Friday 20 September 2019

[Giveaway] Singing at a whole new level - Popsical

Popsical is not your typical flavoured ice on stick. It is a smart spin off from traditional bulky karaoke setup to sleek, simple and easy karaoke set up. One that singing enthusiasts of today should own. 

This next generation of Karaoke is a cloud-based system that has all the features of a traditional Karaoke set and much more. It weaves together the best of hardware and a seamless user interface software to deliver a great karaoke experience. All you need is an internet connection and an apps to browse through the ever-expanding library of over 200,000 songs in 14 different languages. K pop fans get their treat too!

And yes, Popsical is a home grown brand. What is more not to support? Since its first sale in 2017, Popsical quickly went to become the best selling Karaoke system in Singapore!

Popsical Remix has combined the mixer, wireless receiver for the microphones and steaming device into a single equipment - a palm sized disc which is super light weight. The set comes along with 2 wireless microphones. Singing companion is a must!

Just these and you are good to party along with your home entertainment system with AUX connection. All you need to grab is the HDMI and AUX Cable (both not included), its inbuilt mixer and receiver will allow the connectivity to most sound systems. Ensure your TV has a spare HDMI input and your sound system has a 3.5mm AUX or RCA input port. If you do not have these, you may purchase the sound bar, available in Popsical's retail shop. 

The setting up and usage is really easy! The initial sign in can be done via the app with clear guided steps, and you can get your singing act up within 2 minutes. Or 1 minute if you work with fast feet and hands.

Popsical Remix

3.5mm phone jack and HDMI cable

RCA cable

You probably know by now, how clear, crisp and solid the sound is depends much on your sound system. Though I have to say much depends on that singing too! Which is why, we keep singing to home. Last checked, singing genes wasn't present in any of us.

Other than these, the best singing experience can be amped up with echo, pitch, voice and sound effect controls via the Popsical Apps. And it allows the pairing with up to 25 mobile devices! Party we are talking about. 

We had it connected to our ipad for sharing and pass around since it is just the cosy five of us. Popsical is perfect for home singing, but not definitely not powerful enough to bring out for singing in a larger than home space. 

With over 200,000 songs, it is almost impossible to not find what you want to sing. I have to testify that the songs are very much updated to the latest singing crave. It's crazy how the kids are getting better at trends than us. The older two are on 'Me' by Taylor Swift and 'Speechless' from Aladdin movie, while the 3 year old is very much contended with tracks from, 'Lion King'. For Chinese songs, I've been quite out of the trend since my radio station is mostly hijacked by the kids during car rides. But here are some songs for you hipsters to identify.

Chinese new songs

English latest

And this, the ultimate. Put together for the nation's birthday celebration last month. All the home-grown songs!

Oh, so home!

Newly updated enough?!

My first question to Daniel, the helpful salesman at their Funan retail store was if the music videos are original. Feels better singing to actual music videos right?! Well, mostly are original, but of course there are some that are not too. And actually, a genuine parent's concern with very young children is the worry about the explicitly of the music videos played. Agree or not, some of the videos, especially the English pops can be a little too explicit for the under 18. 

It will always be good to sing as a family and have appropriate control over the songs.

We really enjoy this being a wonderful time of family entertainment that has songs for everyone! Grandparents too, if my parents join in. Of course, resolution of the older music videos are a far clear from today's.

A family that sings together, stays together. Regardless the pitch. 

Spot the mic hoarders

This compact set of disc and two microphones is priced at $499. It comes with 15 minutes of singing pleasure daily (ads inclusive), or $10.99 per month for ads free unlimited sing time, or $4.99 per day of 24 hours. This will be the only ongoing cost along with purchase. If not, 15 minutes of singing pleasure is actually good enough exercise for the lungs daily. To maximise the 15 minutes, some music videos allow us to skip its intro, while some does not. There is no fast forward button for control. 

This ongoing cost goes towards an ensured seamless streaming experience and updates to the library of original song video content. Subscription is free the first 30 days upon purchase.

We are really amazed at how technology has brought us this far of being seamless. It is karaoke at a whole new level! Feel free to drop by their retail store at Funan Mall for a hands on, as well as vocal experience with Popsical. 

[DISCOUNT CODE] We have a $50 Discount code for share. Quote POPMC when you cart out at Popsical or when you purchase from their physical store at Funan. Discount code is valid from 20 September 19 to 20 October 19.

[GIVEAWAY] Children's day is up around the corner, and singing fun has to be in! Thanks to the generous people in Popsical, we have a set of Popsical Remix (worth $499) for giveaway to ONE lucky winner. To win, simply hop over to INSTAGRAM to participate with the following steps:

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All the Best!
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