Thursday, 13 September 2018

Guest Post: Unusual Marketing ideas for your florist business

When running a florist business, it is always a good idea to keep innovating and never stop creative ways to market your flower shop. While there may be some good pointers like advertise on social media or create your own website. There are many other ways that are far more unique and will be appreciated by your customers. 

Make it simple and light. You can always start with something small and gradually go from there. For example, for every hamper delivery you give them a free little fruit basket. Or for birthday flowers you can choose to give them a small greeting card from your florist business. Everyone knows that the little things go a long way. Or you could give mother’s or expecting mothers a free hand bouquet when they enter your store or florist business on Mother’s Day. 


If you are an online florist Singapore, then why not make your website pop or make your posts more customer interactive where they can enjoy themselves while they browse through their catalogues. Your florist business can go a long way with the right marketing strategy. You can even go all expressive by walking down the street and giving strangers a floTer, with your florist business card attached to it, or your brand. You can even throw in a small freebie with every florist delivery.

 Another way to market your business is make sure you have a good story for the back ground or a reason behind opening your florist business. It could be a dream a five-year-old you have always had, or it could be something hopeful, magical or even tragically beautiful. Make sure it is something interesting and is as close to the truth as possible. Avoid putting out too much promotional stuff because then it would seem to separate you, as the owner, to your own business. It would also make it seem like you are only in it for the money. 

Lastly, do workshops or do it yourself crafts that your customers can sign up to or anyone else that is interested. This helps you engage with your customers and possible ones in an activity that you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Have fun, and make sure to never forget the beauty that flowers bring with their uniqueness and creativity. Make sure to not limit your workshops to only women or aspiring florists and make it open to all, so you can get more interaction from it to help your florist business. 

This is a guest post written and brought to you by, That Flower Shop. 

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