Friday, 24 August 2012

Packing in progress

Am getting into some serious packing mode for our long trip abroad. I typed our check list for the man to add on his items, but got an edited sheet returned with 'P2' notes. Meaning priority 2. I glanced through and saw my craft materials not being prioritised! "Those are my job tools for staying home with the two little ones. It's homeschooling, you know?" Maybe not what a daddy can identify with. Anyway, I need these items readily, and so, I'm packing along. Home teacher overrules.  

Craft as P2!
I have pulled out the thicker clothing from the kids wardrobe for packing. These were the easiest as they hardly use them locally. Thick wears for the two little ones are already this much. Will be getting more kids wears when we arrive there. Can't believe I'm entering the land of carters, oshkosh, gap, old navy, kate spade, coach and my man's favourite, Abercrombie and so many more labels! Shopping, here we come. 

Clothes for the cold weather
Not being kiasu, instead of wondering if I can get some Chinese dried goods there, I've packed some to bring along for cooking. Need to buy my curry pre-mix and 3 in 1 kopi. Yveon has been really nice to keep me updated and give advice of her experiences there. She told me old town kopi is at USD9 per packet! Must try to bring more. The power of blogging connected us!

Dried goods for cooking: Red dates, wolf berries, Anchovies, scallop, nan bei xing
We bought 3 new luggage, which is definitely not enough. Urgent plea for anyone letting go of their unwanted luggage. We have requested for more baggage limit, it's all carried over. No prior sending done.

In addition to the weights, we have a box of 6 milk powder tins to carry over. They're for Jare as his milk brand isn't available there and we aren't ready to wean him off formula. Jazz on the other hand is taking fresh milk well. What's more, I'm lugging the kids books - Assessment and story books. Jazz will be in K1 when back, there's definitely some teaching to be done prior to joining local school again. I'm bringing more Chinese materials to keep the kids excited about the language. 
Assessment books!

Newly bought luggage and a box of milk powder
I've also dug out my warm clothing to pack, there's just so much to bring, with so little space. Still in state of facing the reality of big move... Not real till it happens. But happening real soon! Back to packing mode...


  1. Wow. All so real now. Hahaha... Happy you will be entering this new phase in your life, and omigosh... shopping? NICE! Hahaha! U can stock up for... ever! :P

  2. Forgot to mention, craft materials/crayons/art stuff are in abundance and cheap here. They can really be "p2"! ;)

  3. lilsnooze, really! Tats what my friends told me too. okok, shall cut the P2 list.


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