Thursday 9 August 2012

National day celebration in school

The kids celebrated National day last Friday in school, Jazz had been practicing weeks for her long awaited performance, which she pulled it off well. It takes much effort behind the scene for that few minutes of performance, I didn't want her to ruin it, so I promised her a gift for good performance. She chose a toy guitar at toys r us right after celebration.    
As young as 2 and 3 years old, they did exceedingly well!
This is my country, this is my flag!
Pin the Merlion's tail
Eating with style!
Arm painting - She requested for fries and burgers! Is she deprived of those?!!
Locating the places on our sunny Island

"Daddy, where do I put Changi Airport?"
We love you, Singapore!
I love school celebrations with parents involvement. It's great bonding with kids, other kids and parents too! This month also marks the kids' final school days, though I've asked to put the kids on school's wait list, I'm not really sure if we'll be back in the same school, in case there are other better options or if home schooling gets me hooked. Unlikely though. 

It's kind of emotional when I see them enjoy school so much, and have to withdraw them for the next big move to a far away land. They really enjoy their everyday in school, not kidding! Some parents I spoke to, amazingly knew Jazz will be away and they told me that it's such a pity, and that their child will miss her. Similarly, I will miss every single one of her friends too! On certain days, she talks endlessly about her friends. That's how I knew everyone of them. We'll definitely bring photos along for memory refresher. 

We'll be back, Singapore. Our root, our home, our love, we love you Singapore! As much as we grumble about our cost of living and governance, we're proud to be birthed, have birthed and growing up here. Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore!   

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  1. She looks to enjoy her performance! Haha... my little boy while he loves to be in the limelight, not a big fan of "dancing" in public. So school performances can be tough for him.

    All the best in your upcoming move. Looking forward to reading about your US adventures via the blog! :)


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