Wednesday 6 March 2019

KL Day 2 - Farm in the City

I know! It took me such a long time to get Day 2 of our KL trip up from the time we shared on our KL Day 1 - Aquaria KLCC and Petrosains Discovery Centre. Procrastination is horrible.

Farm in the city is designed to resemble a typical Malaysia village or “kampung” setting. It encloses many different species of giant tortoises, birds, fish, deer, goats and other exotic animals.

Farm in the city

Most animals are free to roam and we were mostly walking through them any point of time.

We entered and started with feeding the free roaming giant tortoises. Vegetable for feeding was given, we did not have to purchase it. It was many different spices of tortoises within the enclosure.

Giant tortoises

Free Flight Bird Aviary 
A large and airy enclosure for birds. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the birds by feeding and petting them. Get plenty of close up photo opportunities if you managed to get near one. You will need to pre-purchase some animal food at the ticket entrance for these birds. It gets really exciting when the birds peck food off your palm.

Bird feeding

Pet Village
At the pet village, we got up close with home animals like rabbits and guinea pigs. Fed them and held them in our arms. Food for feeding these pets are also given free in the enclosure.

Reptiles cavern
Experience the world of reptiles in the Reptiles Cavern, see up-close, and walk through the uniquely designed cave like enclosure which houses the longest species of python, the smallest species of crocodile and the Mangrove Snakes. Definitely not my favourite part of the farm.

Moods Lake
A large rippling lake of clear water which is home to Mandarin Ducks, Black Swans and White Swans. The lake also is home to our flock of Pelicans. And if you managed to catch the feeding time of the Pelicans, you may get your hand to a fish for feed! Was really a great experience for us.

Fish for feeding


LongKang Fishing 
A reminder of the past that deserves preservation. LongKang fishing is not as easy as it seems. It was nonetheless some fun time we had with the net chasing fish. And of course, we released the fish back into the 'drain'.

Once you enter Savannah, be prepared to be greeted by their extremely friendly goats and deer. This is where we got to meet an Alpaca too. Their food can be pre-purchased at the ticket entrance. And these animals do not go easy on your food. You will be pounced and chased upon, if you do not feed them quick enough. It reminded me of being chased by a deer in Nara, Japan years ago.

Deer feeding

Twilight Creatures
We met some nocturnal living species around such as the slow loris and owls. Try if you are lucky enough to spot an owl turning its head 270 degrees.

Wise owl

Exhibition Hall
We thought this was really an exciting part of the farm. We purchased food from a self dispensed machine to feed some clever raccoons, then met the sleepy skunk and the Prairie Dog. We also witnessed the process of incubating chicken eggs at the nursery, with opportunity to hold a baby chick. The boy bravely held some reptile on his arm too!

Baby chick
For the brave
Prairie dogs

Feeding raccoons

Falabella horse
We met the Falabella horse, which is the world's smallest specie of house. And nope, they are not ponies. It is smaller than a pony and don't have a strong back bone. Not suitable for riding of course. On the other hand, its easy be trained and make an excellent guide animal.

Falabella horse

Pony Ride
Pony riding is available in the farm at a cost. We didn't check that out though.

It is a relatively good sized farm that took us about 3 hours to leisurely stroll through. The boys had great fun and I think the hands on experience of feeding these animals adds colourful memories.

Lot 40187-40188, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat,
Bandar Putra Permai, Seri Kembangan. 43300
Selangor Darul Ehsan. Malaysia

Opening hours:
WEEKDAYS: 10:00am-6:00pm
WEEKENDS: 09:30am-6:00pm
Closed on every Tuesday, excluding Public holiday & school holiday.

Tickets pricing:
For non-malaysians
Adults (12 years old and above): RM58 
Children (11 years old and below): RM48
Senior Citizen (60 years old and above): RM48
FREE for babies and toddlers below 90cm