Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Good to go

1. Jazz is bringing her little 'friends' along. All into the luggage! She seemd to know she can't pick the big 'friends', she chose a few little ones instead.

Lucky 'ones' who are coming along
2. I finally paid to get Jare's hair cut. It was also his first official paid haircut. He performed well, with the help of Barney's video. Hope the cut stays for a long time.

The $10 cut
3. Got a farewell cake from awfully, for indulgence.

Farewell says the cake
4. After days of thoughts, I've decided to bring my kitchen 'friend' along - Happycall.

Happy cooking
5. Printed and bringing the photos of family and Jazz's friends for memory refresher.


6. Had the kids' school craft pasted up onto their walls.

Please hold their craft well
7. The emotional - Goodbye to our car who served us well for the last 6 years. Piggy is its name, 小红 is what my ex-colleagues call it. May it be well with its new owner. We gave the car a good final scrub this evening. Definitely a good day to say goodbye, its number came out consolation in 4D today! How could I have overlooked and not buy. 
Sure he knows the car is leaving

Car wash!
6. My dad bought roasted pig, my mum prepared feast with abalone! Definitely a great miss of home cooked food. So loved! It felt like a reunion dinner. We'll be missing 2 CNYs locally. Sobs!

7. The shocking pack. Ended up with so many luggage for check in! I really wonder how are we gonna manage these with 2 little ones. A will, a way.

7 items for check in!
8. Lastly, a photobook that we'll be presenting to our parents at the airport. Some snippets below:


I guess we're all set and ready to go...

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  1. U are all set to come over. :)

    Happycall pan is impt, I realised. Thankfully a friend is bringing over for me!


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