Saturday 30 October 2010

New Clothes

In just one day, I've so many new clothes added to my wardrobe. My online gap purchases has arrived and Daddy got me some tees from giordano. They are really nice dresses and tees, but Grandma thinks the colours are too dull for me. Daddy says it's contemporary fashion. Time to dress out of the norm.

Lovely dresses and tees!

Mummy is so used to buying girly wears for me. It's gonna be so different when she has to start learning to purchase boys wear for didi next year. In fact, together with my gap purchases, she got didi some blue rompers too. All she knew was blue for boys. 
The amazing part was, Mummy had been buying wears for me, she's spending lessser on herself now. She hardly has new clothes in her wardrobe. Hint hint daddy!

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Just Dad and Mum's trip

Luck seems coming in Daddy's way, he won a trip for two to Spain, to catch the Europe MTV award! For being his spouse, Mummy's going too! I'll be left home, in Grandma's hands. Although, it really seemed untimely for mummy to go with a bump, she'll still going ahead. Her main consideration was me! She has never parted with me for a single night, and this time an 8 days of separation. It's much of hugs and kisses she's taking away from me. She's gonna miss me big time.

Spain has always been Daddy's desired place to visit, he's really excited about it! For mummy, it's the opposite, I think she prefers home with me. Moreover, she is guilt stricken for not being able to attend her good friend's wedding because of the trip. Please forgive her, auntie Jo.

This trip wasn't of ample notification, it was only last week when they called Daddy about the prize. Well, Daddy, Mummy and didi, have a safe and enjoyable trip, I'll be waiting home for you all. Don't forget my shopping loot. Muacks!

Visit to the Library

It was my first visit to the library. Other than home, it's a perfect hide out from the haze over the weekend. I love my visit there. Instead of trying to be a silent reader, I did some loud talking out of excitement. I'm unaware that I've to be quiet. Oh well, the children's section isn't any quiet too. 
I was more interested in shelving the books in and out
Ok, found a book of interest
Making a choice of six books for loan
We borrowed six books and near due, we'll have to return. I've been reading these books nightly with Mummy, I might be looking for them after she returns. I love books, always picking a book to anyone and say, 'sit sit, read read'. Borrowing from the library seems like a better and budget alternative. The variety is huge and I can easily find something of interest. I'm now looking forward to the next visit.

Saturday 23 October 2010

We're all squeezed

We brought Pillow for his grooming session last week and we were all very much squeezed in Daddy's little car. Pillow was suppose to stay at the back seat but he just love being part of us...
So squeezy!
And now, Pillow is 'botak' again!

Friday 22 October 2010

Groceries shopping

I love groceries shopping. Mummy's the head of department for that and I'm the follower. I've finally spotted a trolley of my height. I loved it so much that I couldn't part with it even after the cashier. I was pretty much entertained with the trolley than anything else.
Choosing my snacks

Into the basket and off we go!

A clap for completing the groceries list

This interesting mini sized trolley was found at Cold Storage, Kallang Leisurepark. Where Grandpa brought us for a great dinner treat and ended the night with mini groceries shopping. 

Monday 18 October 2010

Daddy makes milk

Since Mummy was preggie, Daddy has been helping with my morning milk. I am the earliest riser in the home and when I'm awake I'll call loudly for "Daddy" and he'll come to me. If not, I'll go to him. Mummy's jealous because I won't call her in the morning. Well, I'm being smart about who to go to for milk. 
Actually, I think Mummy's laughing within because she can laze abit more in bed, while Daddy tends to me. A pregnant mummy is a tired mummy you know...

Sunday 17 October 2010

Revisit the rocker

I've been bringing out my babyhood rocker from the corner to play with. These days, I even nap in it, back to those good old days when Mummy would put me in there for my afternoon naps. The amazing part is that, I can still fit in despite having grown bigger and taller.
That's me when I was less than a month old

I've grown!
What's next for this rocker? He's gonna stay on rocky and sturdy for didi's usage.

Sunday 10 October 2010

Emo Daddy

My Daddy got a little emotional today. He was in tears, but we were in laughter.

I was playing kinda rough with my minnie mouse today, so much so that I got its ribbon pulled out. Mummy and Daddy then went fingers pointing at me, doing the typical 'orh...' Not soon, Jiu jiu and berry jie jie came into the room and they joined in the finger pointing session. I started to feel and pout my lips, soon I cried. It's either I'm upset over mouse mouse's dropped ribbon or I'm fearful that everyone's giving me the finger pointing attention.

Trust me, it was an emotional and innocent sight. Mummy got a little teary too, but she held it back because jiu jiu and jie jie were there. It was Daddy who couldn't hold back his tears. Jiu Jiu even embarrassed Daddy by asking, "why you cry ah?" Everyone's eyes rolled over to Daddy, he was wiping his tears! Not trying to be rude, but it was really funny to see Daddy cry.

Mummy then ask why he cried, he said I looked really upset over minnie mouse's dropped ribbon and that I looked really helpless when it happened. Everything looked so genuine and innocent. It was really emotional!

After the crying, I gazed into 'mouse mouse's' ribbon

Daddy sew the ribbon back...

Mouse mouse is one of my favourite companion, I'll be looking for her when it's bedtime. That's why I'm really upset that I've hurt it. Unintentionally. And since Mummy got married to Daddy, she has never seen him picked up the needle and thread. Today was all for his little girl, Jazz. I need to remember this, it's a good write up for my composition when I talk about 'My Daddy' in school next time.

Saturday 9 October 2010

My little show

Mum and Dad got to watch me perform, finally. The weather was more than perfect. However, the kiddos suffered from stage fright. Perhaps, performance is just too coordinated for little ones to follow through. Anyway, Mummy thought it's cute enough to just watch the little ones sit in a row, displaying that innocence in them. Spot me with the rabbit ears almost covering my face.

Mummy was afraid of being spotted by me, she hid herself among the audience in case I'll start running towards her before the show begins. At least, I did some of the actions that I was suppose to do, not too bad huh...

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Know the animals

I'm good at recognising animals and even knowing the sounds they make. Some time ago, Mummy tested me out...


No wonder I love the, "Old macdonald had a farm" song. In fact, there are so many more animals that I know, teachers in school praised me on that too. I'm must be a pet lover.

Sunday 3 October 2010

Day Two at RWS

It's my third visit to the USS, the last was about 6 months ago. The day was bright and extremely sunny! Nothing beats sun to rain. This time, I had more fun and rides with the different characters and attractions. I was really sleepy when we were at the entrance, entertainments kept me awake and I could hardly nap. Only when Dad and Mum were having meal, I slept after milk. While I was asleep, Daddy went on the 'Mummy' roller coaster ride. It was really a day that belonged to the children, the park were filled with many kids who seemed to be on holiday like me. I'm sure everyone had a wonderful children's day. I went on the merry-go-round three times, sat on three different characters. It was fun!
Mummy said that was beetle juice, and I went 'Apple juice!'
Queuing to watch the donkey live show
Ice cream comes perfect with the warm weather
Went flying on dino with Daddy
My third ride on the merry-go-round. Love it!
Excited to see Penguin, skipper is his name! I gave a loud shout when I hi-fived with him.
Daddy asked for a funny face, and this was what he got

Overall, I was very well behaved in the theme park. I sat through the shows and musical and the best part... 

I sat in my pram...

I slept in my pram

And I walked...!!!

All these made the day easy for dad and mum. Mummy did not pack enough diapers for me, and when she changed on my last diaper, she thought we were safe. A little bit more of fun and we're done for the day. Not long later, I gave a big poo! Almost out of desperation, she felt like approaching some other families to buy a piece of diaper. Well okay, that was really embarrassing, so out of thought. I ended up with no diaper for another 2 hours of fun, before I pee-ed in Daddy's car, on the way home. Wasn't that bad right? We were already on the way home, and all could be salvage if there wasn't any jam when we exited Sentosa. Daddy wanted to go right home after the poo, but Mummy insisted to continue the fun with no diaper on. Phew, thanks to Mummy, I could enjoy more.

It was really a long day of fun filled activities. Right after being home for shower, we rushed to attend a BBQ chalet which Mummy organised with her ex-department colleagues. We had an exhausting day, even though we didn't mind being tire out by fun. For 2 nights, I slept at about 1 a.m. And, it's back to reality tomorrow. Dad and Mum are back to work, and I'm back to school. What's next for getaway? Grandpa suggests the Marina Bay Sands. Sounds good! Great bonding without getting out of the country.

Day One at RWS

After celebration in school, we went home for my shower and went to RWS together with Grandma. The rain didn't stop, still dampening our plans of the day. We had 2 Universal Studio tickets with the hotel package, but we were thankful enough to change the date to the next day. When we checked into the hotel room, which read Family Deluxe Suite, was merely a small 4 sleeper room. Nevertheless, I had fun exploring the room.

We stayed a night at Festive Hotel, not to rave to much about it, because everything was ordinary yet so overpriced. Service was average and breakfast was not very impressive. The only saving grace was our visit to Universal Studio the next day.
Having fun at the balcony

The pool view
Picture with the chocolate family
The high deck bed which none of us slept in
Ready to swim
Finally, the sun was out, but it was like dipping in cold pool... brrr...
Love climbing the steps with Grandpa and Grandma...

It was a great time of bonding with Dad and Mum, Grandpa and Grandma! If only mini getaways like these are frequent, how nice!

Children's Day in school

It was the day all parents looked forward to, a celebration that the little adorables and teachers had prepared for weeks. Oh yes, and the fancy costume everyone came in, even the parents, they really meant effort. The morning was greeted by Mr bright sun and the little ones were all out, ready to perform in any moment when it began to drizzle. Many wished it was just drizzle, but in no time the rain showed no mercy, it became a downpour. The audience dismissed quickly to pick up their child. It was a Big Huge Sigh! The moment all parents waited for was over, some even hoped for the rain to stop, which didn't. Nothing described the day except being disappointed. Performance opportunity doesn't come all time, it was really a long waited moment. If only Mr rain came an hour later and all will be fine.

Little did many kiddos realized that their 'no show' had made their parents upset, they continued to enjoy the many activities held within the sheltered compound. For mummy, it was time to adjust disappointment to fun. The teachers really put in great effort for the event, they were all dressed up and the place was well embellished to the 'Alice in Wonderland' theme.

Some pictures of the moments...

Ready to perform
Interesting dress up

My good friend
That's us and the Mad Hatter's tea party!

Mummy helping with hat making, or rather I was helping her.
I found Alice's key!
Enjoying my cup corn
My artwork in school

When it was time to end the party, many parents were asking the teachers if the children will perform again. Teachers said they'll try, so we're all hoping. Our fun did not end here, we proceeded to Sentosa for a night of stay... next post!