Monday, 27 June 2011

Great week start

It's sunshine and rainbow after gloomy days. It's been more than 48hours since the kids' last fever. I'm glad and I'm relieved! 
Little sunny darlings

What a great start to the week. May we always be in the pink of health!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Not a good week - Episode 3

I still can't conclude the bad week. The kids are still running a temperature. The fever seems long-staying. This morning, we brought them to the doctor and hopefully, the kids are on the recovery route. Doctor said Jazz had mycoplasma, he diagnosed from experience I guess, no test was done, so I'm not sure how accurate he is. Mycoplasma is a milder kind of pneumonia, which is commonly mistreated as flu, it gives persistent cough and fever. 
Jazz began a course of antibiotics, and it is extremely tough to coax her into taking it. Let me know if you've a great solution to get her swallow that not too tasty medication. She is relatively alright with medications except this antibiotics, and the challenge is that we have to finish its 7 days course. Jare is doing better than Jazz, I credit it to the antibodies in my breast milk. The doctor didn't see a need for him to be on antibiotics. 
Jazz has missed many days of school and so have we missed days of work. It isn't easy being a working mum, I testify that. While it's war time in your family, we've to worry about work, about bosses and colleagues not being able to understand our plight. In midst of these, I kept telling myself to place family above anything else. The best I can do for the kids is to be there for them, my presence is more important at home than at work. 
My big and little darlings after a trip to the clinic
  Children, please get well soon! Let's start Monday well.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Not a good week - Episode 2

Into the next morning, the man and my noses were running mad. The hospital was too cold for us and we weren't too well either.

At 4am, I went home, hoping to give my nose a rest and to check on the boy as well. In midst of these, I had to work the next day. I planned to be at work for half a day to finish some stuff before heading home. My plan disrupted when my bro called to share the most contagious news ever, little boy is down with fever too, at 39 deg. That was a Tuesday morning, and it felt like a marathon Monday to me. I was in the midst of discussion and lost all concentration upon the call. I left the office. Moreover, I was on medical leave that day.

So the scenario was, little boy was home with fever, little girl and daddy were down with fever in the hospital. I wasn't spared, I was down with fever too. What influenza is this?!!! Even the usual healthy ones aren't spared! In midst of such chaos, the parents have to be strong for the little ones.

I brought the little boy to his Pd and got his medication. His doctor asked if I want to admit him, for him still being an infant. I gave a Firm "No." I've run out of resources to run between places. Jazz in still in the hospital. After sending Jare home, I took an hour nap to re-charge, and rushed to the hospital to take over the man's shift. The girl was sleeping, her breakfast and lunch were untouched, her appetite was zero, so were ours. My body became feverish, and as the day went by, I couldn't stay in further to care for her. Both the boy and girl are sick. I want to be with both of them. In fact, I needed rest myself, I was really weak. The parent bed in KKH was bad, it didn't feel suitable for human usage and the air con was too cold for me.

I made the most major or rather risky decision in my life. The doctor didn't want to discharge her, and so I signed the disclaimer form to bring her out of the hospital. I know it wasn't quite right to do so, but in my feverish state of mind, I just want to consolidate my family at home. I want my comfy bed to rest in and I want to be there for both the kids. It's taxing to travel between places. Jazz kept asking to go home too.

She got bored

We gave Jazz a shower before proceeding home. She was a HAPPY child when we packed and left. My temperature hit 39deg and Jazz hit 40deg that night when we were home. I panicked! Have I made a wrong decision. We followed whatever cycle the nurses did, paracetamol, ibuprofen every 4 and 6 hourly. After some time, she was a little better, and I continued my rest. I had a deep and dreamless night of sleep, nothing was on my mind. Perhaps, a mother's only privilege when she's sick. I even missed Jare's night feed, I couldn't hear his cries. My mum had taken over my night shift. Thankful for her.

My man was also sick, but I couldn't extend any concern for him. In the midst of ALL our illnesses, the heroine was my Mum. She up her roles to care for the two little ones, which I'm very thankful for. Mothers are still the best, ever there when you need help most.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Not a good week - Episode 1

This is definitely not a good week to be in. Jazz was down with a very high fever on Monday night, it hit a record high of 41deg! It frightened the wits out of us. That very evening, we 'collected' her earlier from school upon her teacher's call. She had no appetite for dinner when we were home, yet she asked to go city square. Anyway, I did so upon her command. While I was doing groceries shopping, I saw that her eyes were watery and she looked 'drowsy'. I ended my trip swiftly and drove home in the most anxious state ever. Thank God my mum was with me, she had the little girl in her arms, at the back car seat. Jazz was so sick that I kept calling out to her, you have no idea how worried I was. While driving, I called home and asked the man to prepare cold sponge and paracetamol. Instead, the man carried her into the bathroom for a moderately cold shower.

After all efforts, we still couldn't bring down the temperature. We could usually control the temperature, but not that night. At 11:30pm, we decided to send her into KKH. She was given immediate consultation because of her high temperature. She was given ibuprofen and did a blood test, after which her pulse was monitored. After that, we stayed around to await the test results. While waiting, she perspired and temperature went down to 37 deg. She was all comfortable after her temperature was brought down.

Upon the second consultation for test results, the doctor mentioned that viruses are found in her blood and asked to admit her because of her high fever. It's most likely a viral infection then. So well, we did according and admitted her. In fact, we were quite prepared with KKH's "Standard Of Procedure", we had her bag prepared. It was about 1am when we admitted, Jazz was all smiley then and she talked so much. That being the temporary effect of ibuprofen.
Having her heart rate measured. We brought her comfort toy along.

In the hospital's bed

When she saw her bed coming, she said 'share." Then I said, "The bed is so small, how to share?" Jazz replied,"Jazz and Daddy first, then mummy ok?" She such a sweetie!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Home Waterplay

I finally got this baby swimming pool after a month of consideration. I got it second hand from a motherhood forum. My decision to purchase was mainly for Jare to enjoy some water play without going out to the cold public pool. In the end, Jazz was enjoying it much more than Jare.

Jazz was in for about 20 minutes, and I had to drag her out before she ended her play. Jare was in for barely 5 minutes when he began to cry. I'll try him again though.

I asked her to smile at the camera before I allow her continue the play


"Jie jie, please don't pour water on me."

It was fun for them, but lots of hard work for me. It was also taxing on the utility bill. Maybe, it isn't a too good idea to water play indoor after all.

It's Father's Day

It's a time for art and craft again. I cracked my mind real hard to think of what to make with the Js for their Daddy. And here's what my simple mind came up with.

Nope, not Mr Sun, although it was my original intention. Jazz seems to be in love with making Mr Sun. She thought I'm a mighty craft mummy, she then asked to make Mr Moon, Mickey mouse and elephant. I really have no idea! Anyway, the man saw us making Mr Sun, so it was no secret, but I had another plan.

Mr Sun! Jazz helped to paste the ray

Which was a portrait of the three of us, so that the man can bring it to his desk for display.

Jazz pasted the stickers

A simple card with many thoughts. Happy Father's day!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Friday night out

Jazz's fever subsided the next day after the bee episode, wasted my leave. But we had fun and great bonding for allowing her to skip school. 
That evening, we had dinner at a tech restaurant, Genki sushi at Orchard Central. A place we like to visit because it is rarely crowded. The place was really cool, it uses ipad to place orders and a 'train' to send your orders. The humans were only used to send orders that can't be delivered by train. Jazz was amused, so were we. 
Her cutie utensils
Collecting sushi from the 'train'
Sending back the 'train' at a button press
We thought it was fun dining this way. To keep Jazz entertained, we sent our orders one by one, just so to increase the frequency of the 'train' arriving. 
I ordered a plate of Japanese soy beans for my consumption. I peeled the ready beans in a plate for Jazz but she threw the beans after chewing awhile. She repeatedly did so until I began to wonder what she was up to. I realised she was imitating me. She thought I threw the half eaten beans away, but it was the pod that was not edible. We laughed and taught her how to open the pod to eat the beans. She was so cute, after my demonstration of bean eating, she gave a loud, "Orhhh." I've no idea whom she picked that from, I suspect her Daddy. 
With all might and strength... squeeze!
Got her bean!

She finally ate the beans completely without throwing it out. After dinner, we strolled along orchard and she asked to take picture with whatever ornaments we walked by. I see a 'me' in her, we love photo taking!   
Dragged Daddy in for picture
Another picture with Daddy's shopping loot

Our final stop was ice cream at cold stone. My man is never a fan of food, so let alone the long queue to get that satisfying treat. I managed to convince him only when we found that the queue moved relatively fast. Still, he complained of aching legs after we got the ice cream. Which is why they are the worst shopping partner to be with. We had to finish the ice cream within the fastest time and in the least enjoying manner. All because the little girl did a poo and I didn't bring enough diapers. As usual, the man blames the woman, because I'm the permanent packer of her bag. If only roles were the other way round, I'm sure to get my chance to nag too. On our way home, we were all tortured by that pungent smelling poop, circulating in the car. 
Dad and daughter in queue for ice cream
I kept asking Jazz to be good the whole evening so that she gets an ice cream treat. In the end, she didn't like the ice cream. I thought it tasted good though. 

Friday, 17 June 2011

B is for Bee

I just concluded my day. It's been a long long day - Jazz experienced something that neither her dad nor myself ever came across. She was stung by a bee! How exciting that sounds. It was, until she developed a fever. 
I was having lunch with my colleagues when her teacher called to say that she was stung by a bee. For a moment, I wondered if I heard her right, bee in school? I thought they went to the nearby park, but not, the incident took place in the classroom. So well, my first instinct was to bring her to the doctor, but the man rejected my thought when I sought his opinion. According to his 'general knowledge,' he felt it wasn't necessary. 
Jazz's teacher demonstrated her first aid expertise. She asked if Jazz had been stung before, which will help determine any allergy. She removed the stinger, cleaned her wound and assured me that she'll be monitored for other symptoms. Like any worried mum, I called the school twice that afternoon just to make sure she was alright. When we were there to pick her in the evening, she limped towards us, 'proudly' showed us her reddish spot on her left foot. Like how she went round showing her classmates the wound, according to her teacher. 
When we were finally home, she showed her foot to my mum, yet again. She really is proud of her 'achievement. ' Then I fed her dinner, after which she got very cranky, and I realised she was running a temperature of 38.1 degrees. I panic because I've never been stung and I'm not sure how the fever is of threat to her. The man wasn't home, he went out for an appointment. I grabbed Jazz and walked to the nearby clinic, asked the nurse if she can see a doctor for being stung by a bee. The nurse suggested that I bring her to KKH instead. With Jazz in my arms, I walked to KKH. On the way there, she kept asking for daddy and kept saying that she doesn't want to see a doctor. Doctor equates injection to her. I had to coax her that we are just going for a walk. We saw a doctor, got the medication and I guess she is quite alright. Thank God my mum was able to help me with Jare, although she has completed her shift. 
Reddish spot becoming blueish black
Curriculum in school was coincidentally on bugs and pets. She learned about bees! That bee was a timely object lesson. She has also been singing: I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee won't my mummy be so proud of me? I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee Ouch! It stung me! I've no idea how how to tune this song, but Jazz knows. And because of this song, the man thought I called to joke about it when I reported on Jazz's incident. To her song, yes, I'm proud of her braving the sting. 

Oh, because she was painfully limping, she had all the authority to ask to be carried everywhere, even at home. Her trick was exposed when my elder bro and his girlfriend came by, she ran so fast towards them that my mum and myself burst out laughing. And you guessed it, she showed them her bumble bee sting. What an 'extraordinary' experience in school. Just this once, no more bee sting, if not... hmm... I'll complain.

Monday, 13 June 2011

What is Daddy talking about - II

Opening the refrigerator 
Jazz: I want yakult  
Daddy: Ok, what yakult you want? Yacob Ibrahim?  
Watching youtube on pandas  
Daddy: What is this? Is it the 'never sleep' bear?  
Jazz: No, they wake up already (which Jazz was right. The pandas were not sleeping in the video)

Sunshine and Rainbow

I've completed another piece of artwork for Jare. At this rate, my creations are not catching up with the size of his rompers. He might have outgrown them when I've time to finally complete the rest. Time time, more time please.... 
Sunshine and rainbow
Happy to be carrying his own sunshine and rainbow everywhere...

Noticed the missing clouds? They fell while being washed, and I thought I used waterproof glue
Ok, I cheated. Here's where I 'copied' my inspirations from. A top I got from carters for Jazz. I was lazy to cut out hearts for Jare's romper. 
Jazz's sunshine and rainbow
The Js will always be the sunshine and rainbow of my life...

Monday, 6 June 2011

What is Daddy talking about?

At times, I wonder why can't the Dad be in serious business with the kids. As in, teach and learn with them in proper. Many times, I hear "interesting" conversations between them:
At mcdonalds
Dad: There's no more apple juice. 
Jazz: No more apple juice?  
Dad: Ya, because the apple never fall off the tree, so no apples to make apple juice, you know? 
Jazz: (Nodding her head). Apple never fall. 
Jazz was on my iphone at home 
Dad: Jazz, come here and play. It's very dark there, the yang qi no good. You know the yin yang qi? Come here! 
In the car  
Dad: Jazz, why do you need to cry and stomp your feet? Who taught you? Issit Tin Pei Ling?  
Eating watermelon   
Jazz: I don't want the seed.  
Dad: Ya, don't eat the seeds, otherwise a tree will grow from your head. 
Still collating more conversations. This is why most Dads leave the academics to the Mums.

Barney at a Party

Yesterday was an eventful Sunday. We had lunch at SwissHotel Merchant Court with my Grandparents, parents, aunties and the kids before heading to a birthday party. Our buffet lasted for three hours, and Jare behaved by sleeping through our feast. I thank him for that.

After lunch, we proceeded to Jazz schoolmate's birthday party. When I opened the door of her friend's house, I was surprised to see Barney! What an invited guest for the party. Her friend, had a Barney party. The goodie bag, the deco, the cake and the songs were all on Barney. Jazz was so happy to meet Barney, she kept touching and waving to him. She loves watching this purple dinosaur on TV too.

Our shot with Barney. No need for meet and greet pass.

Curious about every part of Barney

Jazz enjoyed the party very much. She was talking about Barney all the way, into the night. The kids had fun and the parents had great time catching up with other parents. Only thing, I thought this Barney looked a little too pirated.

Our day didn't end, after party, we headed to the airport, to see my bro and his girlfriend off to Paris. Yet another holiday trip for them. I'm so with envy. Jazz had so much fun at the airport, she was running in every directions, exhausting her energy in every way.
Not confined by space

We told her about airplanes and she showed us her 'flying plane'

Asking everyone to hold the handle bar. No idea what was she up to

Not forgetting moments with Jare

It was a back to back eventful day. Too much fun can be tiring, but I don't mind being exhausted for and with my darlings. Monday is a dread though.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Circle of Life - Lion King

It was finally a success for Jazz to watch the musical, Lion King. We made three trips to the MBS theater just so that she could catch it. The first and second was offered by my bro and his gf. Kids below three enter free. The first trip was not a success because my bro got the date wrong, the tickets were not for that day. It was difficult to explain the err to Jazz, so her dad told her that Lion had gone back to the zoo. I guess she was convinced.

The second time was of the correct date and time. My bro brought Jazz into the theater while we had dinner at the food court. We were on standby. In case she didn't like the show, we were outside to receive her. I didn't expect to receive the 'emergency' phone call within 10 mins from start. She cried upon seeing the animals. After some coaxing, she tried again. She was out shortly after the second try. Either she was frightened or that we were not with her.

So well, it was the third trip today. We got the tickets at a 75% discounted price! They were co-sponsored by my company. And with the help of some angel colleagues, I managed to get 6 tickets for ourselves and my family. It was definitely a good buy because we love the musical!

I couldn't believe that Jazz sat through the show with us for a good 2.5 hours. She was captivated by the 'animals' and songs. Although she did point to the exit a few times, asking to go out, I managed to divert her attention. The show kept my eyes and butt glued, I was hoping that I wouldn't have to get out because of her fuss. After the interval, I praised her for braving with the 'wild animals', and got her a pack of m and m to bribe her through the other half of the show. And well, I'm just glad that we brought her along. We did it!

The successful attempt! We were waiting for the show to begin.
It was a very good show! Excellent costumes, props and choreography. A show worth spending your money on. The show is running till 31st Jul, catch it, you'll not regret.

Jazz has been so hooked on Lion King, she would keep singing, "In the jungle, where the mighty Lion is sleeping tonight..." And ask her what's little lion's name, she'll tell you, "Simba!"

Hakuna Matata - Means no worries!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Meet the teachers

We met up with Jazz's teachers this week. It was our first "Meet the Parents" session. The children were napping when we visited school. We took a peep at the sleeping Jazz before our talk began.

Love this family portrait pasted along the stairway to her class. Never fails to brighten our morning whenever we bring her up.

The man brought his camera just to capture her sleep moment in school

When we sat down, her teachers presented a scrapbook with many photos of her 'campus' days. I was very impressed, not by her photos, but by the teachers' craft work. It was a very beautiful collage of her school life. I was so inspired to do one for Jare too... God, grant me more time please!

Her classmates and her

Playing hard at the playground

Lesson on tastes and music
Playing with finger puppet and having deep thoughts in the playground
CNY artwork and Chinese story telling time
Sing along time and time for toys
Her little palm work and painting session
Excursion to the park

I love this book! If I've more time, I would love exploring scrap booking. 

About meeting the teachers. We spoke for about 45 minutes on Jazz. Her teacher was all raves about her, telling us how advance she is and how well she knows her letters, numbers and speech. She shows great interest during lessons and story time, and is well liked by her classmates. Her Chinese language teacher praised her for knowing her mandarin well. All seemed well except for her not being too good in her toilet training. After hearing all praises, I felt that she was being over flattered. I asked for her negatives, they said she could be a little stubborn at times. It takes lots of negotiation and coaxing to get her do things right. I do agree, she does insists her own ways.

I hope we will continue to be present for all meet the teachers session. It's a good way to find out the other perspective of your child, from a teacher's view.

Surprise Captured

We presented ipad to Jazz and captured her surprised moments:

"Close your eyes"

She was really surprised

Needs no orientation

She navigates it well. There really isn't a need for occasions to buy gifts. It's when you feel like it...