Friday 31 October 2014

Scratch art

I received a scratched art love note for my darlings. This time, they taught me how to do it. Jazz learnt it from school and came home excitedly to teach little bro. They gladly did one for me. Sweetness!

You simply need:
  • Small pieces of paper
  • crayons
  • Pencil

Here's how you do it:
1. Colour a small piece of paper in whatever ways and colours you want. Just ensure every area is coloured on. Avoid using black.

 photo 968d7847-dd22-44c6-8f12-24cd8418a066_zps37df66a7.jpg
Kinda blurry pic. Jare did this colouring

2. Use a black crayon to colour all over the initial colouring. Cover it up in total black.

 photo b889e853-3886-4118-8303-e054286bb83f_zps6f03ed08.jpg
Covering with black colour

3. It's ready for scratch. Use a pencil to write and draw whatever the little ones desire.

 photo ef01faaa-060f-4016-bec8-9cc711edf764_zps33619418.jpg
Scratching with pencil

It looks really simple and easy, but colouring the black over could be a little tedious. It seemed to have taken Js some mighty strength to black it out.

 photo e8212d51-37b8-4155-a551-638ad4bc1ba6_zps7fc09b8b.jpg
And I received my love notes!

Looks really beautiful! Those words with that rainbow heart is so therapeutic. I love it when they adventure in their own crafts with simple resources and minimal mess. Even more of an achievement when they did it all on their own. Lovely work, Js!

Thursday 30 October 2014

An evening with SET

It's interesting to come across restaurants that serves only set meals. When I first heard about SET, I wondered if only set meals were served, and true enough, they only serve sets. I don't usually fancy that because of the fixed and constrained dish choices. But I gave it a go. 

The restaurant was beautifully embellished and tucked in POMO Mall at Selegie Road. It recently opened its doors in August 2014 and the owners were formerly from TAO's eating place formerly located at POMO too. It serves contemporary fusion cuisine at affordable prices.

5 course SET lunch - $28.80++
6 course SET dinner - $38.80++

 photo 1b5ed107-f0c4-45fc-9995-dd40231ee07f_zps39e83e5d.jpg
 photo b1ba1c18-e69f-43c2-b0bc-3d9892a5f2f7_zps2099b990.jpg
Nicely embellished

 photo f9346c67-989f-4d93-b22f-bd319f8e42ce_zps6ab4384b.jpg

Upon looking at the menu, I'm comforted by the various flexibility offered. And since we were kindly invited to this food tasting session, their manager suggested to try everything! Though they have kids menu, we decided not to overwhelm our table and share our courses with the kids. Set meal for kids is at $18.80 ++ for 4-course - Chef starter, soup, main course and dessert. We were very well hosted and definitely well fed. While waiting for our courses to be served, we were given some toast, and simple it may be, they tasted really good.

 photo 828ffc99-c52f-4cdb-a117-4192e8c0de6a_zpsbac30689.jpg

The chef starter was mushroom and bacon cheese gratin. It was a perfect combination, I thought. Jazz gave it thumbs up too! Just get the kids to be cautious because it comes piping hot.

 photo 341c01ff-b7b2-49fa-ac2e-3c43516e2ee3_zps39c319d9.jpg

After which the cold dishes were served. They were all interestingly created - fusion and contemporary defines it all. Or perhaps, unconventional in just a word.

 photo a0dddbba-9b80-4d02-ae6c-03cd0342d002_zps4512e436.jpg
Top left to right then bottom right to left: Huai san carpaccio, Tomato caprese, Salmon gravlax and smoked duck breast 

I would never imagined huai san being served this way, topped with beetroot and fruits, tasted seemingly like peach to me. It gave an interesting taste which was pretty decent. I honestly think the cold dishes were good, and very much to personal liking. Tomato caprese was cheesy light, salmon gravlax and smoked duck were very much to whether you like your dish raw or smoked. Smoked wasn't much to my liking, but the man liked it.

Of all, my favourite was the prawn roll with pork floss. I love it! Being newly introduced, it wasn't on the menu. Glad that we managed to try it.

 photo 9c1fdadf-a979-4da9-9c22-bacaecbff315_zps91b4117a.jpg
Prawn roll with pork floss

Coming to the soup, 4 different kinds of soup were dished to our table. They are probably the best representation of east meets west. You sure know where to dine when friends are of different appetite mood.

 photo 65e104e2-7c93-4aa3-9c01-d7939cd6d5f8_zps126f5701.jpg
Top left to right then bottom right to left: Roasted pumpkin with truffle, miso soup with sake, mushroom veloute with peanut butter and double boiled herbal chicken

Any creamy soup works perfect for me, and the portion was just perfect for my creamy crave. An overdose on that creamy stuff might just kill my appetite, glad these were appetizing. The pumpkin soup adds a unique taste with that splash of truffle, if you aren't into truffle, avoid it. The man didn't like it, he thought the truffle tasted like propane! His favourite was the double boiled herbal chicken. Which was solid good! Mushroom soup was rich with that teeny bit of peanut butter, remember to give it a good stir. The miso soup was a tad disappointing because we couldn't really taste sake in it. But I guess it was intended to have that delicate lightness of sake in it. In any case, we avoided giving the kids. 

Before moving to the mains, on the 6 course set, it included a side, which was grilled king oyster mushroom with foam truffle. I thought more options could be given to the side, as not everyone loves mushroom. In our family, we do! In fact oyster mushrooms appears often in our home cooked food. So of course, this side was grilled to perfection. Not over grilled, just nice and juicy. Jazz had the most of it, she loves mushrooms!

Top left to right, then bottom left to right: Grilled king oyster mushroom, baby pork back ribs, grilled snapper with salsa, rosted chicken pullet, marinated rack of lamb and roasted beef tenderloin.

The cold dishes, soup, side and dessert were more impressive than the mains. Although not all mains 'wow-ed' us, as compared to the previous serves, there were still some of our favourites. I loved the marinated rack of lamb, while the man love the roasted beef tenderloin. Cooking a good slab of lamb to perfection isn't easy, this worked out to be of the right taste and texture for us. The beef were medium done, and of great taste and texture too.

On the other side, the snapper wasn't as good. I find it too tough for a fish, seemingly over grilled. Chicken was slightly better, but average tasting. The baby pork back ribs was not too bad, I love it that it was cooked to great softness. Nonetheless, they explained that they are working to improve on some of the mains. They are in search for other fish suppliers. So yeap, I think giving them a little more time will give us better treats.

It was a mountain of food for 2 adults and 2 kids! That was just how hospitable they were, and the service was excellent. We were very stuffed, but knew we needed desserts to end that evening sweet.

 photo 05a3a37f-8730-4916-8cd5-6f27d0a3f58d_zps16fa7f27.jpg
Top left to right, then bottom left to right: Huai san jello, Pistacho pana cotta, espresso creme brulee, poached pear with gelato and homemade cake of the day.

The huai san jello was actually cheng ting jello with chucks of huai san in it. A good blend of taste. Pistacho pana cotta was not to bad as well, so was the paoched pear. Poached pear had a rather unique taste which tasted somehow like preserved plum to me, but it was 'marinated' in red wine. An acquired taste, I guess. Homemade cake was pretty average and what blew me off was the espresso creme brulee. I'm a huge fan of creme brulee, but yet to come across such combination. It was awesome! 

We were given lemon ginger tea to 'detox' before calling it total quits. We were so well-fed to the neck, that I could hardly see my toes just by overlooking the bulging tummy. I sure need some workout plan. It was a great meal indeed.

For being a fairly new start up, I think the progress and standards achieved this far were very commendable. Will definitely step in to check out their menu months later. It has a very nice ambience is for dining too.

While waiting for your hunger pangs to be fulfilled, don't be shy to approach the servers for photography. They were quick to offer us some shots the moment we whipped out our camera.

 photo 1cec9050-5f70-4295-9db4-97de44ba70d7_zps29110518.jpg
Awaiting our food

SET contemporary cuisine
1 Selegie Road, POMO #02-01 Singapore 188306 
Opening hours:
11:30 AM to 10:00 PM
6337 7644

Disclaimer: We were given the opportunity for a food tasting session with SET. All opinions and photos are solely our own. 

Monday 27 October 2014

Race to 10 million - Skyline luge Sentosa!

Have you tried the skyline luge in Sentosa? It always amazes me how Sentosa transforms and set in some of the best family activities in town. The luge is a unique wheeled gravity ride that provides riders full control over their descent on purpose built track. These luge carts provide riders with full control over speed and direction using a unique braking and steering system.

We tried it some months back after winning a giveaway from lil blue bottle. Thanks for hosting, Lyn. The experience was out of this world! It was such a thrilling and fun experience that it got us all hooked. I testify that their tagline, 'once is never enough' isn't just a statement, but authentically true! Js asked for more, but sadly, we had to go. Fun always come to an end.

 photo 876328d8-16f1-4ab0-a2a9-d4747161ba28_zpsa2638e91.jpg
Spot that fear in me

The skyline chairlift brought us to the start point of the luge tracks. And woah, I didn't think height phobia was that serious on me, I was stone still up there. The man and kids were all composed about being high off ground. Since fear and height had no correlation to them, they sat back to enjoy the magnificent view and breeze. Oh well, practice makes perfect, our second ride up was much better. I was all at ease.

Our highlight was of course the luge. A ride that requires no license, but drive safe. I witnessed a rider zoomed like a flash, with the next moment flipping out of his luge. Don't belittle that loaned safety helmet. Little children below 6 years old and 110cm will not be able to ride on their own. This explained our 2 tandem teams.

 photo 5d291637-0a6b-46a1-bf99-409172afbfef_zps5ed15b11.jpg
It's cool fun!
 photo f1e7363f-0442-4bb4-bd0a-50a59b934c98_zpse067ab66.jpg
Oh yeah, behind us!
 photo da6e30c9-45b4-4d8b-a791-df84a602298d_zps206c4a5e.jpg
And we changed partners

Our experience was extraordinarily fun, so much so that I asked the kind people from skyline luge to extend their blog giveaway for Mum's calling. Thanks Jabin! And trust me, it really is some fun that should not be missed! The reason why this post is so post dated (my fringe has since grew) was because the guys in Skyline Sentosa luge thought you shouldn't miss out some good news together with this. 

Drawing close to their ten millionth rider mark, they are celebrating this momentous milestone with a “Race to 10 Million” campaign from 1 October to 30 November 2014. Two lucky winners each will win for themselves a truly unforgettable 8 Days 7 Nights trip for two to New Zealand complete with an exciting tour package! Here are 2 ways to win:
  • Be the actual 10 millionth rider visiting Skyline Luge Sentosa!
  • Be the Lucky Draw Promotion winner!
Excerpt of the terms and conditions to participate in their lucky draw as follows:

One (1) lucky draw form can be redeemed by a Participant with every purchase of the following tickets:
a) Each set of Two (2) X Five (5) Luge & Skyride combo tickets [total retail price at $66], purchased in a single receipt allows a Participant to have One (1) chance / Form of entry for the Lucky Draw Promotion.
b) Each Family Ten (10) ticket, [retail price at $69] allows a Participant to have One (1) chance / Form of entry for the Lucky Draw Promotion.

Picture credit: skyline luge

More details about this campaign here. This certainly sounds like the best time to make a trip down to race soon!
Skyline Sentosa
45 Siloso Beach Walk
Sentos, Singapore
Phone: +65 6274 0472
While you decide when to make your trip down, after getting your 10 millionth rider instinct to work. Here's an appetizer - Join our giveaway, 2 sets of family four ride pass up for grab! (1 winner each).

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  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond, failing which a new winner will be drawn. 
  • All incomplete entries will be disqualified. 
  • All entries will be verified before the winners are announced. 
  • To be fair to our sponsors, please note that all fake Facebook accounts (eg. accounts set up purely to take part in contests with no or very few real friends) will also be ineligible to win."

Thursday 23 October 2014

Mee hoon kueh recipe

Finally some time to jot in our favourite mee hoon kueh recipe.  Almost a weekly appearance in our home dinner menu. It's quite some work to preparing and cooking it, but everyone loves it. Little Js too! It's a recipe I learnt from an Aunt who came to see us.

Mee Hoon Kueh Recipe (Serves 4 to 5)

300 gm plain flour
2 tbsp tapioca flour 
1/2 tsp salt (I omitted)
1 egg (lightly beaten)
3 tbsp cooking oil
120ml water

 photo ff3a2756-10e5-455d-a795-235488802d25_zpsc24affb1.jpg
You may portion into smaller lumps and set aside
100g ikan billis
100g soya bean
2 litres water
drizzles of shallot oil
Salt to taste 
(For richer taste, you may use ikan billis stock granules) 

 photo cee5431d-00b0-4104-b284-6f1d8bdbae7a_zpsb7311cd6.jpg
Ikan billis and soya beans
200g  minced pork (Marinate with soya sauce, salt and sesame oil)
About 15 prawns
Bunch of Chye sim

 photo fcd539b8-fdfe-4e5f-9fcf-4fdb097745b5_zps1724f968.jpg
You may add or replace with other choices
Fried Shallots
Fried ikan billis (no head) 
(I fry shallots and crisp ikan billis in the microwave. Save some shallot oil for the soup)

 photo 98ece684-215e-4859-a484-4016b0c44810_zps0227b517.jpg
I think these are a must!

Steps for dough
1. Mix plain flour, tapioca flour, salt, egg and oil. While kneading, add in water. Continue kneading till smooth. I used a dough mixer to ease my arms. 
2. Keep in covered container or cling wrapped. Set aside for at least an hour before cooking.

Steps for soup
1. Boil ikan billis and soya bean for about 45 minutes. Add salt to taste. 
2. You may use stock granules for richer taste. So then, watch the salt. 

Cooking for individual portions:
1. In a small pot, ladle in some soup for boil.
2. Pull and tear the dough into small thin pieces, and drop into the pot. Stir occasionally to ensure they don't stick.
3. Add in prawns and pork. Cook till meat is ready and dough floats.
4. Put in chye sim. Cook a little more and it's ready!
5. Serve hot with garnishing and chilli. Chilli padi with lime and soya sauce is simply good.

 photo 83ddb6a8-50ba-4d25-8d78-501776acf859_zps384ec833.jpg
Pulling and tearing into small pieces looking like these
 photo 0c0b110e-d824-4db5-980b-7f5ecce67902_zps7a4d360d.jpg
Just so yummy!

And a friend asked me to try the kids' version. We did it this way, and they loved it! At least they worked for food.

 photo 41b91280-308a-48ac-95cc-23b93f249d4f_zpsc79de969.jpg
Swimming mickeys and minnies

Have fun playing and exploring with this soupy dough! 

Prawing and Fishing!

We recently brought ourselves to the patience and perseverance tests - prawning and longkang (drain in Malay) fishing. It's been a long long while since Jazz last did fishing. Read our previous fishing and farm mart experience here

It was an evening after dinner at East coast when I sounded prawning to the kids. It got them really excited and I knew we had to make it happen. We swung over to East Coast Prawning, rented a rod and went baiting for our catch. We talked a little about being patience for a catch and the tugging signs of a target on hook. It wasn't too long before we caught our first victim.

 photo 24ff5eb8-13f7-4398-9619-b4c20f1fa8d2_zpsbea9ed54.jpg
Awaiting patiently
 photo 3d3653a3-7427-4e08-b8d9-58aff7ea2ef8_zps79141026.jpg
Staying hopeful

We did an hour of prawning, which was a good duration for us. The one rod was fairly transferred among hands with no fuss. We caught about 6 prawns at the end. We tried to BBQ them on site, but the burning charcoal was extremely weak. We couldn't afford a forever waiting time, and the kids were really tired from a long day out. We agreed to leave the prawns for someone else, and left.

I spotted longkang fishing there too, and thought of returning another day until I found another venue to fish, Fish @ Big Splash. It looked more appealing, and I wouldn't have to survive with a mobile toilet over at the other. There were many eateries nearby.

So, we did fishing another day.

Oh man! It wasn't easy. You know how teeny weeny the net was?!!! The kids tried really hard, but somehow not reaping any reward. The fish were very well trained, they swam or rather, magically disappear even before the net touches water. Swift is the key word to net fishing skill. So then, I thought if I give them a fish, I will feed them for a day, if I teach them to fish, they will be fed for life. I taught what I could, even though I had no experience of a fisherwoman. But they caught none!

My little fisherman and woman

Somehow, skills can't be mastered over a minute or two. Looking at their disappointment and decreasing excitement meter, I decided to ditch my slippers to join them in the pond. I knew it was for ages 2 to 12, but we weren't ready to go home empty tank. I combined both their nets and set like a trap for the fish. Catching became almost easy. I fished almost every few minutes and lucky times, two in my net. Js were excited over my every catch, it got them busy sending the tank to me. Seeing some movements in their tank got them delighted again.

 photo 953d2281-c538-44ca-abe8-d8d7a2aa9899_zps0a9bc710.jpg
Our dinner!

Maximum number of fish allowed to be caught was 18. Every fish beyond 18 was at $0.50 each. Nah, I didn't wana pay. Ended our catch at 16 after about 45 minutes before heading for some toast. 

Longkang fish don't survive too long. We counted 4 dead right after our dinner. Our worried Jazz pleaded to send the living ones to my Gramps' tank for adoption. Which we zoomingly did so. 

It's clear which activity yields higher success for those little hands. Prawning feels easier to me, but it's slow moving because you sit and wait. It's really moulding patience in here. Longkang fishing keeps them constantly busy, but success rate could be zero for very young kids. And we're talking about perseverance here. Though not easy even with a persistent attitude. Nonetheless, have fun with either or both choices!

Did you know: I'm not confused with my plural and singular here. We use 'fish 'generally for many fish of the same species, and 'fishes' for different or more than one species of fish.

1020 East Coast Parkway, #01-06,
Singapore 449878
Tel: 6227 3330

Longkang fishing:
30 minutes - $10
60 minutes - $18
(Rates include container) 
1 hour - $18 per rod
2 hours -$28 per rod
3 hours - $33 per rod

902 East Coast Parkway, #01-30, Block H, Big Splash,
Singapore 449874
Tel: (65) 83386530, (65) 90080201

Longkang fishing:
1 hour - $12
2 hours - $18 
(Price include of 1 net, which they don't allow sharing)
($3 for tank, re-usable for next trip)
1 hour - $18 per rod
2 hours -$28 per rod
3 hours - $33 per rod

Both operates 24 hours.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Snacks for the go!

What would be your choices of power food to bring along as snacks for our little ones? We have some favourite snacks making frequent appearances in our to go list. Whenever I'm out with the kids, some of my friends would laugh off at the contents in my bag. A mother of 2 toddlers who are diaperless and off milk bottles should be travelling light. Okay, that's just me having some unusual weight over the shoulders. 

I've Activities for the go and adding to the weight, snacks for the go!

1. Easy fruits

 photo 34f3b975-0118-4ec0-adde-b4250212c1e7_zps4490b0e4.jpg
Apples, Bluberries, Grapes and Straberries

Apples, berries and grapes are some of Js favourite fruits. They are convenient and don't have to be sliced for bring out. An easy wash and slight trim off the strawberries, they're all ready to fit into a cooler container or ziplock for go. We know fresh fruits are one of the best stuff we can offer our little ones. It's power packed with vitamin C!

If you are concern about that shiny wax coating that apple skin, organic apples might be a better choice. It's more promising that organic growers don't coat their apples with wax. I'll buy organic apples for to-go snacks, where they would crunch that apple together with its high fibre skin.


 photo 328e0830-9a4a-4cac-bb09-ec279025b36d_zps42fb87fb.jpg
Oh so yummy tomatoes!

I know cherry tomatoes are fruits, but I'm just gonna park it here because I use it more often as a vegetable than a fruit. Like how some people would debate over its breed. Jare has this interesting affair with cherry tomatoes, he loves eating them! These cute little orangey fruit doesn't seem to entice Jazz though. And yes, it's another vitamins rich snack. You go, boy!

It's also said the compounds in tomatoes might offer protection against skin damage caused by ultraviolet light. So yes, I share their snacks too.

Another easy to bring out vegetable would be baby carrots. Js love it. I'll usually buy the smallest pack of baby carrots in the store. It's fresh for eating within 30 days of opening. Carrots contain beta-carotene, a substance that our body converts to vitamin A, an important nutrient for eye health and vision. But we don't need a bunny-like appetite for those good eyes. Remember to spread the carrot days out so we don't risk turning our children into the colour orange.

3. Dried fruits

 photo 9dd47b97-1c49-4ddf-b1cf-5bf5318fa69a_zpsbb54a734.jpg
Dried apricots

Some fruits can yield its best nutrients by the process of drying. Such examples are apricots and prunes. Although the drying process degrades their content of water-soluble and heat-sensitive vitamins, other nutrients become more concentrated. They are excellent sources of fibre, Iron, calcium, anitoxidants and potassium. I've read somewhere that potassium helps prevent the forming of moles on our skin. Not sure if that's a fact or myth though. Dried apricots and prunes are really easy for bring out, and they could easily survive the heat and foot steps of our long day out. So are the next few favourites.

4. Nuts

 photo 59261010-e375-4ea1-92c8-44c045237938_zps458592a1.jpg
Nutty affair

I like to pack a mix of almonds, cashews and peanuts for bring out. Js have varying taste preferences. They both loves peanuts. Jazz loves almonds and Jare loves cashew. That explains our mix of nutty affair.

Nuts are powerful brain food. Perfect companions for our schooling and learning little ones. These tiny little nuts contain a lot of goodness and essential nutrients. Albeit high in fats and calories, I don't think it's a bugging concern in kids, who are usually high in metabolism. Almonds are also high in calcium, which makes it a good option for those little growing bones. And of course, eat nuts as they are. Not fried, not sugar coated, not chocolate coated or fancifully coated. We love it nakedly baked.

5. Small packed snacks

 photo 169c810a-844b-4bb9-b56b-55db4f9385dd_zpsb2170eb7.jpg
Sachets to go!

When I'm in a very rushed mode, it's always a saviour to have pouched snacks in our pantry. And here's what we were recently introduced to, Kiwigarden dried apple slices and yoghurt drops. It's highly attractive to parents because there is no sugar added. Yeap, No.Sugar.Added. I am usually attracted to kids' snacks that states no preservatives, no artificial colouring or flavouring, no sugar or low in sugar. Being packed in small convenient pouches usually increase my chances of buying it. So yes, I love individually packed small pouches.

I did a quick read into the yoghurt drops' ingredients. Found it to be containing lesser ingredients than some other brands of similar products. One of my philosophy in selecting food off the shelf is to study its ingredients carefully (That's what Motherhood did to me). Comparing similar choices here and there, my final choice would be the one that has less ingredients added during its process to the end product. Less is truly more.

 photo dd433880-89b5-4903-9b87-efefa987514d_zpseaa2727c.jpg
Ingredients for dried apple and yoghurt drops

The kind people from foodpath sent us these healthy kiwigarden snacks, and we fell in love with them instantly. They have also included some Mother Earth's snacks for the purpose of our feedback, which are a little towards the sweetened side. It's some alternatives if you're looking into more tummy filled snacks for delayed meals or even to substitute a meal. The man grabs a granola bar for go on his rushed mornings.

 photo 9ffc9458-39bf-451b-853f-7605b3d2cd92_zps14a5fb17.jpg
Some samples from Mother Earth's range

Mother Earth snacks are sold through supermarkets like Cold storage, Jasons, Market Place and Fairprice finest. Kiwigarden products are not available in supermarkets yet, but you may get them online at foodpath .

It's not too long that I can hover over everything Js eat. If I'm still able, while I still can, I'll introduce and offer the better alternatives to them. I look forward to every opportunity in being kind to their teeth and body. Most times, the trick is to avoid leaving 'undesirable' food before their eyes. Replace them with the healthy favourites that they can reach freely.

There are plenty of chances to indulge in those sugary sweety moments. Think parties, grandies, uncles and aunties who love bribing pampering them this way. After all, there's always that childhood and desires in them. Just don't get caught, oops!

What would be your child's favourite healthy snacks? Let me know by leaving a comment. Would be happy to hear from you.

While I was planning to draft this post, I asked if foodpath would like to spread the goodness and wellness of healthy food to a lucky reader of Mum's calling. And Yes! They are giving a hamper of good and nutritious snacks worth $80. I am just so excited to be sharing this good news with everyone.

It's looking something like this:

 photo hamper_zpsedc21ad8.jpg
Photo credit: food path

Definitely a nutritious pack for win! To take part, simply enter the following steps in the rafflecopter widget below. Do ensure you've completed at least steps 1 to 3 in rafflecopter to qualify. Step 4 gives you additional winning chances. Good luck!
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  • To be fair to our sponsors, please note that all fake Facebook accounts (eg. accounts set up purely to take part in contests with no or very few real friends) will also be ineligible to win." 

Disclosure: We were given some snack samples for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions and pictures, unless credited are solely ours. 

Thursday 16 October 2014

Paint Brushes on strike

Our paint brushes decided to go on a strike. Js worked with the really basic resource, their tiny hands! They went free flow painting, and kept asking for more papers.

 photo c268fc4b-877d-4aa3-8105-e08aa6175a37_zps3c868e34.jpg
Painting with hands
 photo 0d2976a6-c924-4654-a546-3e6c8bbb46b3_zps509d13a0.jpg
Finger painting

Then Jazz asked to paint with her feet. Of course, the quick Motherly instinct in me said, "No!" Then I retreated a little and thought, why not? No harm, no cost and no penalty for using those feet. I gave the go, and they went stamping happily.

 photo b4d43c27-031d-4279-983f-971078b70ee5_zps9d95f9d5.jpg
"How has you feet grown?!!"
 photo b5ccc3bf-79ac-4afe-b658-9d192b60ae93_zpsa1feca32.jpg
He used both feet!

I realized, it really wasn't too difficult to agree on feet painting. As little as they still are, I could easily carry them into the bathroom for a wash. How nice to take steps back and take thoughts slow in considering their desires. While the little and petite things last.

 photo b6bc3559-e7b0-461e-9a65-ed0b589aa2f4_zps7826206b.jpg
Their creations!

Looking at their creations, these hands and feet have grown so much. I always struggle emotionally when I put away an old pair of shoes they no longer fit. Treasuring the now, I had better do more hand in hand walks before they decide to go that independent path.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Dining by the Ocean

After our exploration in the aquarium, we knew we had to try dining at the Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora, developed by renowned celebrity chef and the first female Iron Chef in Singapore. We didn't make prior reservation, so we sat in for a very delayed lunch. It was very much worth the wait. Well compensated by its food. 

We had its set lunch ($60++) which came with an appetizer, 2 small portions of mains and a dessert. Non of them failed us. It serves seafood on its menu, which kinda made us feel sorry for eating them in an aquarium. But knowing that they serve only sustainable seafood, it sets us free from guilt. 

 photo e8ccef56-f693-456e-b2e8-d680478047f5_zps5c25596f.jpg
The mains

I highly recommend the Pan Seared Glacier 51 Toothfish and braised beef short ribs.  Top left and bottom left of collage. The kids shared a platter fish and chips ($22) from the kids' menu. Good portion for 2 toddlers.

The food serving pace was kinda slow, but good time for diners to appreciate the aquarium view. Js spent much time viewing marine life prior meal, they got a little restless while waiting for food to be served. Minimum spending per adult is $38+ in the restaurant. Easily attained if you plan to do set meal. The place was beautifully embellished with swim creatures in the huge aquarium just next to you. This magnificent view of the open ocean habitat was a truly unique experience for all of us. If you call in for reservations, you could probably request for a table next to the aquarium. If not, all table views are great. There are mirrors on the opposite side of the aquarium, so diners sitting with their back facing the ocean creatures can view them through reflection. 

 photo 10e9692b-f52d-43af-b7af-e5577521aa5f_zpse9c9ce27.jpg
Aquarium view
You may enter the restaurant without being a paid visitor in the S.E.A aquarium. Admission to Ocean Restaurant is via RWS's West Zone Carpark, B1M. Diners can park near Equarius Hotel. 

Operating hours:
Lunch 11:30am to 3:30pm
Dinner 5:00pm to 5:30pm
Location: S.E.A aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa gateway

It's really nice to be catching up with my non-sponsored posts. So many things, so little time. 

Tuesday 14 October 2014

S.E.A Aquarium

We dived to the S.E.A aquarium in Resorts World Sentosa last weekend. It was a pleasant journey in and out of the waters. After surfacing, it seemed like Underwater World takes a back seat now. Like a Chinese saying goes, 一山不能藏二虎 (Two tigers cannot exist in a mountain).

The welcoming sight into the realm of marine life wasn't much of an expectation for us. We were introduced to a level named as the maritime experiential museum, where bustling ports along the silk route were recreated. The then traded goods and culture were extensively displayed for visitors to appreciate its history. Everything seemed almost unrelated to the purpose of our visit that day. The man joked that they probably changed their mind after building this much. 

While purchasing another ticket over the counter, we paid an additional of $2 for a typhoon theatre experience within. No idea what we were in for, it simply stated a 360 degrees screen shipwreck simulation enhanced by special effects. Skip this if your very young children are terrified of darkness, loud sounds and flash lighting. Else, I think it's a meaningful link to bringing us into the ocean deep down. It was only after this typhoon experience that we understood the initial sightings. The silk route, trades and shipwreck were brilliantly weaved into an unfolding story. 

 photo IMG_1799_zps4c52ceeb.jpg
The shipwreck linked from typhoon theatre

Our Mother Earth is made up of 70% water, a walk through the aquarium unfolded the magic and stories of the marine life within. Deep in the ocean unveils a beauty.

We were coincidentally visiting near Halloween, the aquarium was donned spookily with pumpkins and skeletons. Even divers slipped in their skeleton suits. Js were given a little activity map to identify and visit the 'spooky animals', as well as the trick and treat stations. About 4 stations that day. Collecting candies sure got them smiling ear to ear.

 photo 9b1f9fc1-a19f-4537-9746-569f01e19430_zpsa3856d15.jpg
Happy Halloween!
 photo 678d82e5-0b2e-49dc-9976-2c0a1e0449af_zps18e946ac.jpg
Skeleton diver
 photo 5e35a5a3-ccc6-4da4-9083-1e9392c3ec1d_zps489b255a.jpg
First station
 photo 6d518be9-1342-44fc-8263-19a6a4dde9c5_zps41980214.jpg
Hammerhead shark on her head

The ocean journey was very impressive. Just a tour within, I can't help but to think of the good old days when we frequent the Monterey Bay aqaurium in California. Same but different. Having greater focus on sustainability, young kids' activities or a kiddy corner in S.E.A aquarium would be more attractive to locals, not just tourists.

There was a  discovery touch pool for visitors to get fingers close with sea stars. Was hoping to touch a sea urchin, but it probably decided to sleep in that day. No signs of it. We journeyed further to explore the realm of the blue, most impressed with the bottlenose dolphins and the really interesting sawfish shark. Try spotting them if you make a trip there. We left the camera at home that day, it's a pity we didn't capture excellent pictures with our mobile.

 photo IMG_1834_zpsf9c577e0.jpg
It feels rough, sandpaper maybe?
A memorable takeaway I had was walking across a floor of glass with swim creatures beneath my feet. That was really cool!

There's just so much to explore and great knowledge to attain on our blue planet. S.E.A aquarium is home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species, across into 49 different habitats. A lovely place indeed. It's very well built up to create that almost like, diving in the ocean experience. A very magical feel. It's also very wheelchair and stroller friendly. Weekend crowd was rather manageable that day too. 

 photo IMG_1842_zps90003342.jpg
Colourful World
 photo IMG_8204_zps2cbfd019.jpg
Looking like Alaska crab!

This aquarium journey is an experience our little ones should not miss. A good time to teach and talk about sustainability too. We had 2 S.E.A aquarium passes upon signing up for the RWS invites member. You may check out their other promotional pricing here.

Churning out a next post soon on our dining experience in Ocean restaurant. Other than restaurant, there were a few snack stops where you can grab quick food like sandwiches, pastries, fishballs, nuggets etc. If not, head out for meals, the variety of food choices never runs out in RWS. We spent about 2 hours (excluding lunch) in the aquarium, which was very well paced. 

Plan a visit soon. If you wish to experience that spookiness.