Wednesday 18 May 2016

Gentle Giraffe On The Go - Help your baby sleep

There are several ways to soothe a crying baby. Upon ensuring he has been well fed and cleaned, we often have to experiment various ways of comfort. The usual we do is much of picking up the baby, to keep him in motion. As like in the womb of a busy Mum. 

Other checks include the gas and comfort check. Whether he needs to release Burrrpps or if his clothing and surrounding is comfortable.
After the basics are checked off the list, he's often easy playing on his own till his next nap or sleep, when he'll cry for comfort again. That's when I would try to introduce sleeping aids, like toys! Not all toys, but one that produces white noise is perfect for babies.

Wonder Toys sent a really cute plush to Juboy. You can call it, GGOTG (Gentle Giraffe On The Go). By cloud b, the baby sleep specialist was established with the philosophy that every baby deserves a sound night's sleep.

Adorable Giraffe!

Their products are developed in consultation with an advisory board of pediatricians and sleep specialists. So be assured by the level of research and tests behind each toy. It has developed award winning plush pals that not only soothe and relax our little darlings but are also great for snuggling and playtime.

So what exactly is white noise to a baby?

Or some may call it white sound, is a consistent noise that comes out evenly across all hearable frequencies. It is repetitive and unobtrusive. Examples are like the running of the fan, the rain, waves on a beach etc.

White noise is soothing to a baby, as like in the womb, it drowns out other noises. Particularly newborns who have not gotten used to the outside world. It not only helps baby fall asleep easily but stay asleep longer too.

GGOTG comes with 4 soothing sound options - Safari groove, jungle trails, Victoria Falls and Babbling brook, mainly for play, clam, relax and sleep. I've uploaded a video on the sounds towards the end of this post.

4 sound options

The GGOTG is one you can use as a sleep routine in the home or on the go. It not only soothes baby to sleep with fun jungle sounds, it's also a lovely companion and cuddly toy.

The features are:
  • Two sleep-timer options - 23 and 45 minutes. I would usually turn it off when baby sleeps deep, so it's a good function for me if I forget.
  • Velcro tab for easy attachment to baby's stroller or the cot. Which is also one safety feature to prevent the toy from falling onto baby's face when sleeping. The velcro strap is strong and slightly adjustable in length.
  • The Giraffe comes in 2 versions, "Regular" and "on the go". This is "on the go" version. Regular is bigger in size and has 8 sounds.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries, which are thoughtfully included upon purchase.

It is also cleverly designed such that the sound box comes separate from the cuddly. Just so the giraffe can be cleaned or washed without the electric device in.

There is an insert on the back of the giraffe where the sound box can be inserted for play. And when cushioned in between, the sound does gets softer. That's when one will appreciate the dial to adjust the volume gradually low or high. That worked as the On-Off dial too.

Be assured that the loudest level of volume is barely audible from a distance of about a meter, which means it's extremely gentle and safe near our baby's ears. Some baby toys just come in 1 or 2 fixed level of volume, which even the lowest level might sound uncomfortable or hurt our baby's ears. It's better with one that we can control. Choosing toys wisely is quite an art too

So yeap, this toy had been well thought and carefully designed for our little darlings!

Soundly asleep

Other than getting the giraffe onto the cot, you may use the toy for car rides by attaching it to the car seat to calm a crying or fussy baby too. Or while changing the clothes or diapers of our baby.

While this toy works wonder for most babies, I'm pretty sure it might help some grown ups cope with better sleeps too. White noise is for any ages.

You may listen to the jungle theme sounds and white noise from the following video.

If you've just welcomed your newborn, do give this a try! You really won't know till you try it. Apart from the sounds, I am loving how cute it looks just like Sophie the giraffe, the teether. Ok, I have a special love for giraffes. Wild, but tame.

Wonder Toys is the sole distributor of cloud b toys. To get hold of cloud b products at a 10% discount, simply use code, 'Mumscalling10' for a 10% discount upon carting out (Code expires on 30 June 2016). Free shipping for orders above $60. This is one great toy for your newborn, as well as a wonderful gift for your friends' baby!

Heap Thanks to the kind people at Wonder Toys, we have one Gentle Giraffe on the go, worth $59.90 for one lucky reader. All you had need to do is:

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  1. Great, Thanks for sharing

  2. A newborn is easily stimulated and notices sounds that we barely register, such as a lawnmower, the neighbor's dog or the radio in the background. So I think your suggestions are very good for baby's sleep.

  3. I was lucky with the sleeping, but I know so many are not. Special is to baby. I'm not a father yet, but I've always wondered how long it takes for children to grow out of waking up in the middle of the night, or anything could break my baby sleep times. Maybe i should save this post for future when I need


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