Tuesday 25 August 2015

Enrichment Portal

We were at a launch party organized by Serious about preschool last week, where Js were able to go on a marathon classes of 3 genre. There were the art, right brain training and speech and drama.

 photo 192e4cd6-8583-485c-9b8f-45a77e12ede6_zpstkwb7wsj.jpg
Craft by Da little school

 photo cf62e791-cb4d-47ff-ba40-ea0a75691185_zpshnstsmxd.jpg
Right brain training with Henguru

 photo b37a0f1b-ae6d-4ffa-ab5b-77e9b2438610_zpscfitlnru.jpg
Speech and Drama with Julia Gabriel

While I felt like these were similar to attending a trial class, giving me a good gauge on whether my kids will continue to enjoy and whether it's of some effective learning, there will always be more factors to choosing a centre.

When in search for enrichment centres, I'm often lost which to go for, especially music, since it's the only one Js does externally. Word of mouth is one factor I rely heavily on, after all, who's been in it, has got more to speak for or against. Of course, opinions differ and the ultimate decision lies in the parent. Serious about preschool is a One-Stop Portal for parents to find enrichment courses, holiday programs and group activities for their preschoolers between 0 to 6 years old.

On this portal, you may search for enrichment courses, enjoy discounts on trial classes/terms, earn rewards points, join a community with like minded parents and book holiday programs or group activities together to reap discounts. 

While it's still budding by trying to grow its reviews, it would definitely be most kind to sow in your reviews for the enrichment centres you've come across. So that others may reap from your kind contribution and vice versa. Get rewarded with points for doing so, while attractive redemption awaits.

Have a go navigating on it!

Serious about preschool

Disclaimer: We were invited to join in this launch party. All opinions and photos are solely ours. 

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