Thursday 16 April 2015

Online shopping with Zalora!

What's one way to take time-off from your parenting fatigue? On cash rich days, I would love to say shopping! Online shopping works specially fine with me. So much so that I think only debt can do us apart. Being very careful on that though.

Online shopping had always been my most convenient companion when we were in the states. It has taken a back seat since we got back here. Perhaps, not an easy come by with friendly online stores. What would you look out for when shopping online? It gets specially doubtful on apparels when we can only view them virtually. Here are some keys to comfortable and pleasant online shopping:

1. Free returns! It’s often easy to admire what drapes on stunning slim tall models, but when bought, it just doesn’t make the cut on us. Mothers do have quite abit of changed body eh? Hassle Free return is definitely a look out for.

2. Free delivery! It’s always nice to shop with low minimum amount for free delivery. Attainable such that you don’t have to burn your pocket or feel obliged to chalk up that easy amount.

3. Variety! It saves me much time and effort to find a one stop to shop all wants. Shopping is often not a necessity, such that I hardly get time for it. And, if I had the time to finally get online to shop, I would love to have the variety to view my interests at a go.

4. Discount! Mastercard Promotions is one you have to make great use of. From now till December 2015, it’s giving you 7% discount storewide at Zalora. So remember Thursdays, remember Mastercard and remember online shopping at Zalora! Like some say, it's a talent to be at the right place and right time for sale. 

Photo credit: Zalora

Get ready, get online and shop! 

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Zalora. All opinions are solely ours. 

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