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I began writing snippets of our lives since the arrival of our eldest daughter, Jazz, in April 2009. It started as a simple online space to time capsule our memories and Jazz's milestones. It was then written in the perception of Jazz's voice, and very much skewed towards our personal and friends' reading.

Jare joined us in February 2011, when I took the voice to my own. Blogging became more exciting as readership and engagements grew.

In April 2016, Juboy joined us! I've learnt that love doesn't divide but it multiplies. I'm thankful to be called to Mother 3 beautiful children.

Blogging has since been ingrained in me. Creative and excellent writing aren't my finest qualities, but passion and desires drive me to write about our adventures.

I draw ideas and inspirations from my family. I hope it is of some positive and useful experiences that I'm sharing and receiving.

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