Saturday 31 March 2012

A trip to Tokyo - Mar 2012

Finally, pictures are ready for sharing. We had a fun filled trip in Tokyo. Tokyo is generally a child friendly country, except for the many steps at most subways, which was stroller unfriendly. And it really seems crowded all the time in the subways. Jazz was quite a baggage when she didn't want to walk. Few occasions, we ignored her requests to be carried, and left her to cry in the crowd. Whatever the embarrassment she was causing, I just wanted to follow through my words. No bao bao means no bao bao. It worked, she gave up on her endless tries of excuses. She walked!

Food is yummy and she ate almost everything except for sashimi. Their rice is just as good as eating on it's own. She had short naps because we brought a stroller that couldn't be reclined or when without stroller, she would be sleeping in our arms.

The Japanese are very friendly and polite. I feel that the elders seem to like children alot. An old lady gave Jazz a sweet and went, "Kawaii." Most people do not speak English and I had a hard time shopping for their cosmetics, because writings are in Japanese. I tried to ask about certain products, but got a Japanese reply. I was so keen in their cosmetics because any lady on the streets seems to have baby skin complexion! It must be their products, I thought to myself. My man is smart, to cut my expenditure, he said they are inborn. Ok, fine, I'm not buying much anyway. If I've the chance there again, I'll pick some Japanese language before heading there.

The highlight of the trip for Jazz was Disneyland. It really is a paradise of dreams, said in their tag line, "where dreams come true!" In there, I felt like a child again. I was enjoying myself as much as Jazz did! If only we were there much earlier, we could have more fun. Sky darkened early, when we didn't have enough fun. Most rides are child friendly and suitable for her age. She went on the carousel, flying Dumbo, train ride, 2 boat rides and a roller coaster ride! Her thick pediped shoes gave her that 2 more centimetres to qualify for the minimum height. She was laughing hilariously when she rode on the roller coaster. I was wrong to think that she would be scared.      

A shot with Mickey

She asked to picture with Mickey alone! He really is her idol.

Day parade - Minnie

Another bunch of her favourites!

Minnie's letterbox outside her home
On the Carousel

Flying on Dumbo

Peep into minnie's fridge

Night parade
Our loot from Disneyland!
Other than rides, we visited Minnie and Chip and dale's home. Long queue to Mickey's home, so we missed it. That left me wondering how his house looked like. I want to be back there again! It was crowded when we visited on a Saturday. I wonder if weekdays may be better with shorter queues.

With children travelling along, I think Tokyo is a nice place to visit. It feels safe and clean. Hotels are extremely clean, food is prettily presented and tasty. I really want to be there again, with Jare! To visit Disney sea and hello kitty land. Well, we have to manage expectations with kids along, it means less shopping or rather very quick shopping. Still, my man got me a blue label, thanks muchie! Looking forward to earn more money for more family trips.

Interesting conversations

Interesting conversation 1
Dad: Jazzelle, can you get a tissue for me?
Jazz: Why?
Dad: I got a runny nose
Jazz: Where where? I see
Dad: Here, see, runny nose
Jazz: Ok, take yourself

After all the questions, she refused to help.

Interesting conversation 2
On the road to a destination
Mum: Where are we, daddy?
Jazz: Singapore

Interesting conversation 3
Jazz: Mummy, I want godilocks story
Mum: Ok. Once upon a time, there was a girl with curly golden hair...
Jazz: Then she throw her ipad away
Mum: Huh?
Jazz: Daddy said goldilocks throw the ipad
Mum: Ok, that's daddy's version
Jazz: Daddy, godilocks threw the ipad away right?
Dad: Yes. What else she did? You tell mummy.
Jazz: Then she eat bee tai mak and kway teow...

With such interesting bedtime story, I wonder how to get a kid to sleep.

Interesting conversation 4
Jazz: I need space mummy
Mum: ok, here
Jazz: No, I want to sit to the right
Mum: Wow, you know your right and left. Where's your right hand?
Jazz: Here. *Lifting her right arm
Mum: Where's your left hand?
Jazz: Here. *Lifting her left arm
Mum: Right foot? Left foot? (She got both right)
Mum: Right nose, left nose?
Jazz: I don't have. Only got one.

Ok, I think she passed the test well.

Interesting conversation 5
Mum: Ouch! Your stub!
Dad: This is very useful, can make your kids laugh. See, every part of the body is useful.
Mum: No, you told me appendicitis are useless
Dad: Ya. Err, no. It's useful, for doctors to cut.

To keep doctors on job.