simple craft, all by herself. Nothing was required or prepared. With the pack, you can just work on it anytime and anywhere. The items are self adhesive when peeled. She peeled and stick them according to the picture.

With much concentration

She took about 20 mins to complete this craft. What took most time was the little polka dots around the frame, which she patiently peeled and pasted. Not too bad. Other than the usual hand-eye coordination and fingers skills, her patience was tested.

She had great fun working through craft and parading her final product to everyone in the family. I've also purchased more to include into her farewell goodies bag, for her friends on her last schooling day.

Along with those foam glasses, we also worked with some self stick corn nuggets. They are also simple and fun to work with. Whenever I do craft with Jazz, I'm always desperately wanting to keep Jare out of our work zone. As I go along, I've also learnt to include him in whatever crafts possible, regardless how young he is. I rebuke the constant thought of, "He's too young, what's there to learn or explore?" There's no limit to fun play and I'm sure there's always something to learn. There are times when certain crafts are too complex for him, I'll plan something else for him while big sis works on the complex ones. This round, we're all having fun.

Corn nuggets
These corn nuggets are made of cornstarch, they just need a little water to dampen, and it will stick. Too much water, it will melt! So simple and easy that no one needs to be ban from crafting. The only challenge is, what to create out of them. This caught me too. The product came with simple guides, I browsed through and suggested Jazz to make some flowers. For Jare, it's free play.
Dampen and stick
Sure he's having fun!
Creation in process

We joined Jazz's flowers and Jare's stems. Together, we also made a basket to hold the flowers. This is our final product with Teamwork defined.

Final creation

Team craft work is as important as individual craft too. Looking forward to more craft sessions when both kids can work hand in hand to complete an artwork. Our final craft looks funny eh, but it's the process of fun that's more important. After all, beautiful craft lies in the eyes of its creators. It's pretty to the kids, I'm sure! Craft gifts are definitely a good idea into kids' goodies bag.

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