Friday 31 August 2012

Photo *Heart* Friday - Daddy's Girl

Sometimes when I get completely mad with Jazz, I'll think only her daddy understands her better. I'll step aside in midst of my discipline and get the man to take over, before I get really crazy. It seems like there are some reasons why we call the little girls, "Daddy's girl." I was one, and am still one, so I completely understand the bond between a father and daughter. I look to my Dad for opinions and wise words, but to my mum - Food and groceries! Interesting departments tagged to. 
Love her playfulness with Daddy

Smiley pair
Even photo taking with Daddy has such wonderful chemistry. Love the pictures! This little girl of mine is simply adorable, but a terror at times. Which kid doesn't give trouble anyway. I claim that she is mummy's girl too!

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