Friday 19 August 2022

[Review] Smile Martabak

We had a traffic light party with pancakes from Smile Martabak! We chose the traffic light colours since we couldn't decide on the variety of flavours they have. It was red velvet oreo (cream cheese), original choco-cheese and ondeh-ondeh special that we had. Which were all sooooo good! Other flavours available are pandan cheese milk and traditional ceres and cheese. Adding on to the sweet treats, we had the martabak chicken, which we ordered with separate chilli and fresh acar. The fresh acar was surprisingly good too. Oh, there's beef martabak option too, if that's more of your palate. 


Smile Martabak pancake


Red Velvet Oreo (Cream Cheese): Combination of cream cheese, generous chunks of oreo bits. Soft and creamy, sweet and tangy with hint of chocolate taste. It was a popular choice among the kids. 

Red Velvet Oreo


Original choco-cheese:  Melted chocolate with premium cheddar cheese. Slathered on with Wijsman butter and condensed indomilk. I will say this is an easy pleaser. 

Original Choco-cheese


Ondeh-ondeh special: Stuffed with plam sugar and coconut flakes, it was almost like biting into the real thing. Perfect for ondeh-ondeh lovers.

Ondeh-ondeh special


The Indonesian delicacies don't end here. Chicken Martabak is also another popular Indonesian snack, it adds a good balance to the sweets. Filled with eggs, meat, greens onions, shallots and garlic, it brings on a nice fragrant and taste. We had it some time after it arrived, so we re-heated it in the oven instead of the microwave. Gives it some crisps this way. And that easily filled and made up our dinner! The pancakes are best eaten after heating up, and mircrowave does it easy. 


Chicken Martabak

Smile Martabak is a number one authentic Indonesian street food in Singapore. It uses premium authentic ingredients, home-grown from Indonesia and prepared by Indonesian Muslim chefs. Islandwide delivery is available at a fee of $7.50, or get free delivery if you hit above $45. It's worth every cent!

Or hop into their retail store at Funan Mall. More options on the menu there!

Funan Digitalife Mall
107 Northbridge Road, Funan Mall
Singapore 179105
Operating hours: 
Mon to Sun, 11.30am to 9.30pm

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