Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Trip to Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre

I had never visited the Pasir Panjang wholesale centre until this Monday. I tagged along with Ang and XH, the regular goer to check out the place. It felt like an excursion to me! The range of fruits and vegetables is so wide and exotic that it can easily become your one stop groceries shop place, except that we can't get poultry there. Variety defines the place.

It was a simple excursion that gave me sufficient reasons to spend $100+ on fruits, vegetables and dried food! Ok, I've a kampong to feed. And for most stuff, we've to buy in bulks. Economies of scale works when we shop in group. 

At the freshdirect store
We got most of our stuffs from freshdirect. Unlike the auction area, which is also within the wholesale centre, they don't 'exhibit' their range of vegetables and fruits. You will probably have to order what you want, get them prepare and self collect. If not, order on site and they will pack for you, that's what we did. They have beautiful portobellos, white and brown mushrooms. In fact, most stuffs are fresh and good. It's also where I got San Marzano tomatoes. Jare's love. It's $64 for this tray of tomatoes! Crazily expensive, but crazily yummy!

San Marzano tomatoes, Jareth's love!
Then we walked on to the dried food area. I bought Japanese scallops, silver fish, anchovies, wolfberries, red dates and some other stuffs. 
Anchovies at $10 per kg and silver fish at $15 per kg.
Wolfberries at $11 and red dates at $3
One of the dried food store
I know nuts about anchovies, there are so many types! The friendly store auntie helped us out by sharing the different types to go with soup or vegetables. We had great time entertaining the store auntie or rather she entertained us. We chatted with her as we browsed her store. Looking at the elderly doing their earnings, it's all right to walk out with no bargains. Most stuffs are already lower priced than elsewhere, it's wholesale centre.

Huge range of anchovies
Then we arrived at an agri-organic store, Zenxin. In there I bought ladyfingers, flaxseeds and sweet potato noodles. I cooked the noodles for kids' dinner that very day, scooped some to try, and it really is yummy! Both Js love noodles! 
Organic Sweet Potato noodle - $3.70
The wide range of noodles! Will be back for more!
Within the auction area
The bill of 3 shoppers at freshdirect - $171
When I got home and sorted my buys, I got a shocked! So much!? It simply means more of home cooked meals, less of outdoor paid meals.

These caused my man's jaws to drop
I'm loving this shopping experience at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, where I can find decent dried food like wolfberries, red dates and scallops, compared to supermarkets. Well, supermarkets are my main stores for groceries purchase. I hardly venture elsewhere. This 'obasan' trip is so enriching, I knew and bought pearl beans, which I don't see in supermarkets. I bet any kitchen mummy would not walk out of there empty handed.

It definitely is a worthy trip of being a day tourist in there. A store uncle told me in Mandarin, "I hardly see any ladies of your ages coming here for vegetables, my customers are usually aunties in their 60s." Oh dear, am I gradually releasing the inner auntie-ness!

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