Wednesday 25 May 2022

Yunohana Bedrock spa at Bliss Mums

Harmony Lifecare Group is a one-stop wellness experience. Was excited to have tried out their subsidiary brands, BlissMums and Genkinoya.

BlissMum caters to women from pre-conception preparation, prenatal care and postpartum recovery with its special JAMU formulation, Yunohana Bedrock Spa along with TCM treatments. While Genkinoya provides traditional foot reflexology services based on TCM concepts combined with high-tech BIXEPS to stimulate blood circulation. BIXEPS is a machine that aims to improve health and wellness by making our muscles healthier by using magnetism. 

With postpartum Mums in mind, BlissMums is also carrying confinement soup products for both 28 and 30 days or confinement duration. These make great gifts for confinement mummies. 

Confinement soup

I had an extremely refreshing session with the Yunohana Hokutolite Bedrock Stone Spa at BlissMum. Hokutolite is a rare stone produced only from two places all over the world – Tamagawa Onsen of Japan and Beitou of Taiwan. It comprises dense crystal of minerals and is extracted from the hot-spring precipitations. This Bedrock Stone Spa Therapy is a signature treatment of Yunohana designed in a capsule-like bed covering the body from neck to toe. 

Before getting in for a quick shower and onto the bedrock, a short consultation was done with me. Body specifications were taken and benefits of this bedrock stone spa were explained. I was shown how hokutoline stone could really improve blood circulation in you. With my fourth finger under a scope, I was shown the before and after of having a stone bracelet placed on the back of my hand. It did show a speedier blood circulation with the stones on. 


Viewing of blood vessels

Benefits of Hokutolite
With a temperature setting between 38℃ and 42℃, the heat activates the energy in the Hokutolite stones - emitting negative ions, far infrared ray and radium trace energy, which then penetrates your body to detox, rejuvenate and repair your body from the inside out. Lying down on the bed of stones, your body will respond to the gentle, persistent heat and energy before deep sweat occurs. 
Image credit: BlissMums

The 3 phases of the Bedrock Stone Spa Therapy are: 

1. Warming up: The warming up phase requires you to lay on your belly, as the heated stones warm up the internal organs and increases body temperature. This is when they will also serve you a glass of negatively ionised water upon the 15 minutes warm up completion.

2. Perspiration: Lay on each side, left and right for 15 minutes. This regulates the body temperature and lymphatic system, enhancing blood circulation. Fresh lemon water is served after 15 minutes of this perspiration phase. 

3. Detoxification: Laying face up on the last 15 minutes opens up the skin pores, discharge sebum from the sebaceous glands, clearing your body or harmful substances and toxins. Calories are burnt, while metabolism rate increase. A face mask is also put on, at the last 15 minutes of this detoxification phase.  One of this Hokutolite mask’s key ingredients is hokutolite powder, which helps with facial detoxification, making this spa therapy a true head-to-toe experience. 


Bedrock stone spa. Single room.

And this wrapped up the 45 minutes session I had with these stones. It was extremely rejuvenating after this detoxing session. Oh, they do have a couple room too! So this isn't just for ladies, but ladies and their other half.

That didn't end my luxurious moments. Just next door is Genkinoya. I swung over to get my foot reflexology, shoulders and back massage done. It was like queen for a day, where I was totally pampered from top to toes. At Genkinoya, I was welcomed with a cup of tea before getting my foot reflexology done. It was also comforting to have a warm shoulder hugger put on me during the foot reflexology session. Skills wise, I affirm that it was of good massaging standard.


Nice and cosy massage area

Totally love the warm welcome in Blissmums and Genkinoya. It's definitely a good to go place for your detox and spa. What is your most recent self care treat? Plan one soon! 


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Tuesday 17 May 2022

Starke Air Purifier

Other than keeping our windows open and vacuuming the floor often, we own an air purifier to keep the air in our room clean, getting rid of all the impurities including odours, dust and pet dander. An essential for pet owners like us.

Sitting in my walk-in wardrobe space, helping to keep the air clean and fresh is Starke's air purifier. Built in with 3 layer filters to help fully absorb impurities, disinfecting and sterilising the air, ensuring that the air is fresh and free from particles.  


Starke Air Purifier 


3 Layer Filters

Primary Filter: Effectively filters out large particles

Activated carbon Filter: Ridding unwanted smell and odour

HEPA Filter: Effectively trap 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 mircons (the most penetrating particle size)

The air purifier has good enough functions to keep our space fresh and clean. 

1. Negative Ion Purification 
Negative ions purify the air by magnetically attracting to pollutants such as viruses, dust particles, free radicals and pollen in the air that may endanger the health and irritate the respiratory system. After binding with these particles, they become too heavy to remain in the air you breathe and drops to the surface, for you to easily wipe down and clean them up.

2. Easy monitoring of ambient air quality
Light changes colour according to ambient air quality and purification mode automatically switches accordingly to ambient air quality.
3. 360° purification of air
With its aerodynamic design, it does not matter where you place it as it allows for easy and efficient 360° air purification. It is able to purify air even with areas with poor ventilation or airflow. Perfect for placing it in our walk-in wardrobe where ventilation is low.
4. Strong & Minimal Noise Fan
Strong and powerful yet quiet fan ensures maximised and optimised air circulation and minimal sound for ultimate peace and comfort. It’s as silent as a soft whisper, ensuring light sleepers remain asleep even when it is on. Yes, I'm a light sleeper. This is a win for me!
5. Night Light function
Soft and calming light that is not harsh to the eyes at night. Makes a good night light with air cleaning function.
The air purifier is not huge, measuring about 16x 16 x 27 cm, it's an effective range for room size between 10 and 15 square meters. It's also portable and easy to carry around the house. I like how petite it looks. Comes with HD screen display, showing fan settings, ambient air quality and battery life, as well as, three adjustable fan speeds to meet different air purification needs. Comes with a usb charging cable too. 
HD screen display
The air quality will be indicated on the screen display. Red indicates bad air quality, Yellow indicates poor and Green indicates good air quality. Presenting good indications of our air quality from time to time.
Stake is also a stop for luxury, designer bathrooms products. They carry a wide range of smart, classic and ergonomic toilet bowls, as well as, bathtubs that are stylish, easy to clean and long lasting. Check them out for your bathroom solution. With in design studios and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Starke team makes use of the best knowledge, the latest technologies and countless hours of research to perfect a product. I'm sure your sanitary and shower needs will be in goods hands with them.

Showroom: Beauty World Centre, #02-30
144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 588177
Opening Hours:  Mon – Sun and PH
11:00am – 6:00pm
Contact: +65 90739848
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