Saturday 30 June 2012


Before I decided, I went about ‘should I’ or ‘should I not’ talk about CHC? I drafted and deleted and decided to go ahead to document my thoughts. I used to be an extremely active member of CHC when I was 16, for a near 10 years. After I got married with kids, I became irregular with the commitment. For the 10 years, I grew very well in there, I learnt to become a better person and I matured very much through the years. 

In there, I gained many valuable friendships, with some still very close to us. I've also met my then boyfriend, who is now my husband. I remembered a time when I was extremely heart broken from a previous relationship prior to meeting my man, I was so devastated, but church friends and leaders stood by me. They shared my every moment and even bunked occasionally in my home. They knew when darkness comes, sadness deepens. Gradually, I grew out of sadness. And years later, a promise from God, I met my man, married him and now, with 2 kids. My ever greatest gift package from God.

One thing for sure, I know CHC existed and exists for good cause. I witness and hear stories of lives being changed in there. I see my friend faithfully serving the intellectually disabled kids every other weekend, the elderly being visited and coming to service in buses. I witness the many seeds sowed into the needy lives.

I feel much upset when I read the insensitive and ruthless comments people post on their facebook wall or anywhere else. Have they considered their friends who were or are in CHC? I just wonder, if they made no donation to the church, what's that even one thing that's an eyesore to them? I thought I could be nonchalant, since I’ve stopped going CHC regularly. But, I realized, I’m still much in love with this place that I grew a decade in and where I met angels. It was like a family to me. And family means people who matter to us, it's natural we take defense of our family.

Just over dinner yesterday, my non-Christian mum told me she was worried about Pastor Kong. I smiled and thought, she didn't for once sound naggy at all. H   

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Younger child bonding

It was younger child day out. A day catered to bond specially with just the younger kid, as suggested by Mummies XH and Ang. I thought it wasn't too bad of an idea since Jazz has been enjoying most great moments with us, even up to Tokyo. A challenge about having more than one child is spending good amount of time with each child, but how much is fair and square? It really depends on the age needs of each child. One thing I should agree is that we should try to spend quality time with each child separately. Although, it's ideal to have fun as a family, I thought trying a day out with just Jare might be purposeful. Just me and son, no daddy too.

I took leave on Monday to bring Jare to the zoo with the mummies and little J and Z. I must admit, I felt guilty towards Jazz when I dropped her in school. She seemed to find something unusual that morning, she asked me to send Jare to school first, before her. I had to conceal my secret, so I told her, "Didi will go to school after you." Reluctantly, she walked to her classroom, and took long time to be coaxed into class. Before I left, I peeped through the window, and she was wiping tears off her eyes. Darn! My heart broke, so tempted to bring her along to zoo. But no, it's Jare's day. 

I then drove off to zoo with Jare. Our first stop at zoo, was the water play area, which he didn't seem to enjoy. He loves the pool, but a total stranger when it comes to the water playground. I gave him time to warm up, but he was still partially dry. I showered him after 15 minutes.
His best moment with the water fountain

Kiddy ride for the boys
After water play, we had lunch together before the mummies went off. I stayed on to bond a little more with him. He napped while I strolled around the zoo, and while I was resting to watch the otters, he woke up. I brought him around to explore animals and took snacks with the jaguar. He was a curious boy. He had fun clinging onto me, dancing and clapping around. And we stayed with the jaguar till it was time to feed the giraffes. I love feeding the giraffes, they really are the tame animals of the wild. Love his expressions when he fed the giraffes.
Happy Boy!

He put his whole hand in!
I enjoyed this day out with my younger, when no daddy or elder is around to distract. But if you ask, if I would do it again, I would decline doing this purposefully again. I prefer family fun and togetherness. I have two kids!

Sometimes, I can be too focus on Jazz when it comes to play and work, because she understands my instructions better and is able to do more. With Jare, I deal more on a need basis, especially when he starts to cry. I could have overlooked in giving him more conversations and adding new words to his rather empty dictionary. I want to strike a balance with the kids, as much as I can.

That evening, Jazz knew we were out without her when Jare gave her a token from Zoo. She told me, "Mummy, next time, can you bring didi and me to zoo together, after school?" She must have thought didi went school that morning, and I brought him to zoo after his school. Then she went on, "you must always always always remember, ok?" Yes, I will, darling. 

Sunday 24 June 2012

Belated Father's Day Gift

Found this in Jare's school bag early this week. I took it out and got him to pass to his Daddy. Was surprised to see it because he missed a week of school during the Father's day week.

Appreciate the thoughts and efforts the teachers put together, despite his absence from school. Late is better than never. I love those little footprints of his. We do lots of artworks with hand prints, but rarely with footprints.

Plane Viewing

It's another plane viewing day out. This evening, we went to the Changi beach park, carpark 5, to view the planes' belly button, as what the man described to the kids. We went to a different location from the previous, which was equally good. We caught the landing view this time and frequency was as good. Landing view is preferred because the view gets closer as it lands.

For landing view, Changi Beach Park is good for the months from March to October due to seasonal wind changes. And from October to February, Changi Business Park would give landing view. We haven't viewed from there though. I suspect views might be obstructed due to more built up areas. 

We went plane viewing at about 6pm today, and was pretty warm. A better timing would be 6:30pm onwards, when it's more cooling and looking into various sky directions won't pain our eyes from the evening sun. We also spotted an ice cream man, so the kids had a treat. Interesting evening, licking ice cream beneath planes.
It's coming!
Welcome to Singapore, passengers
The sea transport - Ship
Sharing an ice cream
After planes viewing, we headed to T3 for dinner, some slide and playground fun before we headed home. It was an extremely demanding evening for us. Both kids didn't want to walk and wanted to be carried all time, except during play. "Spare our arms, kids!"

Thursday 21 June 2012

Talkative Thursday - Talking to kids

Talkative Thursday suggests that I have loads of thoughts to share, so be warned on this post's length. Get coffee ready.

Over the week, I've been thinking about my life journey to date. I'm today a mother of two, and being a parent isn’t easy. You have to live up to that title constantly well, before and behind the kids. I aspire to be a great Mother, one that my kids will ask to be like as they grow along.

Easier said than done, I don’t have the wows of character that are good examples for them, but I’m constantly trying to get better. As I’ve grown, I modelled to learn and take on the positives of my parents. They aren’t perfect. Only to realise now, after becoming a Mother myself. Maturity is not counted in age, but with the experiences in life. While Js are still young, I want to pen something for them, on relationships while thoughts are hovering around.

Dear Js,

Every human is unique and there are people of different characters everywhere. This makes the world really interesting to live in, how boring is it if everyone behaves similarly. Let’s not expect we can change anyone, but learn to adapt differences. Someone once told me, “you should choose your friends.” I was 20 then. I disagreed because I thought, more makes it merrier, and that’s peak of life when we have time for all friends. As I progressed, I realized she was so true! We don’t have time for everyone; let’s choose friends wisely, friends that we can accept the most of our indifferences. It’s waste of time and efforts on friends who don’t value you. Quality is better than quantity. Your Daddy often tells me, friends come and go. So true! I’ve lost some friends due to very diverse interests along the way. And adding to the list, I've gained some really good friends who accepted who I am and love all of you too. Best friends are not defined in years, but the comfort and joy of enjoying each other’s companion.

On us being a good friend, always present ourselves as thoughtful sincere individuals. Accept invites, don’t take too long to reply your attendance, it’s nice to even reply, “Thanks for the invite, let me get back to you soon.” Even if you can’t make it, send a nice present or message over. Sincerity melts one’s heart, how wrong can this go? True friends don’t get jealous, we feel their every moment. Don't hesitate to apologize, should you need to. Face up to wrong doings and not shun from them. Mostly importantly, don’t do things that you wouldn’t want others to do unto you. Go for the right people, people who will help and feel you, people who inspire and motivate you, people who do not hide truths from you. Sincerity!

It’s always said to live life the way you want it, in reality, that’s not so possible. You have to think of the consequences - Is anyone upset with your decision, Daddy or Mummy? Is anyone hurt or put to a spot just for your personal gains? Think before you speak and act. Use our hands well for the acts of kind service, render help to those in need, even if they were once your enemies. I know how much it is to dislike someone; good deeds allow us to release that hatred and anger gradually. Say a nice prayer for our enemies. Easier said than done, but let’s try. Use our mouth well, tame those words, and think before you speak. Give words of praises and be slow to anger. Words are like swords, harmful words pierce through a person and hurts badly. Don’t create such mess for anyone. Being humorous is fun, but overly humorous can fade the line between jokes and destructive words. Mummy’s a sensitive being, and to some, a good or bad. A good level of sensitivity prompts you to be careful when handling humans. Let’s be wise on that. Use our ears well, listen when others are talking. There's a reason why God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth. I know it’s tiring when someone over talks, but there’s always a tactful way to get out of it and let's not under listen too. Let’s practice emotional quotient at all times. 

The greatest hurts in life are from people we value most. It takes time to nurse the wounds, but heal it soon. Keeping an unattended wound causes infection. Let's release that hurt, and not infect the good parts of our body. Mummy used to do this in church, release hurts by cupping your hands before you, whisper words of forgiveness into your cupped hands, say a prayer, open and release those burdens. Let God do the rest.
Always know that Mummy will be there for you all, as much as I can and as long as I can. Someday, when you build your families, and I pray you choose a great spouse. You didn’t choose your parents, but it’s a great deal to choose an ideal spouse. The best thing that happened to mummy is, marrying your daddy. If karma exists, this must be my great reward for the goods I’ve done.

The day you both were birthed, Daddy cut the umbilical cord that connected us for 38 (Jare) and 40 (Jazz) weeks during pregnancy. That signifies your ultimate aim to go build a family of your own after independence. You are not meant to be corded to me forever. If I were to ask, a life and death question, mummy or husband/wife? Painfully, I tell you, go for your spouse, she/he is walking the rest of your life with you. I'll be happy that you carried my words along.

Human relationships are the greatest challenges in life, often the deciding factor to make one happy or unhappy. Live a life of integrity, do the right things in dark and in light. I’m not really sure if karma exists, it’s one proven in dramas but not what facts and evidences can prove. Live right!

Kids, always remember the values of being a great person. I love you all!

Laughter -  Not to be missed in lives

A party at Amazonia

Jazz was invited to Nad's 3rd birthday party at Amazonia, Great World City. We've been hearing the existence of this play gym, but yet to visit till last Saturday. It was newly opened in July 2011. That explains it being new and clean. Its big play gym area is more for the adventurous, up to any age! That's because I went on the slides a few times. The slides are really long and wavy, gave me exciting bumpy journeys from top to bottom. My only mistake was giving Jazz a dress to wear with no leggings or tights, causing her to experience much friction with the slide surface. Glad she didn't get blistered thighs. My little smartie tactically leaned more towards her back to smooth herself.
The long wavy slides
Having great fun
I was amazed how fast Jazz warmed herself up to play upon seeing her friends. Once in, saw her friends, she disappeared for fun. We didn't even have to follow her through. She has grown! I'm looking forward to a day when both kids can be left to play on their own, while we sip coffee and read a book at another corner. 

There's also a little area, with small ball pool pit and toys, for the below 3, so no worries about younger siblings. I love their party rooms, nicely embellished to somewhat a castle theme. The room was dim and cosy, although I might prefer a brighter lighting in view of it hosting kids' party.    

In the party room
We love the place, especially much more when Jazz can explore the layouts on her own. It's a nice party venue where kids can have fun and parents can fellowship. We'll definitely bring Jare along soon. He missed the party as he was still unwell. 

Thanks Mummy Ang for the party invite! 

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Tantrums - Grown ups vs tots

One of the days, I had a squabble with my man. And in fret of my anger, I threw Jazz’s school bag. Oh man, she saw! I must have frightened her. It’s her bag and I know anger got over me. I can’t erase images from her eyes. I’m in trouble! I’ve never want her to see our squabbles and angry acts. I’ve thousand of apologies for taking anger on an innocent bag that belongs to my wonderful girl.

What freaked me out was, when we got onto the car for our journey to school and work. She made a comment, “You are throwing tantrums.” This was my wake up call!!!! I sobered and there goes my mummy figurine. I teared because the last thing I want her to think was that throwing tantrums gets a way out. That was bad demonstration. We, being grown ups are expected to exemplify self-control and manage emotions better than kids. How foolish was I! But the unique part about kids are, they forgive and forget easily.

Just this week, a friend shared about kids tantrums and how should adults react. Easier said than done, I was determined not to shout or yell whenever she’s throwing her tantrums. I’m a guilty mum of these bad practices at times. Wen could have taken a time out, tone down or ignore.

I’m determined to not lose my cool whenever she’s having tantrums or not behaving. No doubt, I think a little raised voice is fine to show that I’m getting stern. I need to practice coolness and be slow to anger. I don’t want her to realize that’s how the adults get their way when they want something. It’s definitely not a thing I want to see the kids take after.  

Monday 18 June 2012

Happy Father's Day - 3rd

It's Daddy's day today! My man's third celebration into fatherhood. I've got the kids to do individual craft work for him. Jare did some art work with his hand prints and Jazz did colouring, cutting and pasting, all by herself. Jare missed school this week, so I guess, no artwork for daddy from school. For Jazz, hmm... I don't know what's up, no artwork from school! 

This morning, Jazz took her pride work, hid it behind her back, went to her daddy with Jare, "Daddy, we have a surprise for you!"

"My palm is blue!"

Left: Jare, Right: Jazz
Like many daddies out there, Daddy's a heroic figurine to the kids. As much as the Js feel, I'm blessed that my man has a great job that allows him to send and pick the kids from school everyday. Except for a few busy days. A great gift to their everyday.

A Dad has mutiple roles. A distinct role to me, is leadership, one that leads by great examples. One that inspires his kids, such that when they face challenging situations, they would ponder, "What would Daddy do?" Modern dads are beyond bringing the bread and butter home, they demonstrate love in extended ways, not because they need to, but that they want to. I'm glad their Daddy helps with their routines, their needs and wants.

Their Daddy is a great night keeper, he makes milk for the kids when they cry for it, in the middle of almost every other nights. He mends toys when they need a fix. He's a dictionary of knowledge, a man of wisdom. He's man of few words, but wise and rational. He's a great man to Js, and myself. On bad nights, when the kids are very sick, he would camp beside them, on the hard parquet floor. He would zombie through the night to get their medication. He sacrifices.  

There was once, I couldn't figure a solution for a problem we had, Jazz said, "Let's go ask Daddy!" I'm comforted that she looks up to Daddy for great ideas when problems are encountered.  

Their Daddy is doing his multiple roles extremely well! If there's a yearly appraisal for Daddies, he would be rated and rewarded the best of best. There isn't a perfect human, but to the kids, I doubt they see flaws, so I declare him, The Perfect Daddy! Happy Father's Day! Thank you for your givings, your love, your time and all your sacrifices. Js love you and so do I!

Sunday 17 June 2012

Fake measles - Roseola

Roseola, or most calls it fake measles. Yes, Jare got them. Worrying his parents seems like his hobby. His first sign of fever developed overnight last Sunday, his temperature ran between 38 to 38.5 for a day, before it spiked to 40 to 40.6 the next two days. For 2 nights, he scared us off our bed to administer ibuprofen.

We brought him to the pd on Wednesday, his experienced pd suspected fake measles, but above it, we did a urine test too, in case it could be UTI. He told my man that if red spots appear after his fever breaks, it should be fake measles. If not, bring him back for blood test if fever is still running or to confirm those spots. We brought him to the clinic for affirmation when he became spotty on Friday morning.

Rosela is slight contagious and so he's kept away from school and outdoor for a week. It's read that the most contagious point of roseola is during the point of fever, and less contagious when rash appears, and finally well when both are gone. The whole course taking about a week. Today, I see very faint spots on him. Relieved. Can't wait to see my food lover boy back.

Second day of rash

I don't find him as spotty as the pictures I've goggled around. He's been really irritable and lost his appetite for food. I'm gald that I manged to keep him hydrated with much water. Roseola threatens infants and toddlers below 2 years of age. However, some mummy friends around me had their kid affected at 2 plus of age. Jazz should be safe.

Be well, boy!

Thursday 14 June 2012

Siblings - The more the merrier

Together with my 2 brothers, we make up 3 of my mum’s children. I encourage the expansion of family, if you can.
Last weekend, my Grandma fractured her ankle. She is now pretty much bed-ridden. She has 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters. Both my aunties spent nights in her room, before she was hospitalized on Monday. My elder aunt is still recovering from a slip disc, so she can’t really assist my Grandma’s movements. My mum (daughter in-law) had to be of help when we were there over the weekend. That was when I further affirmed the power of having more than one. The duties are being shared around. This definitely is better than having all duties bagged to one child.  

Assuming we are and we have filial kids, won’t it be nice to have siblings around to help take care of parents when something happens? The daughters helped my Grandma with all her toilet aids. That was sure nice and convenient. If her sons were helping, this might be a little awkward. Like many said, daughters are usually more 贴心. I somehow agree because I spend more quality time with my parents than my bros did.

Old age can be a burden to our kids. We think we brought our children up, went through much and sacrificed lots, in return, they should be filial. But an old man and woman isn’t anyway as adorable as a child. It’s a blessing to have filial kids. This morning, my dad chauffeured my aunt and grandma to the hospital for follow up, while another uncle sent my aunt for her check up on slip disc. It’s heartwarming to see such roles being exemplified within my family. The power of siblings!

My Grandparents are really blessed. They are one of the nicest couples I’ve seen around. They drive around to shop, for food and for strolls, just the two of them! My grandfather has endless stories to share and Grandma has endless ways to show her love. They have 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren (My Js), with another Grandkid arriving in Nov for them. More to come for them! Get well soon, Grandma! 

Is one enough? Frankly, my two don't feel sufficient for me. Whenever I need help, it's my brothers who can avail readily! When I am running late and no one can pick my kids, my bros help upon my call, when my dad needed a check up in the hospital, my bro went with him, when my mum needed help with transport, my bro drove her. The endless reasons to having more than one. Think of long-term benefits. I'm happy to have grew up in three and I hope my two will be of help to each other as they grow along, till old. I do hope I can give them more "helpers," if possible. What's thicker than the blood running in them. It's usually easier to seek help from families than friends.    

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Water Play

The Js love water play. Last Sun, I brought them to my Grandma's place. They had fun on the trampoline, on the piano and bubbles. Never did I think they need a dip in the pool, until I brought them to the playground. Jare went twice on the slide before he kept walking towards the pool. He struggled with me to get himself into the pool, with his shoes and casual wears. I felt his flaming desire. They were transformed into their swim wear within minutes. Coincidentally, their swim wear was in the car. 

Water play with Jare is scary. He doesn't like to be held or enjoy the luxury of the float. He wants to free walk! I need to watch him every second and hold on to the collar of his suit. He's really fast to keep up with.
Jare's doesn't enjoy floating in the float
He wants to get out! I thought that's a good way to stay safe.
And they had some splashing fun. 

They dipped for about 20mins before we rounded up play. Both were reluctant to leave the pool, but we had to. It was a cold pool on a breezy evening. And next day, it was fever for little J. Today is his second day into his fever, and I'm home with him. I do hope he gets well soon and make it back to school tomorrow.

Sunday 10 June 2012


We had a Saturday evening picnic with Jer and Nad's family, Jazz's schoolmates. The mummies prepared food, while the kids geared themselves up for that evening. Mummy XH suggested an evening picnic at Botanic Gardens, as there was an Opera by the park, at the symphony stage. It's free for all. Just bring food, drinks and mats to get comfortable.

Mummy Ang prepared yummy potato with zucchini and fruits, and Mummy XH prepared butter mushrooms and baked salmon. Yummy too! I prepared eggs, cherry tomatoes, cheese sandwiches, edammame, cucumber (Jazz's love food), bananas, chips, drinks - both alcohol and non-alcohol, puffs and toys for kids! Mummy Ang suggested we bring an inflatable pool along for the kids to play in. Know what, looking at the crowd and space, we backed out, in case we get on stomp.
All ready to go!
Well behaved kids, while waiting for Nad to come
They're so cute!
Opera by the park
Jer's daddy entertaining the kids with story
We arrived the garden at 5p.m and left at about 8p.m. We stayed from having a bright sky to night sky. It was a great evening with the kids, mummies and daddies. The opera was a little too loud for us to communicate though. While a man was singing opera, Jazz told my man, "Why is the man screaming, so loud, I don't like it." Well, pardon her, she's suppose to appreciate Jazz more. As what her name says. 

It was our first official picnic and it was all fun! The kids came home for a shower and zonked out! Picnic tires them out. Bring that conventional meal out of home today!

Saturday 9 June 2012

Foam Art

Did some foam art with Jazz last weekend. It was pretty easy and she could do it quite independently. The only challenge was deciding which piece of foam to lay on first. I was so excited about starting her on, I told her to stick the characters first. I was wrong! The background, brown ground and grass were suppose to go on first. Good thing we could remove and stick again.

Carefully and patiently
This peeling and sticking took quite some time, she patiently completed the job within 30mins. I bought 4 such foam art from popular during their recent book fair. Such art can help train cognitive thinking, mobile skill and patience!

Job well done!
It's always a challenge to keep Jare out of our crafty sessions. He loves grabbing whatever stuffs we are working on. I kept him occupied with a piece of paper and some colour pencils. He completed an art work too! I love the piece he drew, simply can't stop admiring it. Gonna get it up to the wall soon! Run out of blu tack at the moment.
Occupied with paper and colours

Jareth's art!
He started doodling with a single colour, blue. After which, I thought that the piece was monotonous. I gave him different colours between his doodles. Not too bad of a 15 month-er's work. Most glad that paper and colour pencils kept him occupied and mess free.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Zoo - Primate Affair

Brought Jazz to the zoo last Sunday, together with her schoolmate, Jer and his family. Jare didn't come along because of those wrongly diagnosed spots. Zoo visits are fun regardless how many times we go. This time, we fed the giraffes! Thanks to mummy XH. One thing I've always wanted to do whenever we visit, but couldn't do so due to the timings. I'm glad we did it this round. It really was an exciting moment to get up close with the giraffes. They looked tame to me. Felt like stroking its neck. Giraffe feed at $5 per dish.  
Up close with the giraffes!
Carrot for the giraffe
Water play!

Primate Affair

Another not to be missed in the zoo is the water play! The rain ceased in time for the kids to play. Nice! This June holiday, it's all about a primate affair in the Zoo - The different breeds of the monkey family.

Jare, we'll go again next month with you! Don't give us scares again.

Monday 4 June 2012

Spots again

Little boy created headline news in the home again. Last Friday evening, his teacher called to inform me about him running a temperature. He got well the next day, but with red spots on his face! First thing on my mind, HFMD, yet again. But, having gone through twice of HFMD experiences, I'm pretty sure the symptoms aren't matched. Then my man suspected chicken pox. I didn't buy that too. How can chicken pox attack with only four spots on the face!

That Saturday evening, we brought him to a nearby GP to get our hearts assured, as his PD's clinic was closed over the weekend. The doctor diagnosed him as having chicken pox. He didn't look further, he just look through his hands, and that's it. This cost us $60. Well, mother's instinct, still not feeling right, I've decided to seek his PD this evening. His doctor affirmed and assured that it's non of the above, just some insects bite. Phew! I knew he shared my thoughts. 

I think he's the best PD I've ever seen. His experience, confidence and expertise assures us. After all, PDs see more kids than GPs. It was at an instance that he confidently concluded those bites. Some kind of sand flies, ant flies or whatever flies. The GP we saw went, "I think, I suppose and perhaps." Well, then I shall confirm! 
Little boy's not too handsome now

Spots will take a month to subside
And because of that wrong diagnose, we didn't bring him along to the zoo yesterday. Sigh! The man balloted for corporate pass and only Jazz could come along. The GP we saw was a young chap, seemingly a new graduate working in the night clinic, Jare's PD was like a grandfatherly man - 姜还是老的辣. Is there a way to get my $60 back? Haha. And since we were at the clinic today, Jare did his vaccination for chicken pox. 

The question now, where did the bites come from? School or home? CSI begins.

Sunday 3 June 2012

Books galore

It's the June holiday special! An informant, Mummy J, told me that NLB has doubled the number of borrowed books to 12! My man has a quota of 12 and I've 16. Total, we can borrow 28 books! And here's our loan:

Reading is fun!
This evening, we brought the kids to our nearby library for some selection. It's Jare's first visit to the library. He was busy getting books off and back the shelves, running up and down and releasing some loud screams. The children's section was equally noisy and that saved some of our embarrassment. Little boy has no love for books, but I hope his love for books will come on gradually. Jazz on the other hand, was busy shortlisting the books that she wants to loan. I got some for my reading too. 

Library trips are entertaining!

Saturday 2 June 2012


It's June! Half a year is flying past in no time. Within the days, I've been thinking on the reasons why I blog and why I'm still blogging. I'm no excellent writer with amazing topics, I just write about my kids. They create my topics. Jazz gave me the inspiration to blog and together with Jare, they become my motivation to keep it ongoing. 

The birthed of this blog was on Jazz birth date, 01 April 2009. Not a joke. I was determined to begin blogging since day one of her birth. I'm pleased to still keep the blog active and alive. I'm not sure how long will this go on, but as much as possible, I'll be diligent. One thing for sure, blogging bridges distance. No matter how far apart we are, or how long we've not met up, blogging give good updates. I wish more of my friends are blogging, I would love to read about their daily experiences too! 

In short, Blogging gives me a unique sense of satisfaction and happiness.