Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Meeting the TMNT

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never seem to age with time. Oh yes! The wonderful teenagers made a come back, with their energetic and youthful appearances preserved.

Last week was a turtle week for us. I brought the kids for a TMNT movie treat with their friends, followed by a meet and greet session the next day. The turtles have unbelievably rose out of their sewers, crashed out of the movie screen to make live appearances on the stage of City square mall! It was just too exciting for the kids, and their Mama. I knew them since my childhood days. Nah, I'm not aging. *Denial*

 photo 91be45f9-9278-4f8d-8c86-cde92c7e3fe2_zps3e7afc3c.jpg
Turtles are machos
 photo 97c38e56-abcc-49a3-921b-78cd5a3b25c4_zpsbb81a693.jpg
Showing their stunts
Js really enjoyed their appearances, and especially more when they showed off their stunts. It was all interactive and engaging. Though I was pretty distracted because of a minor accident we met on the way there, my mood got regulated when I watched how delighted Js were with the turtles. Thank God for children, and turtles too! 

 photo IMG_1105_zps289a4913.jpg
A moment with the hereos
It's interesting that Jazz fell in love with the turtles too. Not just a boy's thing after all. But hmm, it's their mama who decided to introduce these to them. Childhood right?!!

Here's more details to catching them live on stage:
Date: 06 to 14 Sep 2014
Venue: City Square Mall, L1 atrium
Mon to Fri: 2pm and 7pm
Sat and Sun: 1pm, 4pm and 7pm
To redeem a meet and greet pass, simply spend $50 (max of 3 combined receipts on the same day) from the stores. 50 passes per show. Sounds good to do a family meal there, or maybe the groceries.

And how about a turtles TV night:
Date: 05 to 14 Sep 2014
Venue: City Square Mall, B1 fountain square
Time: 8pm daily
Colouring fun begins at 7:30pm, after which the screening of 2 different episodes from season 2 begins.

Finally, if the love and excitement for the turtles are too overwhelming, swing over to ToyRus to pick up a favourite TMNT toy! Js are very much contented with their shellraiser and little Leonardo, with compliments from SPRG. Thank you for the well thought goodies!

 photo IMG_1103_zps45a0cda8.jpg
Such cool fun!
Much things to do in the mall eh?!! Have a great September holidays, Cowabunga!

Disclaimer: We were given a meet and greet opportunity, and a lovely goodie bag for reviewing purpose. All opinions and photos are solely our own. 

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