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Affordable Art Fair (With tickets for 17th to 19th Apr)

The 6th Affordable art fair will be on stand this coming weekend - 17 to 19 Apr, at F1 Pit building! The part of me that's been living under a rock had never seen or heard about it. To begin with, there's no arty farty genes in our family. Naturally, art fairs had never been in mind.

This year, they are back with 70 galleries offering new and fresh works. Joining in the galleries, there will be a showcase of a SG50 charity Feature Wall with selected artworks from 50 artists at only $500. 50% of the monies raised will go towards their charity partner, Playeum, while the other 50% will go back to the artist.

They will also be launching a brand new night named ‘AAFter Glow Evening’, so be sure to come down and unwind on this special Friday night!

While we confessed to be the least arty people around, we thought this weekend will be a good opportunity to open up those eyes to greater appreciate various art forms. Whether you are a seasoned collector, a new enthusiast for the arts or just art viewing, this will be an educational and interactive experience to fall in love with.

For the parenting part in us, here are some highlight of kids' activities. Little ones get entertained, while parents go art viewing. While play and fun are easy exposures, art fairs may not be an often come by to boost inspirations in little ones.

1. Children's Art Studio
The Children's art studio provides interactive free fun filled inspiring activities for children of all ages. Playeum invites children to be inspired by the works of ceramic artist Madhvi Subrahmanian and spend a clay-play session centered around the theme – “Our home in the rainforest”.

Participants will have the opportunity to create clay sculptures based on their own imagination, and together will build a rainforest landscape inspired by ripples, raindrops, rain-trees and houses. The installation will grow little by little into a large organic representation of “Our home in the rainforest” with forms reflecting the environment we live in.

As part of these activities, complimentary children’s activity booklets will be filled with a range of arty fun activities to help children discover their natural talents in new ways! Children receive these upon arrival (limited quantities available).

2. Elephant parade – Painting a brighter future
Fun for all ages. On entry to the Fair, visitors can leave their own artistic mark on a bright pink Elephant and instagram themselves for a chance to win their own Elephant Parade Art Box. Within the Fair, visitors can discover more about Elephant Parade and their conservation projects as well as learning how an artistic sketch is brought life as a full size Elephant.

Throughout the Fair, visitors can even have a go themselves by creating their own 2D design for an elephant, or take up the opportunity to join Elephant Parade for their daily 3D workshops (Limited quantities) to bring their designs to life on a mini elephant.

Daily workshops
2D elephant design workshop: Daily throughout public Fair opening hours
3D Paint your own elephant workshops
  • Friday 17 April, 12.30 – 2pm and 7 – 8.30pm
  • Saturday 18 April, 12.30 – 2pm and 5 – 6.30 pm
  • Sunday 19 April, 12.30 – 2pm and 3 – 4.30pm

Art buying and viewing
For the guide to newbies in art buying,  here's one guide I find most useful. It all begins with finding a piece of wall that had been left blank far too long.

One of the exhibitors taking part in the fair this weekend includes Fun Art. Along with them are 2 very talented artists. Here are some teasers to release the art appreciation in us.

Artist Liu Aijing, uses unconventional materials and methods to create her art along with her specialty Chinese ink. Her experimentation with medium and materials such as silk, tinsel, soil and mineral pigments, and methods such as oxidization has led to the creation of her signature style of paintings that deliver an aura of mystic and ethereality. Perhaps these images are merely fragments of memories or perhaps they are to convey the transience of life and beings.

Liu Aijing, Baby series 1, 2014.

Liu Aijing, Baby series 5, 2014.
Chinese ink, tinsel on silk, 40 x 40cm

In the thoughts of the Artist, "Baby is an extension of an ongoing theme. Every one of them is an independent character; some melancholic, some mischievous, some expressionless and some look lost. They are real people, living in the moment and living amongst us. At all times, they struggle between reality and dreams, yearning to own all that they desire or striving to pave the way to a better future. They want to live life their way, no matter how distant their dreams may be."

The second artist is a contemporary Chinese ink artist Ding Wenqing, who is conceptually strong and skillful. Given the increase popularity of contemporary chines ink to the Chinese art market. His works might be on interest to many.

Ding Wenqing, In a Glass No.2, 2013.
Chinese ink on rice paper, 48 x 48cm

In his In a Glass series, he confines Chinese (山水)Shanshui landscape in a  modern day glass, be it a wine glass or a rocks glass. In the past, the elite literati had a culture of winebibbing while composing poems inspired by natural landscapes, releasing suppressed emotions and at times, reflecting upon failed personal ambitions and the political state of affairs.

Already sounding like there's so much to a piece of art eh? Much stories lie within each piece.

These pictures are definitely not doing itself justice by virtual viewing, you'll need to get near it for the live and actual. Seeing is believing!

Fun Art asia has offered Mum's calling 20 pairs of tickets to our readers. 2 pairs per family (That is 10 fastest fingers!) Children below 16 enter free. Tickets will give access to the AAFter Glow Evening Party on Friday (17th Apr), as well as throughout Fri to Sun (18th to 19th).

All you need to do, is ensure that you are a fan of Mum's calling facebook and be the first 10 to leave your interest on this Facebook page. Just mentioned "I'm keen to go!" and I'll confirm with a reply for further information. Fun Art will require your mailing address to mail you the tickets.

Event Date
Fri, 17 - Sun, 19 Apr 2015
Fri: 12pm - 6pm
       6pm - 10pm (AAfter Glow Evening)
Sat: 11am - 8pm
Sun: 11am - 6pm

F1 Pit Building
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
17 - 19 Apr 2015
Event Day
Standard: S$15
Group Discount for 4 tickets: S$50

Online Sales
Standard: S$12
Group Discount for 4 tickets: S$40

17 Apr 2015
(6pm - 10pm)
AAfter Glow Evening
Event Day
Standard: S$25
Online Sales: S$20

Disclaimer: We were given tickets to the fair in exchange for this blurb. All opinions are solely ours and photos credited to Fun Art.

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