Sunday 29 April 2012

Peek into Js room

After having endless months of brainstorming ideas with my man and umpteen trips to ikea, we finally got the kids room ready. It had been functional all this while, just that the furniture was not very complete and well orientated. I've wanted to get them proper desks and storage for their toys and books.
The ikea trip
The DIY painter
For having kids of different gender, it's always a battle of pink and blue. A way to neutralise the room, was to go for green. So then, our hero painted two opposite walls green. I love the soothing feel it gives our eyes. With much painting, shifting and packing. We finally got their room ready. 

The study and craft area

The only furniture not from ikea were the chairs. We got these from toys r us. Love its back, and for being light weight and sturdy.

The sleep area
Jare isn't ready for an off level bed, so a mattress for him still. The challenge about having two kids is the seemingly need to get two of every items. Two wardrobes, two cupboards, two study desks, two book shelves and the list goes on.

The cluttered area for the bigger toys.
Their room feels more perfect now than before. Not very ideal, but I think it's good enough for them. Though, I'm still thinking of ideas to beautify their room, my juices are dry at the moment. Let me know if you know where to get pretty wall decals for them.
I hope they'll love their room. Enjoy the sisterly and brotherly companion as much as they can before they start to outgrow the siblings co-sleep stage. One bad about them sleeping in their own room is that, they can hardly sleep through a night without waking up to find daddy or mummy. Having them squeezed in our room on the other hand gives them a good sleep. How long do we have to endure this?!

Tough Week

It was a rough week for us. Jare ran a five days fever and Jazz got an unpleasant scar on her face.

I sent Jare to school on monday, not knowing he had a slightly warmer body temperature than usual until health check. Nonetheless, I left him in school until teacher called in the evening to notify of his fever and that he vomited his dinner. 

Along the week, his fever just wouldn't subside, good thing was that his fever never up beyond 39 deg. So then, he only attended school twice this week. His un-subsiding temperature prompted me to bring him to the doctor. He was so unwell that he had to be on the nebulizer this weekend. 
On the neb

Jazz, on the other had become the talk of the school this week. My sister in-law brought her out for their usual dog walk on one of the evenings, an evening that I should have insisted on saying 'No' to her walk because she didn't finish her dinner. That evening, pillow's leash ran across her face, gave her a rope burn and now a drying wound. I hope this leaves no scar. When I brought her to school the next day, teachers and parents who noticed her scar asked me what happened. They must be curious if I've 'abused' her! These days, I've been walking in and out the school gate with curious lookers. 

And this is the price of the rope burn:

At her age, she isn't vain to be conscious about her look, just that her itchy hands are irritating the wound. I hope this will heal soon and restore that supple baby skin of hers. She's been really brave to endure this. SIL has been awarded a yellow card from me.

How tough has my week been. Sleepless nights for the boy and an aching heart everytime I see Jazz's wound. Now, I'm glad that Jare's fever has subsided after beginning his course of antibiotics and I'll continue to pray for my ever pretty girl's face. 

In fact, through this scarring incident on Jazz's face, I attracted many curious onlookers with whatever thoughts they have in their mind. That was when I realised how much courage a parent with a different child must have braced in bringing their child up. Jazz merely had a rope burned wound, and I was already trying to cover her right face with my body or face whenever I could.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Singkids - T3

I love staying in the east, it seems to have quick accesses to the fun attractions like the East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park and of course, the airport. We brought the kids to T3 last Saturday for play time at Singkids. It was pretty crowded for it being a Saturday. Still, a promise is a promise, we got the kids in to play at $18 per child for an hour. For having two kids, we could accompany them as two free adults. They really enjoyed and I thought that one hour didn't seem enough for them. The place is clean, and it really was a great workout for the monkeys kids. It involves some climbing with massive physical challenges.
A very short and mild slide
Jare spent the most time here - With balloons!

A little Tarzee - Female version of Tarzan

Balloons to balls pool - His love

Climbing to overcome challenge

Not too bad. She could ride this.

The kids had an awesome evening at T3. A nice and comfy place for them to walk around, without bumping into much humans.

Thursday 19 April 2012

My Able Helper

I've earned myself an able helper! Jazz is into feeding Jare. She fed him yesterday and today, for dinner. At the same time, she fed herself too. The two were so adorable and cooperative. I ate through my meal undisturbed, and I didn't offer any assistance to them. They both finished their portion of dinner.

Sisterly love

 I'll be happy to sit back and enjoy all my meals this way. Well done Big sister!

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Jare's first school day

My 14 month-er seems to be taking school well. My taken leaves were not very much utilised, I ended up roaming the streets and malls just to be on standby. On his first day, I sat in the morning class with him. He was such a sticky boy, not leaving my lap a single inch. The only time he stood up was for some apples teacher gave out, and for his water when teacher was distributing bottles. There wasn't any lessons that morning, the little ones were doing free play in a room from the time we went in till lunch. I thought, this doesn't seem like a desired place that I wanted Jare in. He needed more than just care, he needs to learn something or be entertained. Well, principal explained that it's a Monday, most kids were not settled and that their class teacher was on leave. Whatever the reason, I'll have to buy it since I've decided to send the boy in.  I recalled Jazz's time was more enriched.

I left Jare after lunch, while he playing and not paying attention to my presence. I popped in again after his shower, teacher reported that he cried and slept for awhile. I peeped into the class, saw him refusing milk and being coaxed to sleep. Upon seeing him calm and well, I left school and came back for him in the evening. He did well, no hysterical cries and ate well. I'm all relieved!

Today, his second day, I sent him in and went off. I peeped from the classroom window outside, he seemed well, except for some crying which teacher distracted him with some toys. I'm comforted by the passion I feel and see in his teacher. I'm not sure if there's any structured lessons, but I shall check out more about their curriculum from the principal. Whatever age they are, there's a capacity for learning. Got to make my fees worth.

Taught him to collect his shoes for wear
I hope he will continue to enjoy his everyday school. "Well done on your school start, my boy!" Felt so familiar stepping into the place where Jazz used to go for about 1.5 years. The teachers are same, the class toys and settings are somehow the same. The moment I brought Jare in, teachers who used to care for Jazz went, "他长的很像姐姐!" and “He looks exactly like his sister!"

Big J OR Small J?

See! I totally agree the Small J looks exactly like Big J. That was Jazz at 14 months. Most said Jazz looks like me, Jare looks like Jazz and this concludes that Js take after me. "Are you convinced, Daddy?"

Monday 16 April 2012

Water Play Date

It's been some time since the kids last water play. Just when I was planning to do water play with them last weekend, Jazz's classmate, K's parents invited us over to their place for a water play date. The kids had fun! Jare was resistant to water play, I didn't expose him much to the pool since birthed. He stood on the pool steps for a very long time before realising it's water play. He then got adventurous, kept splashing water with his hands, didn't want us to hold him and tried to dunk himself into the water! Water-hyper boy. Jazz loves water play, she was all excited and happy to meet up with her friends for water fun. 

After play, the parents and kids had dinner together at Swensens. It was a nice evening catching up with parents and little ones. 
Jare curious about being in the pool

Love the kids chain they formed

This helicopter ride took 5 kids! 4 in and 1 out.
Looking at the enjoyment Js had, I'm determined to bring them for more water play activities. Sundays are meant to be fundays.

Thursday 12 April 2012

Family is Love

I’m a little upset today, but being a mother, recovery is quick. Family is the antidote...

Sometimes, the walk is tough and the journey is rough. It doesn’t matter how the world sees me, but it matters how my family sees me. It doesn’t matter how the world appreciates me, but it matters how my family appreciates me. It matters how I put troubles aside to enjoy companion at home. Family is the ever miraculous creation in my life. People come and go, don’t waste time and tears on people who trashes you. Treasure the qualities, not the quantities. Choose to love wisely. Time is a powerful asset, use it wisely. I’m waiting for a time to come…

I love you husband, I love you kids! Family - You are worth my time and love!  

Jare and Infant Care

We made a tough and heart aching decision over the weekend. We've decided to send Jare into the Infant Care. Jare's extremely attached to me, and wherever we go, he would cling onto me. With him so sticky, I wonder how are we going to tackle this part of separation anxiety. My heart will break watching him cry, yet stand helpless. 

An extremely tough decision, but I think this is going to help situation in the home. My mum, my helper and Jare have been the center of our home squabbles. My mum complains about our helper, she thinks she isn't helping much with Jare and the list goes on and on. All these drove me to a heart aching decision.

So then, I called up Jazz's school for a place and got him an entry next monday. But what! The principal told me, it's only a temporary care for him until he turns 18 months. I know I may not need the place after Jare turns 18 months, but what if I still need care for him after that? The school is turning Jare away after that, because they're full for his next progression class. I've never heard of a preschool not being able to provide for a child till he's six. 

Last year, they almost turned Jazz away because of the overwhelming kids moving onto playgroup classes and that I didn't enroll Jare, there's no sibling priority. Seriously, I'm pissed with such system. In the first place, allow supply to meet the demand. Take in babies that the school can hold till they are six. I saw how upset parents were when they were turned away. What pained me, were the children who have spent most time there, adapted well, made friends and then moved to a totally different school. It's not easy on both parent and child. Preschools these days are too profit focus, if only they go the extra mile for parents and children. 

Well, now that I have two kids in the school, are they still not giving me priority?!! Quoting what they told me last year. Maybe in future, balloting and volunteering begin in preschool. 
No more a baby, but a little tot

Ready for school?
Whatever it is, however short the months are, I hope Jare will adapt well. Positively, I'm glad that he's going to the infant care for play, learn, companions, discipline and routines. Most importantly, to learn social skill, which can't be picked from home. Hopefully, he learns to be a little more independent too. This boy definitely need loads of discipline. 

I think and I think , two seems good. Cost of living is too high, especially when I need to outsource my care. Get ready for school day, my boy!

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Forbidden toy

It's interesting that kids love playing with items that are least described as toys. Jare loves playing with the forbidden objects like our remote controls, laptop and the most frustrating of all - tissues! He entertains himself by tearing them up into bits and pieces. I regret buying him toys. I should have just got him 10 boxes of tissues for play.
His messy creation
And he went for more !
Helpful sister cleaning up

It's annoying when I see him grab the tissue for play. His enjoyment at the expense of us having to clean up his mess. Jazz was really nice, she helped to clean up while Jare was still creating mess. When Jazz picked the pieces into the bin, Jare took them out again! Jazz had to clean repeatedly and at the same time, watch the bin. Little boy was scolded by his daddy for his mischief. He's getting more serious scoldings and smacking along the days. Soon, he's going to do his punishments at the quiet corner. Boys being boys... sigh!  

Friday 6 April 2012

My Three year old

Jazz approached Three, does this mean terrible Two is over? I hope so and I'm looking forward to a better temperament of hers. Her age also marks the age of this blog, three years old. To date, there are 475 posts and 14,522 pageviews. Whoever our readers are, friends or not - Thank you for reading, it's my motivation to blog at times, especially with the occasional comments. I started blogging since the day Jazz birthed. Since then, blogging about the kids has been such a hobby to me. A place where I keep memories and experiences. As regular as possible, with time and energy permitting, I'll keep updates ongoing. In years time, the little ones will know how blessed and mischievous they've been when they read and flashback these memories. Perhaps, take over this blog. 

Back to Jazz. She has grown speedily, to a little mature girl. Here are her goods:
She's able to read and spell some words, she's able to go to the adult toilet bowl on her own, able to wash her hands with the help of stool, remove and wear her own clothes, brush her own teeth, feed herself and some other milestones. 

The bads:
She's good at tantrums, not liking to walk on her own, not sharing toys with her little brother, still on diapers for sleeps and the most ever irritating habit to me - She's still fingers sucking and belly button playing! I really need to play devil to stop these habit of hers.

How fast has she grown and I hope I've been aging gracefully... 

"Little Jazz, may you continue to grow healthy and lovely. I'm blessed to have you as my child and I'm happy to be your Mum. Your smiles and laughter motivate me, and your progresses delight me. Happy Birthday with many great returns!" Love Daddy and Mummy!   

Thursday 5 April 2012

Jazzelle is Three!

First of April marks Jazz's birthday. She turned 3 yesterday. We had a little party for her at home, and invited 4 of her school mates to join her. I thought, it was an opportunity for the parents to meet up and know each other better too. We usually brisk by each other in school when we send or pick our kids, exchanging only few words because of the morning or evening rush. Occasions like these, give us reason to meet up. Kids had fun, parents had fellowship. 

As little as the party was, I have been so busy preparing for it. I ordered her cake and prepared her party wares before our holiday. The goodie bags were flown from Tokyo. Early that morning, I baked cupcakes, like what I did for Jare's. Equal sacrifice. The man commented that I'm doing this as an extra unnecessary effort. Sobs! He doesn't understand a mum's thoughts. And he was out meeting his friends while I battled with the kids and party preparation.  

The most challenging part of the day was when my helper discovered that the minnie mouse, airwalker "walked" away. The attic was usually very windy. The doors were not shut and so minnie flew away. I almost cried when I heard about her disappearance. Not giving up, I activated task force to search around the neighbourhood, and yes! It was found!  
Decorated to her favourite theme. Thanks Mummy J for the table and stools!
Sharing her toys
Love her 3D cake
With her friends

"OMG, I'm three!"
I think the little star enjoyed herself with her friends. She shared her toys and went around distributing her goodie bags, balloons and cakes towards the end. I hope the young and old have enjoyed. Thank you parents and children for coming to celebrate joy with us!