Monday 17 August 2015

Something new on Zalora!

I may be a stay home Mum who have tighten my belt in shopping, but still, I'll spare no effort to look fabulous. At the very least, trying not to look too Aunty! I rely quite a bit on online shopping and I do think a good place to shop fashion online would be Zalora. A Mum needs to look good, not just for others, but for the husband and kids! I may be casually lazy at times, but I'll try to work an appetite on dressing up. I hope the kids will mirror that too.

 photo 204997fe-852f-4ffb-8287-2e47f491bcbb_zpsrtsxoswo.jpg
Happy dressing up!

I believe that most of the products featured on Zalora are decided through extensive research and analysis of fashion trends and patterns. I found out recently that Zalora had added Topshop Singapore to their already extensive list of brands. So yeap, it's "Now on Zalora!" Another good reason to variety shopping. Which literally means you won't have to clock the minimum shipping cost from Topshop's direct website. Especially if your eyes are set on only a piece of apparel, which is insufficient for free shipping. Though not the full range on Zalora, its collection is looking quite decent.

Here's what you need to know about Zalora, if you didn't know:
  • 30 days free return
  • Free delivery above $40 
  • You can do cash on delivery!
I'm gonna get back to browsing at this online mall now...

Disclaimer: Information courtesy of Zalora

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