Friday, 15 August 2014

Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa

You know Mummies, you deserve that occasional divine treatment, Massage! I was recently invited to review a massage session by Huang Ah Ma, The oriental spa chamber. Before plunging into committing a session, I browsed through their website and fell in love with the unique oriental theme it uses to set apart from other spa chambers. I got all curious about checking out their service and venue.

Upon stepping into the place on my appointed date and time, I was soothed at how beautifully the place was embellished to the ancient and oriental theme. I felt a tinge of relaxation. An aromatic tea was served before I got ushered to my chamber. As oriental as it sounds, I was offered a session of chopsticks massage. Weird I thought, but maybe it's just a name. But no, the masseur came in with a couple of wooden chopsticks bundled together, massaged on some oil and started beating my shoulders. Gosh! What a kitchen defying act. I've always been told since young, not to play with chopsticks. After that session, it seemed like we can try this at home, out of the kids' sight though.

 photo IMG_0708-edit_zps6d68fa1a.jpg
Love that lantern!
 photo IMG_0705-edit_zps85a7fa6f.jpg
Looks inviting!
 photo IMG_0706-edit_zps9b915dee.jpg
Those wooden chopsticks

The tapping was only the initial moment for each part of the body. After which she used it as a kneading tool (rolling up and down) and for pressing on pressure points. These are not only tension relieving, it circulates the blood flow too. I was all strangely at ease after the initial moments, then I sank into deep mode of relaxation. Not too bad, I thought. I walked out incredibly refreshed! What a treat.

And of course if you are still not convinced about chopsticks being a tool for massage, you may check out their other range of massage and facial services, that you are feel comfortably at ease about.

Another point that struck me about them was that it opens from 11am to 3am (Nothing sleazy about it)! I had my slot right after I ended my Motherly duties of the day. Sent the kids to bed, and head off for my massage. An ultimate reward it was. And nope, I wasn't further introduced to their packages or any sign ups. I detest hard sellers. And so, it was an overall pleasing experience for me.

Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber
Porcelain Hotel
50 Mosque Street, Singapore 059528
Tel: +65 6536 1661

Operating Hours: 11am – 3am daily

Disclaimer: I was invited to a review session. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions and photos are solely mine. 


  1. I totally agree that mummies need that occasional massage! And I am so in need of one...
    Wow, they close at 3am. That is rare! I can imagine myself sneaking out for a massage after the kids are asleep... :)

  2. Hi Ing, yeah, I thought the operating hours suit us well. Sneaking out after the kids sleep.

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