Monday, 6 August 2012

My third week as a SAHM

I'm into the third week of my vocation as a SAHM. Hmm, alright, not so into the job yet, since both kids are still serving their withdrawal notice period in school. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the 'me' moments. I've been rewarding myself with indulgences every other days. I've been working so routinely previously, it's been all about work and family, family and work, everyday is rushed and scheduled. Now that I've more time, it's pay back for all hard work rendered. Yes, mummies deserve to be rewarded!

I went for facial, good breakfasts, lunches and teas, munch and chat with friends and exercise my vocal (KTV), without kids on tow. It's been such a long time since I loved and pampered myself this much. The key to loving people and our family is self-love. Self-love first, so everything falls in line. What good reason for comfort. And now, I'm trying to feel happy over the pinch on my money spent.

I gave up my flow of income, and on the other hand, I'm splurging to make myself happy. Life is not a bed of roses, very soon, indulgences will all be over. I'll be back to saving up for rainy days. But but, shopping remains...

Yummy pleasures @ Maison Kayser, Lawrys, TWG and 10 scotts
I've been trying to be a good kitchen mum too. I'm committed to prepare more healthy and nutritious meals for the kids. A self set KPI. I got more adventurous with food and have since introduced eggplant, ladyfingers and capsicum, which they are taking well or rather I camouflaged them well in their food. Brussels sprouts and greek yoghurt got rejected.

Breakfast and dinner:  Fried udon, chawanmushi, cod fish porridge and Pasta carborona
I love whipping up snacks and meals for the kids. What's even more satisfying is watching them slurp up every bit of it!

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