Wednesday 17 February 2021

Ten things I learned from the son

The son turned perfect 10. That's a decade all together! I have 2 out of 3 kids in the official double digit age now. Yes, significant sign of me aging too.

The second born, my first son is highly special in his own ways. While running his own temperament and distinct traits that send me to an exasperated end at times, I've learned to be patient by overcoming and accepting who he is as an individual. It did seem that I have been on the teaching and giving end all these years to the children, but as they grow, there are more that I've learned than imparted from the kids. 

Every birthday is a discovery of reflection. The last birthday dedicated post was when he was 6. If I'm not wrong. And this time, I'll share what the second born has taught me:

1. To laugh over the little things in life. Laughter has no boundary. It's always interesting watching him laugh over the slightest humour of conversations and movie scenes.

2. Affection is one we cannot see from outside. It is often through trials and tribulations that we see how he stands in the gap for the family. He is also one who never forgets the bedtime hugs, kisses and "I love you."

3. Responsibility comes demonstrated in the least unexpected. At times when I thought task cannot be handled by him, he exemplified it. Trust is all he needs at times.

4. Lower or manage expectations in trade for happiness by accepting his level of ability and capability. He is not a constant comparison to his siblings.

5. Clothes are worn not to impress. This boy wears clothes according to their usefulness regardless the occasions. Perhaps a good gauge of what comfort is.   

6. Be curious about everything! He would experiment, explore and dismantle stuff just to satisfy that urge of curiosity. It's only with curiosity that we can take in new discoveries and knowledge.

7. Children take promises very seriously. He gets really upset when we delay or break a promise. I've learned to make promises less casually and more specifically.

8. Pretend no one is watching. He dances and grooves even with strange public eyes on him. He is impervious to embarrassment. When you are constantly conscious, you will only hold back in fear.

9. Never down and out. While he may be sad and frustrated at times, he gets over it real quick! That's such a good tip in keeping mood and emotion in check. 

10. Judgement cannot harm you. He is absolutely not bothered and carefree when it comes to living life. He's rarely bothered about what others think or talk about.

Ten learning points from the son who turned 10. Growth is fast and furious, all I can pray for in another decade is for him to grow into a fine young man. A responsible, kind, dependable and of course, a knowledgeable one. 

Happy 10th Birthday, son! Stay cheerful always.