Monday, 28 February 2011

When Jazz met Jare

I'll always remember the expression Jazz had when she met Jare in the hospital ward. She was being carried by her Daddy and we introduced didi to her. She was very apprehensive, with eyes stuck on the little baby, she then began to show fear, almost wanting to cry. I had her on my bed, with Jare just by our side. Slowly, I brought her closer to Jare, but she went for my tummy, touched it and said, "didi come out." I said,"Yes, didi is out!"
Gradually, she began touching him, pointing his ears, eyes, nose and mouth to us. He stroked his cheeks and my sigh of relief came. It probably wasn't easy to introduce new family member to her because she's got all the sole attention all along, and now it has to be divided.
Big Hug!
It's of a different story when we were back home.

For the first few days, Jazz was very jealous over Jare. Whoever was carrying Jare, she would asked for herself to be carried instead. I've even realised her very extreme misbehaviours, so much so that I've been using much threats and scoldings on her, even her Dad lost his tolerance on several occasions too. One thing we made sure was, these behaviours were independent, not relating to Jare. That made us quite safe to discipline.

Things are getting better along the days, and I just hope she'll want to be carried lesser each day. If not, outings are gonna be cumbersome. Jare isn't so interactive now, so there can't be much bonding among them. After all, they're gonna be lifetime playmates!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Jare looks like...

We've been trying to figure out who does Jare looks like, it's neither a little of me or the man, many said so too. We then concluded Jare is just another image of his elder sister. They are so alike! But of course, it's the same producer.

Can you tell who's who?

It's Jazz at the top and Jare at the bottom picture. Aren't they like? Don't tell us, all babies look the same.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

初十五 - Little Brother Arrived in Feb 2011

It was the last day of CNY, after sending me to school, together with Daddy, Mummy went off for her gynae visit. Upon her check, Mummy asked gynae to check on baby's cord, whether it was affecting his movements. Mummy felt that didi's movements were lesser throughout the days. Mother's instinct perhaps. So doctor checked that cord was around his neck, and suggested to induce that morning. It was so unprepared, everything's gonna happen that day. Hosipital bag was home, arrangement for me wasn't done, the dog's not groomed and Daddy's camera is home! The most important gadget for any baby's arrival.

So here's my little brother's birth story, by Mummy:

10:30am: Scan and checked that dilation was 2cm
10:45am: Tablet to induce given
11:00am: Went on CTG and contractions were strong - 4cm dilated
12:00pm: Admission to TMC
12:30pm: Enema given to clear bowel
2:00pm: Tempted for epidural, but no no. Asked for Pethidine instead - still at 4cm.
2:30pm: Pushed to delivery suite -Awaiting full dilation
6:00pm: Fully dilated, urge to push. Pain was intense, if only epidural was still valid, I might have given in.
6:05pm: Gynae came - 3 tough pushes and...
6:21pm:  Little Brother arrived!!!!!!!!!

Although a second time Mummy, it was a whole new experience. I did it without epidural this time, and man! The pain was horrifying, yet of great achievement. Most importantly, I've saved hundreds of bucks on epidural.
Welcome to our family!

For arriving on the last day CNY - Grandma and Grandpa gave him ang bao
Jazz exploring little Jare...
It's now a Foursome for us!
Upon little brother's arrival. Few things need to change:
1. We need to share this blog, it's no more all about little Jazz
2. Preposition needs to change, it's no more Jazz speaking. It will be Mummy on behalf of us!

Thank God for the birth of another miracle and thank you everyone for their well wishes! Babies are true blessings and joy.

Monday, 14 February 2011

On Valentines Day

It's Valentines day! A day not just for the couples and the dating, but also a day to show love for our family and people around us. It's for everyone! My school had a mini celebration today, the teachers put up a performance on love and brought us through a baking session. The children were told to dress up creatively in lovely colours. So here I am, in one of my sweetest outfit.
Sweet in pink

My crushed cookies from the baking session
After school, Dad and Mum brought me to feed tortoises at a pond near my school. Then, we went home for dinner and shower, and Daddy brought us to Swensen for ice cream. 
"Hmm... which flavour to begin with?"
It would be too perfect to have the whole boat of ice cream on my own. Love is all about sharing. A simple night out, but we all enjoyed. Love was in the air. In fact, we all learn to love everyday, not just this day. 

Still on name choosing...

It's back to the thinking board, Jevon didn't seem to receive positive feedbacks from friends around us. Now, Mum and Dad are thinking to re-name or not? Perhaps, this is the reason why didi is still in Mummy's womb, wanting to come out upon a perfect name. Haha. The challenging part now is the time left, 2 more weeks, and mummy will reach full term. We need a name real soon!

How great peer influence is - Thank you for the feedback. Hopefully, we can come up with something for didi...

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Little Brother's name

Mummy is into her 38th week of pregnancy, she's in the 'anytime' zone. However, it seems like didi is so comfortable in her womb, he's has engaged but mummy yet to dilate. Gynae said delivery within the next one week is unlikely. Well, that's good prediction, at least mummy knows there's still time to hand some work over in the office and to play with me. It's only weeks left before attention is divided among the siblings.

On didi's name, it has been a long process, a long debate and months of thinking before we decided one for didi. Of the 26 letters, since the early months, we've already streamed down to only one letter, i.e 'J'. Although a common letter for the many names out there, Mummy felt comfortable to begin him with the same letter as mine, the siblings identity. And then we've all decided, he shall be named "Jevon". Nice? It was difficult for Dad and Mum to consent on a name, this is finally one that they're both ok with.

So now, didi has a name, he's JEVON (Name has been superceded, refer to next few posts)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fourth Day of CNY - 初四

It was the last day of the long weekend, Mummy got kinda blue towards the evening because it's back to work the next day. Sigh! Reality set in...

Nonetheless, we had fun this day. Grandpa and Grandma, together with jiujiu, berry jie jie and her parents caught an afternoon movie, "It's a great great world". With me around, it was pretty hard to stay in the cinema, Dad and Mum skipped the movie and we loitered around Tampines Mall and Century Square while waiting for them. We had lunch, which was my snack and then I napped in daddy's arms after walking a little.

Sweet drinks for mummy, her never ending craving during pregnancy

Self feed, and I'm still a messy eater

Coffee time for Dad and Mum, while I continue napping
After their movie, we all met up again and headed home. Mummy napped a little at home before we proceeded to great grandparents place, yet again. Well, Mummy thinks whenever possible, she would love to bring me there often. She knows the oldies, oops, I meant the goldies, love being around with little children, plus I'm their first great grandchild.

I had dinner there before proceeding to our final destination, da jiu's home. After dinner, I played with jiujius and jiejies, screaming off my lungs and getting excited over every little thing. I'm a suprano when it comes to screaming. 
Jiujiu caught starting on the sashimi without us!
The many dishes Delia jiejie whipped up... yummy!
Yet another dress from Delia jiejie. I'm a little ballerina

Before we knew it, our late night dinner and fun ended at midnight. It was work and school the next day. Well, whatever tomorrow is, we enjoyed the present and the moments.

Third day of CNY - 初三

The weekend was so long that mummy had to go back to the picture folder and recall where we went. This day, we went to Daddy's friend, uncle Mark's new home, he just shifted into his new home. I seem to always be sleeping when we're on visitation trips. I arrived and slept at uncle Mark's sofa for about 20mins. After nap, I had fun with Leoric. We helped ourselves to the fruits on the table, the only edible that appealed to us, after which, we were both hooked on phones.
Leoric on apple and me on orange

We have a common way of nibbling the apple... we set the skin aside

Phones addiction

Wanting to check out the app he has

It was a nice catch up with Leoric's parents, auntie and uncle Mark... We shall meet up soon!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Second Day of CNY - 初二

This day, we went 3 houses. Daddy's grandpa, Daddy's gu gu and grandma's sister's place. Prior to visitations, Mummy was busy in the kitchen preparing steamboat lunch. CNY seems to keep mummy busy with food preparation. Of course, with grandma's help, everything was faster and easier. Again, Mummy cooked porridge for me instead of getting me to join the steamboat feast. Well, that's because my lunch would be very overdue if I were to join them.

Looking great in this cheongsum
After the last stop of visit, it was very late. We decided to have prata for dinner, or rather it was supper. The prata at 'The Prata Shop' was good and crispy. Till now, mummy is craving for it. 

The Prata Shop
Another late night of fun. Bedtime got delayed again. Well, the energy is all worth, we had a great time of bonding. Maybe that's what CNY is all about, putting some work time away, engage in family time. It's time when we can slow our pace to catch up on kinship, after which we can spend time earning wealth again.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

First day of CNY - 初一

I woke up, showered, changed into my new cheongsum which Delia jie jie bought, and went to grandpa and grandma to 拜年. They each gave me a fat ang bao, after which, I went to dad and mum to do my gongxi gongxi too. I got another fat ang bao from them too.

It wasn't much of visitation today. All we went was lunch at great grandparents place, stayed for a good long time of bonding before proceeding home for dinner. 

And now big hug for lao ma. Spotted didi behind? 

Hugging lao gong gong before leaving

A go at the playground before boarding the car.

Back home, I had a good 3 hours nap. In the night, we were feasting again! Grandpa ordered 盆菜 and sharks fin for dinner. My jiujius, jiejies, 姑妈 and 表舅 joined us too! Know what, everyone had a really sumptuous dinner, except me. Mummy cooked chicken porridge for me. Can't I get to taste what you guys are having?

Not much preparation was done for this meal as the food were pre-ordered from a restaurant. Mummy only cooked the scallops. Forget about mentioning which restaurant, because it wasn't very yummy, yet over priced.

The yu sheng - supposedly the first dish, became our last dish.
I've no idea what are we suppose to be doing with yu sheng, I just held on to my chopsticks and follow the crowd. Again, fun was overwhelming! I had a great time with my jiujius and jiejies, only hitting the pillow at 12am. It's only the 1st day of CNY, I'm already tuning into the late night sleeps. Mummy says, because of CNY, late night sleeps shall be an exception.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Eve of CNY

It was half day of work and school for everyone today. We had reunion lunch at my paternal parents' place and then dinner at my maternal grandparents' place. We love this arrangement, not having to rush both places. And so, my fun and ang bao collection began today.

Had fun with Kay
Although it was the long weekend that we're all anticipating to rest and relax, it had been a long and tiring afternoon for mum. After getting home from lunch, she's been in the kitchen dishing up some butter and steam crabs for feasting at great grandparents' place. Her milk butter crab has lots of positive feedback you know. 
The crabbies that required a kind soul to 'process'

Daddy's the kind soul! Love him to bits...
Milk butter crab... Nice and yummy!
After the crabbies were ready, together with grandpa and grandma, we proceeded to great grandparents place to feast. I only had the steam crab as butter crab was spicy. While everyone were feasting, Lao gong gong entertained me.
I like it when Lao gong gong draws watch on my hand. Same childhood 'trick' he drew for his grandchildren when they were young.

Giving lao ma ang bao, from dad and mum... asking her to keep in her pocket.
The eve ended on a late night, I had so many people to play with. Landed in dreamland slightly before 12am.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

CNY celebration in school

It's the time of the year again. Mum and Dad joined me and my teachers for Chinese New Year Celebration in school. They were on leave to join me for a half day session, after which they left me for their New Year shopping. 
This morning, I was dressed bright and pretty in my beautiful white cheongsum. I looked so traditional. My schoolmates of different races were all dressed up to the occasion too!
Our first stop - Food!
I had fun with the drum
Waiting for my face to be painted
My first attempt!
Making sure I look good with my face paint
Completed my artwork with mummy's help
We love celebrations and the most loved is... the long weekend ahead! Happy Chinese New Year!