Wednesday 18 August 2021

Promises we make to our kids

My littlest went to school and told his friends that his mama is a cheater!

The label I had to bear for not bringing him to the beach as promised. Fatigue must have gotten in the way when I casually brushed it aside and said, "let's go another day." While I was upset that he 'shamed' me in school, I got shook up to be reminded that kids take promises very seriously. In words and in plans, promises are substantial to them. Even though it seems trivial to us at times.

That very week, I put procrastination to a halt, hurriedly flowed the promises into the weekend. We did the beach and had his favourite prata for breakfast the next day. Procrastination, saying 'later' and intentionally forgetting are often our convenient excuses. It may seem acceptable in the short run, but spells trouble and distrust in the long run. 


 Best day ever!


Keeping promises help us, parents gain respect, teaches our children to trust us, makes them feel heard and important. In the many years of our parenting journey, there were umpteen times we tell our child, "you promised mama that.... ", but in midst, we neglected that promises are both ways. 

The comfort is that we aren't always able to avoid breaking promises, and I confess, I am a repeated offender. Along the years, I have learnt not to make promises out of their tantrums, not to make promises out of my convenience and of course, never promise under the influence of their ridiculous threats. If promises don't happen due to genuine reasons, don't guilt trip, it just means the opportunity for us to explain why. 

There's a reason why children forgive and forget easily. Having said that, I do believe they retain selected memories.

In this fast pacing world, we are so often submerged by work, and sometimes fatigue and laziness, while weekend is highly precious to us for recuperating, it is also only the child's opportunity to have more time with the family. Simple promises aren't usually tough to keep to, the tough is finding time to do so. Simple as promises may be, they bring much joy and love to the child when we keep to our words. 

Promises are the foundation of a relationship. 

As I write, I got reminded that I owe the big boy a promise. One that I blurted out too casually and confidently in thoughts that he will not achieve a certain target, but he did! And I have to now follow through the promise, or perhaps find a way to negotiate it out.

But first, let me correct the littlest that it's not all right to shame his Mama before his friends.

Thursday 12 August 2021

[REVIEW & DISCOUNT CODE] myFirst Sketch Book

Write. Save and Sync.

Not your ordinary sketchbook tablet, myFirst Sketch Book from Oaxis is one that allows you to save every single masterpiece of your child's drawing. It allows drawing without papers or mess, saves drawing with its built-in memory function, which can be digitalised and instantly shared for family and friends to view!

MyFirst Sketch Book
Simply transfer each work to your preferred device by pairing with myFirst Sketch Book app. It's extremely amazing to watch your child's hand-drawn sketches take on a new life via the digital app. There are more enhance features through the app that work simultaneously with this drawing tablet for kids. The kids could complete their portrait by adding colours, adjusting the font thickness, pens, tip size to their drawings from the synced device. It creates a different feel of writing and drawing on this digital sketch pad. 
Save the completed work and put it onto your phone's wallpaper if you like! 

Minion drawn!
This portable 10" Sketch Book comes thoughtfully with a stylus, a USB cable and free leather case for easy carry out. A good lightweight (335g) companion for kids on the go anywhere and anytime. It works independently without an app too, if your child would like to just draw (without colours), and erase or save. 
Before Use
1. Charge the Sketch Book for about 8 hours, till the indicator light turns off.  
2. Charge the Stylus Pen for about an hour, till the indicator light turns off.
3. Download the Sketch Book App 
And you're all set to draw away! Each charge lasts about 2 weeks, which is long lasting and much hassle free. 
The boys very much enjoy drawing and bringing their creations to live. 2 seconds is all it takes to turn on the sketchbook to pour on some inspirations. And if they forgot to turn it off, it smartly goes to sleep after an hour of inactivity. The stylus too, it goes to sleep after 4 minutes of inactivity. 

Realtime Drawing
This feature allows you to draw on the Sketch Book as it synchronises with the synced device. Which means, they are both being drawn concurrently. Really amazing!

Realtime drawing
Little guy decorated his myFirst Sketch Book with the stickers included. No idea what's he was drawing though, but this device is a wonderful milestone tracker of their doodles if we save and treasure every piece of work in this artistic journey theirs.

Sounds really cool right?! Get your seamless and paperless experience today! We have got you covered with a 15% discount code, use MUMSCALLING15 upon check out at Oaxis. We think this makes a wonderful gift too! Shop away. 

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