Monday 30 May 2016

What we are doing this Holiday

The school holiday began! For that well-deserved break from scheduled lessons and hard work, our kids do deserve more time to themselves. In that window time of theirs, how about planning a daily bonding activity that will be easy and least time consuming so everyone in the family can be involved? Whether we are the working or non working parents, let's not forget our parental roles in that extra time of theirs this holiday.

I've to confess that on regular days, we are often too focused on routines and bedtime madness, we hardly find quality time to bond daily, except on weekends. Honesty at its best.

Above and beyond any outings or classes fixed during this upcoming holidays, I'm looking to weave in these daily activities. An attempt to play and bond meaningfully WITH the kids:

30 May (Mon): Play a home made sport (30 mins)
We could try toilet rolls as pins for bowling or paper plates stuck on a stick for ping pong balloon. Let the sporty imagination run!

31 May (Tues): Complete a jigsaw puzzle (10 to 30 mins)
10, 100 or 1000 pieces!

01 Jun (Wed): Go on a treasure hunt in the house (20 mins)
Hide a couple of items in safe places and get the kids to find. If they are near it, hint hot, if far, hint cold or very cold. Or perhaps, come up with a list of things to hunt for.

02 Jun (Thu): Build something with blocks and bricks (20 mins)
A house, a castle, an animal or a car.

03 Jun (Fri): Read the kids 6 books or more (30 mins)
We pick 2 and they pick 4.

04 Jun (Sat): Watch a movie home or out (2 hours)
Pretty sure there will be good shows in June.

05 Jun (Sun): Make something out of toilet rolls (20 mins)
Maybe an owl, robot, car or castle. Complete with paint or coloured papers.

06 Jun (Mon): Play a board or card game (30mins to 1 hr)
They choose, we play!

07 Jun (Tue): Take an evening stroll or jog around the estate (30 mins)
While their companionship lasts.

08 Jun (Wed): Feet spa (30 mins)
Massage and wash each others feet. Teach humility here.

09 Jun (Thu): Pretend play (20 mins)
As a customer and server in a restaurant or shopping in a department store. You may use sticky notes for the price tags and get the cashier to do the math mentally.

10 Jun (Fri): Make a pretend home out of a shoe box (30 mins)
How about gathering little figurines, cut out windows and doors from coloured papers?

11 Jun (Sat): Make play dough at home! Try this uncooked modelling dough recipe. (30 mins)

  • 1 cup cold water
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable oil 
  • food coloring
  • 3 cups flour
  • 2 tablespoons cornflour
Put everything except the flour and cornflour into a bowl.  Gradually add these until you have the consistency of bread dough. Store in an air tight container or bag in the fridge.

12 Jun (Sun): Act out the story of a book (20 mins)
Find a favourite book, assign the roles and act out story from the book. Make it hilarious!

13 Jun (Mon): Fold origami (30 mins)
There's endless fun in folding papers. Check here for origami start out.

14 Jun (Tue): We are gonna bake some cookies! (1 hr)

15 Jun (Wed): Make card for a friend or 2, or more! (30 mins)
Birthday, encouragement or get well cards are great ideas.
16 Jun (Thu): Decorate a cake
Celebrate the holiday with a plain cake from the bakery. I'm eyeing that plain chocolate cake from awfully. Get sprinkles or fruits to decorate away!

17 Jun (Fri): Midnight feast! At erm... 10pm. (45 mins)
Since bedtime can be delayed. We will do a midnight feast with junk or no junk food? Up to parents' discretion.

18 Jun (Sat): Plan a picnic lunch indoor or outdoor (3 hrs)
One dish meal will be perfect and almost hassle free. But of course, a spread if you've got little hands to help.

19 Jun (Sun): Let's play hangman! 
Paper and pen. That's all we need. 

20 Jun (Mon): Face and Arm painting (30 mins)
Which means the kids are allowed to get creative on Mum and Dad''s faces and arms!

21 Jun (Tue): Cut out pictures, words and letters from old magazines and scrap away! (45 mins)
Print a couple of the family's favourite photos and scrapbook with the cut outs.

22 Jun (Wed): Puppets on ice cream sticks (30 mins)
Draw and cut characters from papers and stick them on!

23 Jun (Thu): Confident and self esteem building (1 hr)
Draw a portrait of ourselves and put in the nice words that describes us. Something like this.

24 Jun (Fri): Nature hunt (45 mins)
List items to hunt for in the outdoor. Example: brown leaves, chewed leaves, stones, insects!

25 Jun (Sat): Kindness notes (30 mins)
Draw and cut out hearts, write kind note on it for everyone in the family. Decorate it colourfully!

26 Jun (Sun): It's a close to the holiday. Make a thankful jar or box.
Write in things we are thankful for during this wonderful holiday.

28 days conquered! 

Yeap, that's our home play planner this coming holiday. It sounds reasonable to give up a tiny fraction of our daily time to our kids, doesn't it? Get the Daddy in too! ONLY.28.DAYS.

The heavier activities can fall over the weekend, while the lighter activities take up less than an hour on weekdays. Get your play planner up too! And of course, to save planning time, you can use our planner too. Most Welcome!

Though I'm not sure if we can follow through, but a plan is a good start. Shall update our progress through Instagram. Hopefully we can get all planned activities covered, above and beyond the daily schedule. At least, we've got today covered!

I guess we are a step to getting more hugs and kisses from the kids after this holiday! 

Here are some other activities you can try out:
Scratch Art
Hand and Feet painting 
Crafty Caterpillar
Ladling Fun with soup
Sensory Mystery Box
Paper puppets
Paper outfits
Eggy Fun
Home game - Caught it
Home game - Score it
Home made carpark
Doll house 

Have Fun!

Thursday 12 May 2016

Is there a best age gap between siblings?

We're into the 3rd week of welcoming our newborn, Juboy. His monicker. It's been quite a breeze this far, except for some nights when he decided to fuss after feeds and rob the peace of the light sleepers. The man and I.

Other than disrupted sleeps, it's looking manageable this far. Breastfeeding was initially tough as we struggled to bring his jaundice down, but flow is now good and supply is sufficient. He's drinking very well and getting chubbier along the days. I guess we will be good transiting onto the second month without help from our confinement lady. I'm an experienced Mum after all. #notshy

Being our third and having 2 kids (Ages 7 and 5) of a rather big age gap, everything seems to fall pretty well in place. Jazz and Jare are showing much affection to their little brother, and because of this gap, I find that they easily comprehend that the baby needs their Mama when he demands milk. The only case of crying gets you what you want in the house. No jealousy or rivalry. 

Thankful for these understanding little people. 

It was somewhat different years ago, when I was pregnant with Jare. A guilt bugged me and I felt bad towards Jazz for needing to divide attention with another sibling soon. She was 2 and it seemed we've not had most of her toddlers years yet. 

I recalled the initial weeks upon our second arrival were rough, we dealt with jealously and Jazz was throwing random tantrums that required our complicated navigation. At that tender age of 2, nothing seemed to work with reasoning. It was however, rainbow after storm and rain. 

The third came and I felt extremely accomplished to have seen and focused through the toddler years of Jazz and Jare. Though Jazz does require some help and attention with school work now, she is independent most times. In fact, both elders are very much independent. 

There are different benefits and drawbacks for having siblings spaced closely together, just as there are in siblings spaced apart. I did worry they may not be playmates the same way, the things they can or cannot do together, as well as the closeness they hold. But perhaps, I should look at this as having greater love, encouragement and help from the older siblings.  

We are still in the early days of adapting, and I do hope things stay as wonderful as it is. Of course, the littlest has yet to discover the pros and cons of his siblings. More squabbles or peace ahead? The days will tell.

I reckon, there really isn't a perfect time to have another child, even if it means starting babyhood after a long while. The best time for one, may not be the best time for another. We all have different family dynamic.

While little lives are wonderful gifts from God, we will be given the wisdom to work around our circumstances to bring forth and care for another blessing. For sure, another sibling will be the best gift for one another.

Looking forward to the brighter and exciting days ahead as FIVE!

Monday 9 May 2016

Aviva Superfundae 2016 is back!

I made a wish that it will make a come back, and it's here! Aviva Superfundae 2016 is back with more than 30 games and activities sprawled across The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay this June! Yay, to an exciting June holiday ahead.

We know something ought to be really awesome when it's back again. This largest playdate in town is one great outdoor 'funival' for families to bond and connect through play. It will showcase 3 play elements - Connective, Active and Creative play.

This is play at its best where participants are interacting with one other, honing their psychomotor skills from the outdoor quests and dashes, or unleashing their creativity with hands-on arts and crafts activities.

Here's what you can expect from the five thematically-designed fun zones - Circus Centre, Speedy zone, Dream Castle, Pirate Island and Jungle World.

  • Dream about candies falling from the sky with Mega Candy Canon. Free gummies will be blasted out of a candy canon every hour. Yes, sugar rush guaranteed!
  • Enjoy a movie under the stars as we wind down in the evening.

  • Challenge your inner hero at the Ninja quest obstacle course, a giant inflatable obstacle course at the Meadow. 
  • Kids zip around the skate scooters, squiggly cars and push bikes.
  • For the Mums and Dads, challenge yourselves with kids in tow. Check out if Dad is strong enough to handle two kids at the Double Daddy Dash, or swoop Mum off her feet and dash through the Daddy Mummy Piggyback. 
  • Quench your thirst with a beer at the beer dash. And kids, the milk of course. 

  • Let imagination run wild at Kaboodle play, with large foam blocks.
  • Budding artists can have their go with art and craft activities by Mosaic Workshop, JayJayJolly and Da Little Arts School.

  • Get wild and wet with Nerf Super Soakers 'at Craycrayspray Water Play. Mums and Dads are welcome! It's good hint that you should bring extra clothing.
  • Make treasure boat with origami paper and float it down the winding river. Let's see if it survives the rapids!

  • Swing like squirrels at Squirrels and Acorns and make your way across balancing beams and swing from vine to vine while transporting goodies back to your nest. Pretty sure the monkey boy in our family can handle this well. 
  • Form a parent-child team at the Numakiki Jungle Obstacle and navigate through a super fun circuit that puts your brains and motor skills to test.

And of course, for the babies and young toddlers out there, there will be a diaper change area and nursing room, as well as a toddler play room for the really young ones.

DATE: 04 June 2016, Saturday
TIME: 10am to 9pm
VENUE: The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay

Tickets are priced at $19.90 each. The one-price-for-all tickets are on sale through Sistic. Kids below 3 enter for Free. Each purchased ticket comes with:
  • An awesome Superfundae pack for children up to 12 years old. Adults will get a free beer or juice! 
  • Superfundae pack consists of:
    • Exclusive Aviva Superfundae tote bag
    • Aviva umbrella
    • Johnson’s Baby Powder
    • Johnson’s Baby Messy Times wipes
    • Clean & Clear Facial Cleanser
    • Haribo Gummy Candies
    • Marigold packet milk
    • Vitagen bookmark
    • Superfundae event guide
  • Free entry to all games and activities (including materials used, if any)
  • Free ice cream ALL.DAY.LONG (while stocks last)

Quite a deal, isn't it?!! Get your tickets fast! More information on Superfundae here.

We were there last year, and I've to say everyone had tremendous fun! We played from bright to night, leaving only after the movie screening under that starry night. Read our fun experience here.

We are excited to be grabbing our caps again for this upcoming mega outdoor play. Definitely a great opportunity to disconnect from work and gadgets, and connect with our family through games and fun activities. Outdoor play in the gardens sounds more than just perfect!

We have 2 sets of 4 Family tickets up for GIVEAWAY to 2 lucky readers! Each family set is worth $79.60. All you had need to do is:
1. Like Mum's calling on Facebook
2. Like Superfundae on Facebook
3. Leave a comment telling us which fun zone excites you and tag 3 friends whom you think will be keen in this giveaway on this Facebook post. Tag responsibly :)

Best of luck!

This giveaway is closed. We have picked 2 winners. Congrats Xin Y and Joyce! 

Terms and Conditions:
  • This giveaway ends on 23 May 16, 2359 hrs
  • Winners will be picked by
  • Winners will be announced on Facebook and this blog post
  • Winners will have 24 hours to respond, failing which a new winner will be drawn
  • Winners will have to collect tickets from sponsor's office
  • All incomplete entries will be disqualified. 
  • All entries will be verified before the winners are announced.   
  • Giveaway is no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Facebook.  

Disclaimer: We were given tickets for the purpose of this review. Photos were taken from last year's Superfundae. 

Thursday 5 May 2016

SHREK THE MUSICAL - Get your child to Roar #LikeShrek

Once upon a time, Musicals drew inspirations from books and plays. It has now evolved to be based on animated movies. For the first time ever, SHREK The Musical will be performing in Singapore as part of its first international tour.

Yay! To the opportunity to catch these well loved characters live on stage. The musical will be staging from 08 June onward, for a limited season.

Undoubtedly, Shrek will be a great treat for this upcoming June holiday.

This live adaption brings the hilarious story of everyone's favourite ogre to the stage. In a far away kingdom turned upside down, things get ugly when an ogre - not a handsome prince shows up to rescue a feisty princess.

Throw in a donkey that does not keep quiet, a villain with a short temper, a cookie with an attitude and over a dozen other fairy tale misfits, and you've got the kind of mess that calls for a real hero.

Luckily, there's one on hand and his name is Shrek...

Won't you be so keen to catch SHREK The Musical?!! Join Shrek and his loyal donkey, as they set off on a quest to rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona from the fire breathing, love-sick dragon. It will be one exciting adventure of singing and dancing with the much loved characters live on stage!

Jazz loves the Gingerbread man and Jare loves none other than Ogre. Which is your love?

Based on the Oscar winning Dreamworks Animation film, SHREKTACULAR or not, you shall decide.

#LikeShrek Campaign
Here's one '#LikeShrek' campaign you should not miss to get a Free child ticket.
1. Capture a video OR photo of your child roaring like Shrek
2. Upload it here
3. Upon approving your entry, a booking link will be sent to you with which you can get a child ticket free for every adult ticket purchased on MBS ticketing.

And here's one to show your child on how Shrek roars. Got it? Capture it and upload it. This Campaign ends on 16 May. Get the camera, lights and action ready!

Here's a video of how our little Shrek roars...

OR if not, a photo of his little meek roar with those Shreky ears...

Looking at those green ears he donned on, I'm giving him full score for that roaring effort. Get yours up too! 

Shrek The Musical
Date: 08 June (Wed) to 17 June (Sun)
Venue: MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands
Wed to Fri: 7.30pm
Sat: 2pm and 7.30pm
Sun: 1pm and 6pm
Ticket price: 
VIP Reserve : S$175
A Reserve : S$155
B Reserve : S$125
C Reserve : S$95
D Reserve : S$65
VIP Box (For 4 seats): S$700
Box Seats (For 4 seats): S$380

Tickets can be purchased from Marina Bay Sands or Sistic.

Disclaimer: Sponsored post. All musical photos are credited to Base entertainment.