Saturday 15 October 2011

What is Daddy talking about - III

In the Car
Jazz: Mummy, where are we going?
Mum: We're going to a baby shower
Dad: Then you must take water to pour on the baby ok?
Jazz: Yes, take water to pour on the baby
(Goodness! What is daddy educating?)

Jazz was crying frantically
Dad: Jazzelle, why you cry until like that? Your father and mother die issit?
(Can't believe he cursed us!)

Out from the car
Jazz: Daddy you knocked my head
Dad: Haha. Ya.
Jazz: Daddy, can you say sorry to me?
Dad: Oh, sorry!
(My girl is teaching my man manners)

Showing Jare his sister's name
Mum: Jareth, this is your jie jie's name. Jazzelle Teo, see, same surname as you.
Dad: Ya, this is the only thing she will share with you.
(Dad was right, Jazz hardly shares her toys)

Thursday 21 July 2011


I've learned a new acronym today, P.O.P - Prisoner of Parenthood! I'm imprisoned with a lifetime sentence, perhaps, a lighter sentence as years goes by. It's true that life will never be the same with kids. Positively or negatively, it's just never the same.

Monday 13 June 2011

What is Daddy talking about - II

Opening the refrigerator 
Jazz: I want yakult  
Daddy: Ok, what yakult you want? Yacob Ibrahim?  
Watching youtube on pandas  
Daddy: What is this? Is it the 'never sleep' bear?  
Jazz: No, they wake up already (which Jazz was right. The pandas were not sleeping in the video)

Monday 6 June 2011

What is Daddy talking about?

At times, I wonder why can't the Dad be in serious business with the kids. As in, teach and learn with them in proper. Many times, I hear "interesting" conversations between them:
At mcdonalds
Dad: There's no more apple juice. 
Jazz: No more apple juice?  
Dad: Ya, because the apple never fall off the tree, so no apples to make apple juice, you know? 
Jazz: (Nodding her head). Apple never fall. 
Jazz was on my iphone at home 
Dad: Jazz, come here and play. It's very dark there, the yang qi no good. You know the yin yang qi? Come here! 
In the car  
Dad: Jazz, why do you need to cry and stomp your feet? Who taught you? Issit Tin Pei Ling?  
Eating watermelon   
Jazz: I don't want the seed.  
Dad: Ya, don't eat the seeds, otherwise a tree will grow from your head. 
Still collating more conversations. This is why most Dads leave the academics to the Mums.

Saturday 19 February 2011

初十五 - Little Brother Arrived in Feb 2011

It was the last day of CNY, after sending me to school, together with Daddy, Mummy went off for her gynae visit. Upon her check, Mummy asked gynae to check on baby's cord, whether it was affecting his movements. Mummy felt that didi's movements were lesser throughout the days. Mother's instinct perhaps. So doctor checked that cord was around his neck, and suggested to induce that morning. It was so unprepared, everything's gonna happen that day. Hosipital bag was home, arrangement for me wasn't done, the dog's not groomed and Daddy's camera is home! The most important gadget for any baby's arrival.

So here's my little brother's birth story, by Mummy:

10:30am: Scan and checked that dilation was 2cm
10:45am: Tablet to induce given
11:00am: Went on CTG and contractions were strong - 4cm dilated
12:00pm: Admission to TMC
12:30pm: Enema given to clear bowel
2:00pm: Tempted for epidural, but no no. Asked for Pethidine instead - still at 4cm.
2:30pm: Pushed to delivery suite -Awaiting full dilation
6:00pm: Fully dilated, urge to push. Pain was intense, if only epidural was still valid, I might have given in.
6:05pm: Gynae came - 3 tough pushes and...
6:21pm:  Little Brother arrived!!!!!!!!!

Although a second time Mummy, it was a whole new experience. I did it without epidural this time, and man! The pain was horrifying, yet of great achievement. Most importantly, I've saved hundreds of bucks on epidural.
Welcome to our family!

For arriving on the last day CNY - Grandma and Grandpa gave him ang bao
Jazz exploring little Jare...
It's now a Foursome for us!
Upon little brother's arrival. Few things need to change:
1. We need to share this blog, it's no more all about little Jazz
2. Preposition needs to change, it's no more Jazz speaking. It will be Mummy on behalf of us!

Thank God for the birth of another miracle and thank you everyone for their well wishes! Babies are true blessings and joy.